Tiếng Anh 8 Unit 7: Listen

Unit 7: My Neighborhood

Listen (Trang 65-66 SGK Tiếng Anh 8)

Na is new to the neighborhood. She's talking with Nam about what she going to do on the weekend. Look at the advertisement of 'What is on this week'.

(Na là người mới ở vùng này. Cô ấy đang nói chuyện với Nam về những gì cô ấy sắp làm vào ngày nghỉ cuối tuần này. Hãy xem quảng cáo về 'Cái gì được chiếu tuần này'.)

1. Listen to the conversation. Then fill the blank in each of the advertisement with one phrase from the box.

(Em hãy nghe hội thoại rồi điền vào mỗi chỗ trống trong quảng cáo sau một cụm từ thích hợp cho trong khung.)

Tiếng Anh 8 và giải bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 8

Gợi ý:

  • Millennium Cinema: (1) The Newcomer

  • Soccer: (2) Town Ground

  • (3) English Speaking Contest

  • Photo Exhibition: (4) Culture House

Nội dung bài nghe

Na: Hi, Nam.

Nam: Hello, Na. What are you going to do this weekend?

Na: I'm not sure. I just don't know what to do and where to go in this new neighborhood.

Nam: Why don't we look at 'What's on this week?' in the newspaper.

Na: Good idea. Can you suggest what I should?

Nam: Do you like movies? There's a new film at the Millennium Cinema.

Na: What's that? The New Comer, Australian film.I've seen this film before. I saw it on Star Movies.

Nam: You did?

Na: Yes. Here, the photo exhibition at the Culture House sound exciting!

Nam: But it dose not open during the weekend. And you can not go to the English Speaking contest either. It is on Thursday. Ah, yes. Here, soccer, a match between Le Do school and Quang Trung school, the best U15 teams in our province. I will definitely go and see it with Ba and Minh.

Na: Where do they play?

Nam: At the Town Ground. This is a very special event in town, I can tell you. Do you like to join us?

Na: Oh, yes. I'd love to. I've never been to a soccer match before. It must be fun to watch a real match at the stadium. And I'd like to visit the Town Ground, too.

Nam: Great. I'll tell Minh and Ba to come to your home and we all go together. Remember the match starts at 4 pm, but we must be there by 3.30 if we don't want to miss the opening show.

2. Listen to the conversation again and check (V) the correct box for True, False or No Information.

(Hãy nghe lại hội thoại và đánh dấu (V) vào cột True (đúng), False (sai) hoặc No Information (Không có thông tin).)

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