Unit 4 lớp 10: Writing

Unit 4: Special Education

D. Writing (Trang 50-51 SGK Tiếng Anh 10)

A letter of complaint (Thư than phiền)


731 Đường Vạn Xuân - Hà Nội

Điện thoại: (04) 9. 988666

Fax: (04) 9.988667

Thuần túy giáo viên bản ngữ

Mỗi lớp không quá 20 học viên

Băng học và sách miễn phí

Tất cả phòng có máy điều hòa không khí

5:30 chiều - 8:30 tối

Task 1. After studying for two weeks at English for Today Centre, you notice that everything is worse than what the advertisement says. A friend of yours wants to know about the centre and ask you tell him/her the facts. (Sau khi học hai tuần tại Trung Tâm tiếng Anh Cho Hôm Nay, em nhận thấy mọi việc tệ hại hơn những gì bài quảng cáo nói. Một người bạn của em muốn biết về Trung tâm và yêu cầu em kể cho cậu/cô ấy những sự thật.)

(1) I'm not satisfied with it at all.

(2) Not all of them are native touchers, and even some are not professional teachers.

(3) That's not true. There are some classes with more than 30 students especially in classes for beginners.

(4) I had to pay for them, and most of the books are photocopied, not primed.

(5) Only some of them, less than hair.

(6) Almost every class finishes early.

Task 2. Using the information from the dialogue in Task 1, complete the letter of complaint below. (Sử dụng thông tin từ đoạn hội thoại trong Bài tập 1, hoàn thành bức thư than phiền bên dưới.)

53 Ho Xuan Huong Street

Ha Noi - Viet Nam

The Director

English for Today Centre

731 Van Xuan Street

Ha Noi - Viet Nam

22nd February, 2006

Dear Sir,

I am writing to complain about the poor quality of the service at your centre. Everything seems to be worse than what you say in the advertisement.

First, You say all the teachers at the centre are only the native, but in fact there are only some of them, and to make the matter more worse, a lot of them are professional at all.

Second, most of the classes are more than 20 students. And in the advertisement, you say books and tape cassettes are free, but we had to pay for them. And the thing that annoys us so much is most of the rooms are not air-conditioned.

Finally, the class time is not the same as that in the advertisement: classes tin late and finish early!

To resolve the problem, I require you to give me the refund. Enclosed is a copy of the receipt

I look forward to hearing from you and to getting a quick resolution of problem. Please contact me at the above address or by phone at (04) 7. 222999.

Yours faithfully.

Do An Due

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