Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 Bài 6: An excursion

Unit 6: An excursion

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 Bài 6: An excursion

Đề luyện 1:

I. Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest

1. a. surive     b. furniture     c. church     d. excursion

2. a. waterfall     b. terminal     c. worker     d. cleverer

3. a. another     b. banana     c. botany     d. orange

4. a. bird     b. portrait     c. earth     d. interpret

5. a. chicken     b. accept     c. territory     d. current

II. Choose the one word or phrase - a, b, c or d - that best completes the sentence

6. Which project ____________ on next? - I haven’t decided for sure. Probably the Spacemobile.

a. will you work

b. are you going to work

c. do you work

d. will you be working

7. Look at those dark clouds! - Yes, It looks like _________ any minute.

a. it’s going to rain

b. it’s raining

c. it will rain

d. it has been raining

8. I’d better get back to the hotel room before the storm.

- OK. ___________ you later.

a. I’m seeing

b. I’ll see

c. I see

d. I would see

9. Hi, honey. How’s it going? - Great. __________ fishing with Grandpa tomorrow.

a. I go

b. I’m going to go

c. I’m going

d. I’ll go

10. Have fun, but don’t forget. You have to finish that paper.

- I know, Mom ___________ it tomorrow. I already have the envelope.

a. I’m mailing

b. I won’t mail

c. I mail

d. I will be mailing

III. Choose the one word or phrase - a, b, c or d - that best completes the sentence or the synonym of the underlined word or phrase.

11. On this occasion, my class is making an excursion to visit some caves near our city.

a. departure     b. tour     c. shift     d. diversion

12. I’m sure you understand that the period just ended is the time for the terminal exams.

a. gather     b. follow     c. command    d. know

13. Most police __________ get a prize for their information.

a. inform    b. informers    c. information    d. informational

14. _________, we’ll arrive before dark.

a. Hope    b. Hopeful    c. Hopefully    d. Hopefulness

15. The cottage is surrounded by the most glorious countryside.

a. ordinary    b. honorable    c. beautiful     d. gloomy

IV. Choose the best second sentence so that it has closest meaning to the first one

16. It was breakfast-time when Mark rang.

a. When Mark rang I have just finished my breakfast.

b. Mark rang after 1 had had my breakfast.

c. I was having my breakfast when Mark rang.

d. I was going to have my breakfast as soon as Mark rang.

17. Willian's job interview is on 10 November.

a. Willian will be called for a job interview on 10 November.

b. Willian is giving a job interview on 10 November.

c. Willian had an interview for a job on 10 November.

d. Willian is having a job interview on 10 November.

18. They spoke too quickly for us to understand.

a. They spoke so quickly that we couldn't understand it.

b. They spoke so quickly that we couldn't understand.

c. They spoke so quickly that we couldn't understand them.

d. They spoke quickly enough so that we couldn't understand them.

19. We have decided to help with the project.

a. We helped with the project.

b. We must help with the project.

c. We will help with the project.

d. We are going to help with the project.

20. The last time I went swimming was when we were in Spain.

a. I swam a lot when we were in Spain.

b. I hadn't been swimming before we moved to Spain.

c. I haven't gone swimming since we were in Spain.

d. I went swimming while we lived in Spain.

Đáp án:

Câu Ghi chú Câu Ghi chú
1. a /ə/ còn lại là /ɜ:/ 11. b excursion: chuyến tham quan
2. b /ɜ:/ còn lại là /ə/ 12. d
3. d /i/ còn lại là /ə/ 13. b informer: mật thám
4. b /ɔ:/ còn lại là /ɜ:/ 14. c
5. d /ʌ/ còn lại là /ə/ 15. c
6. b 16. c
7. a 17. d
8. b 18. c
9. c 19. d
10. a 20. c

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