Đề kiểm tra tiếng anh 15 phút học kì 2

Đề kiểm tra tiếng anh 15 phút (Unit 12, 13)

Đề 2

Choose the word or phrase - a b, c, or d - that best complete sentence or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase:

1. What ________ wear for tonight’s party?

A. will you        B. will you be going to

C. are you        D. are you going to

2. The coach ________ announce the list of footballers at the meeting tomorrow morning. He’s got the final list.

A. is going        B. shouldn’t

C. is going to        D. will

3. _______ examinations always make him nervous.

A. an     B. a     C. the     D. θ

4. The children were __________ by Walt Disney films.

A. fascinating        B. fascinated

C. fascination        D. fascinate

5. The baby was ________ of being left alone in the room.

A. terrible     B. terrified     C. terrific     D. terrifying

6. _________ is traditional music of a country.

A. Pop music        B. Jazz

C. Folk music        D. Classical music

7. Our prices are _______ with those in other shops.

A. comparison        B. comparative

C. comparable        D. comparably

8. Not until he was 16 ________ English.

A. that he learned        B. when he learned

C. did he learn        D. would he learn

9. Young children shouldn’t see the new horror film. They would become too _________.

A. fright        B. frighten

C. frightening        D. frightened

10. I need to get a part-time job _______ earn some money for my school expenses.

A. for     B. so as to     C. in order     D. for to

Fill in each space of the following sentences with a, an, the or ø:

1. It is (11)____ scientific fact: (12)____ steam rises when (13)____ water boils.

2. Alli is in (14)____ kitchen making (15)____ sandwich.

Đáp án

CâuGhi chúCâuGhi chúCâu
1. D6. Cfolk music: nhạc dân gian11. a
2. C 7. Ccomparable: có thể so sánh được12. ø
3. D8. A13. ø
4. Bfascinated: bị mê hoặc, quyến rũ9. Dfrightened: hoảng sợ, khiếp đảm14. the
5. Bterrified: sợ hãi10. Bso as to: nhằm để15. a

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