Tiếng Anh 10 Unit 3: Listening

Unit 3: People's background

C. Listening (Trang 36-37 SGK Tiếng Anh 10)

Before you listen (Trước khi bạn nghe)

Work in pairs. Answer the following questions. (Làm việc theo cặp. Trả lời các câu hỏi sau.)

1. Can you name any Olympic champions? (Bạn có thể kể tên bất kì nhà vô địch Thế vận hội nào không?)

=> Yes. I know some Olympic champions. They are: Nellie Kim, a gymnast from Russia; Michael Phelps, an American former competitive swimmer; Hoang Xuan Vinh, a Vietnamese sports shooter, ...

2. What would you like to know about these people? (Bạn muốn biết điều gì về những người này?)

=> I ask how he's practised to be an Olympic champion and how many times he's got this championship.

While you listen (Trong khi bạn nghe)

Task 1. Listen to the conversation between Bob and Sally. Decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F). (Nghe cuộc hội thoại giữa Bob và Sally. Xác định xem phát biểu nào là đúng (T) hay sai (F).)

1. T

2. T

3. F (I don't have much free time.)

4. T

5. F (I want to be a sports teacher.)

Task 2. Listen to the conversation again, and fill in the blanks. (Nghe lại và điền vào chỗ trống.)

1. Sally got a general education at local schools.

2. She lives in Manchester with her family.

3. She likes different sports - basketball and swimming, for example.

4. She likes to read love stories - romantic books.

5. She wants to get her teacher's diploma.

After you listen (Sau khi bạn nghe)

Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about Sally. (Làm việc theo cặp. Hỏi và đáp về Sally.)

You: Hello, Sally. Can I ask you some questions?

Sally: OK. No problem. What do you want to know?

You: Do you mind telling me about your family?

Sally: Of course not. My parents have three children - my two brothers and me. My brothers both go to work, one is an engineer and the other is a high school teacher.

You: When did you start your sports practice?

Sally: When I was 15.

You: What other sports do you like playing?

Sally: I like swimming and baseball.

You: Whal do you do in your free time?

Sally: I just sit at home and reading.

You: What kind of books do you like reading?

Sally: Love stories - I love romatic books.

You: Sally, can you tell me what you want to be in the future?

Sally: I want to be a sports teacher. Now, I'm a college student and I want to get my teacher's diploma.

You: Thanks a lot for all the answers.

Sally: My pleasure.

TAPESCRIPT - Nội dung bài nghe

Bob: Congratulations! You are now the Olympic champion.

Sally: Thanks. Yes. I'm very happy.

Bob: Our readers want to know all about you.

Sally: That's nice! Well, ask me your questions.

Bob: First of all, tell me something about yourself.

Sally: Well, I was born in 1980. I not a general education at local schools and when I was 15, I joined the Star Sports Club near my home.

Bob: Where is your home?

Sally: In Manchester.

Bob: I see. And do you live alone?

Sally: No. I live with my family, my parents and two brothers.

Bob: What do you like to do in your free time?

Sally: Well, I don't have much free time, but I like different sports - baseball and swimming, for example, and just sitting at home and reading.

Bob: What sorts of books do you like?

Sally: Oh, love stories - romantic books.

Bob: And what do you want to be in the future?

Sally: I want to be a sports teacher. I'm a student at college. I want to get my teacher's diploma.

Bob: I see. Now tell me ...

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