Đề kiểm tra tiếng anh 15 phút học kì 1 (Unit 4,5) - Đề 2

Đề kiểm tra tiếng anh 15 phút (Unit 4,5) - Đề 2

Đề 2

I. Choose the word that has the underlined (letters) pronounced differ¬ently from the others.

1. a. multiply    b. subtract    c. instruction    d. country

2. a. soup    b. route    c. group    d. could

3. a. tooth    b. foot    c. school    d. food

4. a. put    b. pull    c. mull    d. push

5. a. good    b. cool    c. look    d. wool

II. Select the synonym of the following bold and underlined word in each sentence.

6. It is a calculating machine which speeds up calculations: it can add, subtract, multiply, and divide with lightning speed and perfect accuracy.

a. precision    b. goodness    c. loveliness     d. wonder

7. We read newspapers and magazines which have been produced on computers.

a. born     b. repaired    c. begun     d. manufactured

8. What makes computer a miraculous device?

a. strange     b. powerful    c. magical     d. excellent

9. In spite of her deafness, she played the violin very well.

a. inability to speak    c. inability to see

b. inability to hear     d. mentally impairment

10. The children have every reason to be proud as it usually takes them at least 3 months to learn how to pronounce one word.

a. honored     b. capable     c. happy     d. fortunate

III. Choose the one option - a, b, c or d - that best fits each of the num¬bered blank.

The first school for blind, deaf and mute children in the Tibet Autonomous Region celebrated its first anniversary (11) _____ Friday. The school is built in the Eastern suburb of Lhasa, capital of Tibet, and is designed to hold 200 students. In addition, it also (12) ______ 20,000 square meters.

The school curriculum includes Braille and sign language training, Tibetan, mathematics, writing, ethics training, physical education, arts, handicrafts, speech and walking courses. At the celebration, the audience was touched by a silent song (13) _________ by the students with sign language. Baiba Toinzhub, a 10-year-old blind child, can speak Chinese fluently and is very good at singing and dancing. He told the visitors that life in the boarding school (14) ______ very comfortable. He also said that living here helped him realize a new horizon was opening for him and other (15) _________ children.

11. a. in     b. on    c. at     d. when

12. a. covers     b. contains    c. consists     d. has

13. a. expressing    b. expressed    c. to express    d.being expressed

14. a. is     b. has been    c. was     d. had been

15. a. disability    b. disabled    c. enabled     d. ability

Đáp án

CâuGhi chúCâuGhi chúCâuGhi chú
1. b/ə/ còn lại là /ʌ/6. aaccuracy = precision11. b
2. d/ʊ/ còn lại là /u:/7. dproduce = manufacture12. a
3. b/ʊ/ còn lại là /u:/8. cmiraculous: kỳ diệu, thần kỳ13. b
4. c/ʌ/ còn lại là /ʊ/9. bdeaf: điếc14. c
5. b/u:/ còn lại là /ʊ/10. aproud: tự hào15. a

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