Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 Bài 9: Undersea World (Phần 2)

Unit 9: Undersea World

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 Bài 9: Undersea World (Phần 2)

Đề luyện 2:

Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest

1. a. group    b. souvenir     c. through     d. should

2. a. cheer     b. feed     c. deep     d. sea

3. a. bear     b. leave     c. peace    d. cheap

4. a. tour     b. pour     c. four     d. thought

5. a. where    b. share    c. wear    d. fear

Choose the word or phrase that could best explain the underlined word or phrase in each sentence:

6. Some marine animals are dangerous to humans.

a. living in the mountain

b. living in the ocean

c. living in the forest

d. living in the house

7. Sperm whales and sharks are carnivores.

a. animals that live in the sea

b. animals that only eat plants

c. fish that aren’t born from eggs

d. animals that eat meat

8. How many offspring does a sperm whale usually have?

a. eggs     b. mammals     c. babies     d. diets

9. The floor was covered in tiny pieces of paper.

a. unimportant        b. many

c. very large        d. extremely small

10. Human infants have a gestation period of nine months.

a. the time during which a human baby develops inside its mother

b. the time when a stomach digests food

c. the time of eating food

d. the time of growing up

Complete these sentences with should/ shouldn’t + infinitive (or a passive form) using one of these verbs: include, keep, meet, refrigerate, stay, break, tell, warn, take, play.

11. Those boys_____________ football on the street. It’s very dangerous.

12. This medicine _____________ in a cool place.

13. You _____________ him about this deal. It’s supposed to be absolutely confidential.

14. Here’s someone you really _____________ .

15. She _____________ in bed all day unless she’s ill.

16. According to the label, the jam _____________ after opening.

17. You’ll catch cold if you go out like that. I think you _____________ a hat.

18. People _____________ of the danger of swimming off this beach.

19. This information you send _____________ details of courses taken at university.

20. People _____________ their promises.

Đáp án: :

Câu Ghi chú Câu
1. d /ʃʊd/ 11. shouldn’t play
2. a /tʃɪə(r)/ 12. should be kept
3. a /beə(r)/ 13. shouldn’t tell
4. a /tʊə(r)/ 14. should meet
5. d /fɪə(r)/ 15. shouldn’t stay
6. b marine: (thuộc) biển 16. should be refrigerated
7. d carnivore: động vật ăn thịt 17. should take
8. c offspring: con, con cái 18. should be warned
9. d tiny: bé tí, tí hon 19. should include
10. a gestation period: thời kỳ thai nghén 20. shouldn’t break

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