Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 Tiếng Anh 10 (Đề 1)

Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 Tiếng Anh 10 (Đề 1)

Đề 1

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest:

1. A. chance    B. teaching    C. chemistry    D. children

2. A. awarded    B. academic    C. address   D. another

3. A. sea    B. meat    C. head   D. heat

Quảng cáo

4. A. wildlife    B. children    C. height   D. time

5. A. channel    B. paper    C. rain   D. famous

Choose the best option for each sentence:

6. By the time he _____, all his classmates _____ the computer room.

A. arrived/ left     B. had arrived/ left

C. was arriving/ left     D. arrived/ had left

7. Each time you _____ on your computer, it is capable of doing almost anything you ask it to.

A. get     B. make     C. put     D. turn

8. My mother suggested _____ energy-saving appliances for our new house.

A. buy     B. to buy     C. buying     D. bought

9. Quan Ho singing is a Vietnamese style of _____ music that was recognized by UNESCO in 2009.

A. dance     B. hip-hop     C. folk     D. pop

10. He's a ________. He spends most of his time working in the field.

A. engineer     B. peasant     C.cyclo driver     D. pilot

11. When you lived in the countryside, ___________ to help your parents with the farming work?

A. were you use        B. did you used

C. did you use        D. were you used

Quảng cáo

12. Life is all right if you have a job, but things are not so easy for the _______ .

A. unemployed        B. employed

C. employment        D. unemployment

13. Her job is ___________ of mentally retarded children in the area.

A. taking care        B. looking

C. taking notice        D. watching

14. Please meet me at the train station in ______ hour from now.

A. a        B. an

C. the        D. Ø

15. Computers are capable _____ doing almost anything you ask.

A. in        B. at

C. with        D. of

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) closest in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

16. The cottage is surrounded by the most glorious countryside.

A. ordinary        B. beautiful

C. honorable        D. gloomy

17. Peter often helps do the laundry because he feels happy to see his parents dress well to work.

A. make the bed        B. wash the clothes

C. clean the house        D. cook meals

18. A CV (curriculum vitae) is a form with details about somebody's past education and occupations.

A. dreams        B. hobbies

C. marks        D. jobs

19. The Internet has many benefits. But it also has limitations.

A. obligations        B. knowledges

C. advantages        D. disadvantages

20. Last year we had a bumper crop of strawberries.

A. good crop        B. cash crop

C. poor crop        D. bad crop

Read the passage carefully and choose the best option to fill in each blank:

In American high schools, students move from one class to (21) ________ and study each subject with a different teacher and a different group of classmates. Many high schools have a tracking system, (22) _____ groups students according (23)____ academic ability and motivation. So more capable and hard-working students take more difficult courses. Depending on the subject, classes may be offered at two, three, or even four different ability levels. High school students have (24)_____ very busy day. They have to take five or six academic subjects as well as physical education. They also have to do homework, (25)__________ research in the school library, and take part in activities such as the school band, school newspaper, athletics, drama or clubs. However, these school activities are worth doing because they help students find friends with similar interests, develop their talents, gain greater self-confidence, and even discover their career goals.

21. A. one another     B. others     C. another     D. each other

Quảng cáo

22. A. that     B. whom     C. why     D. which

23. A. to     B. on     C. for     D. in

24. A. an     B. a     C. the     D. no article

25. A. make     B. discover     C. do     D. care

Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answers:

Television is one of man's most important means of communication. It brings pictures and sounds from around the world into millions of homes. A person with a television set can sit in his house and watch the President compose a speech or visit a foreign country. He can see a war being fought and watch statesmen try to bring about peace. Through television, home viewers can see and learn about people, places and things in faraway lands. TV even takes its viewers out of this world. It brings them coverage of America's astronauts as the astronauts explore outer space.

In addition to all these things, television brings its viewers a steady stream of programs that are designed to entertain. In fact, TV provides many more entertainment programs than any other kind. The programs include action-packed dramas, light comedies, sporting events, and motion pictures.

26. What is the main idea of the passage?

A. Visiting foreign countries through television.

B. The importance of television.

C. Entertainment programmes on television.

D. Exploring outer space.

27. On television what can we see the president do?

A. make a speech.

B. visit a foreign country.

C. bring about peace.

D. both A and B

28. What does the word "them" in the last sentence of the first paragraph refer to?

A. viewers     B. places     C. astronauts     D. statesmen

29. According to the passage, which of the following statements is not true?

A. Television can bring us entertainment.

B. People know events and sounds from a different world.

C. By watching TV, people can widen their knowledge.

D. People can watch TV without going out.

30. According to the passage, which of the following is not in the list of entertainment programmes?

A. comedy        B. sports event

C. quiz show        D. drama

Rewrite the following sentences in such a way that it has the same meaning as the original sentence:

31. The pop star will release his new album next month.

The pop star's new album _____________________________________.

32. Because it rained heavily, we canceled our trip.

It rained ___________________________________________________.

33. No one has used that car for 5 years.

That car ___________________________________________________.

34. The last time she went out with him was three years ago.

She hasn't _________________________________________________.

35. No one has ever answered these questions.

These questions ____________________________________________.

Đáp án:

Câu Ghi chú Câu Ghi chú Câu Ghi chú
1. C /ˈkemɪstri/ 13. A take care of somebody: chăm sóc cho ai đó 25. C
2. B /ˌækəˈdemɪk/ 14. B 26. B
3. C /hed/ 15. D be capable of V-ing: có khả năng làm việc gì đó 27. D A person with a television set can sit in his house and watch the President compose a speech or visit a foreign country.
4. B /ˈtʃɪldrən/ 16. B 28. A
5. A /ˈtʃænl/ 17. B laundry: giặt là 29. B
6. D 18. D occupation: nghề nghiệp 30. C
7. D turn on: bật 19. C 31. ... will be released next month.
8. C suggest + V-ing: gợi ý việc ... 20. A bumper crop: mùa bội thu 32. ... heavily, so we canceled our trip
9. C folk music: âm nhạc dân gian 21. C 33. ... hasn't been used for 5 years.
10. B peasant: nông dân 22. D 34. ... gone out with him for three years
11. C the unemployed: những người thất nghiệp 23. A 35. ... have never been answered (by anyone).
12. A 24. B

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