Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 Bài 16: Historical Places (Phần 1)

Unit 16: Historical Places

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 Bài 16: Historical Places (Phần 1)

Đề luyện 1:

Choose the word with the underlined letter pronounced differently from the others:

1. a. ancient    b. recycle    c. social     d. Confucius

2. a. ensure    b. closure    c. measurement    d. pleasure

3. a. machine    b. chef    c. chevalier    d. chamber

4. a. question     b. tradition     c. function     d. situation

5. a. usual     b. Persian     c. comparison    d. invasion

Choose the word or phrase - a b, c, or d - that best complete sentence or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase:

6. Quoc Tu Giam was established on the grounds of Van Mieu.

a. set up     b. taken     c. made up     d. got up

7. Our school was originally very small, but recently it has just been rebuilt.

a. initially     b. traditionally    c. eventually     d. firstly

8. This film was ______________ the one we saw last night.

a. as funnier as        b. as the funniest than

c. funnier than        d. more funny than

9. Among the students that Mr. Mike has ever taught, Wayne is ________________.

a. better     b. the better     c. best    d. the best

10. Venice was once a city of rich merchants.

a. traders     b. visitors     c. tourists     d. customers

Complete the sentences by using the COMPARATIVE form. Use THAN if necessary.

11. This exercise is too difficult. I think you should make it ___________. (simple)

12. I feel much _______________ now that the exams are over.(relaxed)

13. The last exam was quite easy and I began to feel ____________ about my results.(confident)

14. In some parts of the country, prices are ___________________ in others.(high)

15. In my thinking, health and happiness are __________ money. (important)

Write the SUPERLATIVE form of the words in brackets:

16. That film was _____________ film I have ever seen. (boring)

17. It’s been _________ day in London for 35 years. (hot)

18. The telephone is one of ___________ inventions ever. (useful)

19. Some people now consider her to be ______________ figure in British politics. (confident)

20. They’ve got a lot of money. They’re ____________ club in the country. (rich)

Đáp án:

Câu Ghi chú Câu
1. b /s/, còn lại: /ʃ/ 11. simpler
2. a /ʃ/, còn lại: /ʒ/ 12. more relaxed
3. d /tʃ/, còn lại: /ʃ/ 13. more confident
4. a /tʃ/, còn lại: /ʃ/ 14. higher than
5. c /s/, còn lại: /ʒ/ 15. more important than
6. a establish = set up: thành lập 16. the most boring
7. a originally = initially: lúc đầu 17. the hottest
8. c 18. the most useful
9. d 19. the most confident
10. a merchant = trader: thương gia 20. the richest

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