Đề kiểm tra 15 phút Tiếng Anh 8 học kì 1 Số 8

Unit 8: Country Life and City Life

Đề kiểm tra 15 phút Tiếng Anh 8 học kì 1 Số 8

I. Fill in the blanks with the right form of comparative and superlative adjectives.(5 points)

1.Health is (important) than money.

2.This pupil is (clever) in the class.

3.The second part of the film is (boring) than the first one.

4.This athlete is (strong) than his competitor.

5.We live in (small) country in the world.

6.This is (old) castle in Britain.

7.Luxurious hotels are (expensive) than those of economic class.

8.This is a nice cat. It's much (nice) than my friend's cat.

9.Skateboarding is a dangerous hobby. Bungee jumping is(dangerous) than skateboarding.

10.My mother has a soft voice, but my teacher's voice is (soft) than my mother's.

II. Put the verbs into the most suitable form, present continuous or present simple.(5 points)

1.We (go) to the cinema this evening.

2.The film (begin) at 4.30.

3.We (have) a party next Saturday. Would you like to come?

4.I (not/go) away for my holidays next month because I haven't got enough money.

5.The art exhibition (open) on 3 May and (finish) on 15 July.

6.What time (the next train/ leave)?

7.George, is it true that you (get) married next week?

8.Ann, we (go) to town. (you/ come) with us?

Đáp án


1.more important 6. the eldest
2.the cleverest 7. more expensive
3.more boring 8. nicer
4. stronger 9.more dangerous
5.the smallest 10. softer


1.are going 5. opens - finishes
2. begins 6. does the next train leave
3.are having 7.are getting
4. am not going 8. are going - do you come?

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