Đề kiểm tra 15 phút Tiếng Anh 9 học kì 2 Số 4

Đề kiểm tra 15 phút Tiếng Anh 9 học kì 2 Số 4

I. Trong các từ gạch chân dưới đây có một lỗi sai, tìm lỗi sai trong mỗi câu. (5 điểm)

1.I enjoy the book that you told me to read it.

A. enjoy    B. that    C. to read    D. it

2.I don’t like to spend time with people which lose their tempers easily.

A. spend time    B. with    C. which    D. tempers

3.She sits next to a person who his name is Ahmed.

A. sits    B. next to    C. who his    D. is

4.Football is the only sport in which I am interested in it.

A. the only    B. in which    C. interested    D. in it

5.Students who living on campus are close to their classrooms and the library.

A. who living    B. on campus    C. are    D. close to

6.Sen village, that is a small village in Nam Dan, Nghe An, is Ho Chi Minh's hometown.

A. that is    B. Nam Đan, Nghe An    C. is    D. hometown

7.Phong still remembers the man who he taught him to play the guitar when he was a boy.

A. remembers    B. who    C. he taught    D. play the guitar

8.One of the people which I admire most is my aunt.

A. One of    B. which    C. most    D. is

II. Chia dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc. (5 điểm)

1.Today can predict when a tidal wave will hit land. (science)

2.The of the volcanoes is always disastrous. (erupt)

3.With the storm, the rate of in Brazil has increased. (inflate)

4.The storm was, houses collapsed and many people died. (disaster)

5.Thunder makes me . (terrify)

6.Thousands of people have been made by the flooding. (home)

7.We had left the city before tidal waves came. (safety)

8.If we want to look after the environment, we should protect rainforests. (tropic)

Đáp án


1. D2. C3. C4. D
5. A6. A7. B8. B



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