Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 Bài 13: Films and Cinema (Đề 1)

Unit 13: Films and Cinema

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 Bài 13: Films and Cinema (Đề 1)

Đề luyện 1:

Choose the word with the underlined letter pronounced differently from the others:

1. a. tough     b. though     c. rough     d. laughter

2. a. of    b. off     c. calf     d. safe

3. a. Phillip    b. phrase     c. graphic     d. Stephen

4. a. finest     b. wife     c. vinegar     d. vine

5. a. cliff     b. of     c. halve     d. November

Choose the word or phrase - a b, c, or d - that best complete sentence or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase:

6. A _______ is a famous cinema actor or actress.

a. filmgoer        b. film director

c. film maker        d. film star

7. The _______ of the bay is approximately 200 miles.

a. long        b. length

c. lengthy        d. lengthen

8. She's an extremely competent and _______ worker.

a. industry        b. industrial

c. industrious        d. industrialize

9. In the first two decades of its existence, the cinema developed rapidly.

a. stressed     b. enlarged    c. progressed     d. ripened

10. The cinema changed completely at the end of the 1920s.

a. replaced     b. traded     c. swapped     d. varied

11. The restaurant turned out to be ________ cheap.

a. surprise        b. surprised

c. surprising        d. surprisingly

12. _______ opportunity as good as this arises _______ in a lifetime.

a. A-before        b. One-twice

c. The-during        d. An-once

13. _______ you miss this train you can _______ catch the next one.

a. Because-often        b. If-always

c. When-usually        d. Unless-sometimes

14. Chaplin's movies captivated ________ throughout the world.

a. scientists        b. musicians

c. directors        d. audiences

15. There's an _______ film on at the local cinema.

a. interest        b. interesting

c. interested        d. to interest

Complete these sentences with the correct form of the word in brackets:

16. She has really learnt very fast. She has made __________ progress. (astonish)

17. We were ______ to hear your good news. (thrill)

18. Why do you always look so ______ ? Is your life really so boring? (bore)

19. The journey took all day and night. They found it very _______. (tire)

20. It was very ____________ not to get the job. (disappoint)

Đáp án:

Câu Ghi chú Câu Ghi chú
1. b “gh” câm, còn lại: /f/ 11. d surprisingly cheap: rẻ đến bất ngờ/ngạc nhiên
2. a /v/, còn lại: /f/ 12. d
3. d /v/, còn lại: /f/ 13. b
4. c /ɪ/, còn lại: /aɪ/ 14. d audience: khán giả
5. a /f/, còn lại /v/ 15. b
6. d 16. astonishing: làm kinh ngạc
7. b 17. thrilled: hài lòng, mừng rơn
8. c industrious: cần cù, siêng năng 18. bored: buồn chán
9. c 19. tiring: làm mệt mỏi
10. d vary: thay đổi 20. disappointing: gây thất vọng

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