Unit 10 lớp 8: Language Focus

Unit 10: Recycling

Language Focus (Trang 95-97 SGK Tiếng Anh 8)

1. Work with a partner. (Hãy làm việc cùng với bạn em.)

Read a guide on how to recycle glass. Look at the instructions, rewrite them in the passive form and put the pictures in the correct order.

(Hãy đọc chỉ dẫn về cách tái sử dụng thủy tinh. Em hãy xem các chỉ dẫn rồi viết lại chúng ở dạng bị động và xếp tranh theo thứ tự đúng.)

a) Break the glass into small pieces.

=> The glass is broken into small pieces.

b) Then wash the glass with a detergent liquid.

=> Then the glass is washed with a detergent liquid.

c) Dry the glass pieces completely.

=> The glass pieces are completely dried.

d) Mix them with certain specific chemicals.

=> The glass pieces are mixed with certain specific chemicals.

e) Melt the mixture until it becomes a liquid.

=> The mixture is melted until it becomes a liquid.

f) Use a long pipe, dip it into the liquid, then blow the liquid into intended shapes.

=> A long pipe is used to dip the mixture into the liquid and then the liquid is blown into intended shapes.

=> A long pipe is used. The mixture is dipped into the liquid. Then the liquid is blown into intended shapes.

Tiếng Anh 8 và giải bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 8

Trật tự tranh:

1 –> 4 –> 3 –> 5 –> 2 –> 6

2. A famous inventor, Dr. Kim, is going to build a time machine. One of his assistants, Hai, is asking him questions about the invention. Complete the dialogue. Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

(Tiến sĩ Kim, một nhà khoa học nổi tiếng sắp sửa lắp ráp một cỗ máy thời gian. Hải, một trong những phụ tá của ông hỏi ông một vài câu hỏi về phát minh này. Em hãy hoàn thành hội thoại, dùng hình thức đúng của động từ cho trong ngoặc.)

Hai: When (0) will the project be started, Doctor?

Dr. Kim: Very soon.

Hai: Many people want to see the time machine.

Dr. Kim: Yes. It (1) will be shown to the public when it is finished.

Hai: (2) Will it be built by the end of the year, Doctor?

Dr. Kim: I'm afraid not, but it (3) will be finished before Tet.

Hai: (4) Will it be made by you?

Dr. Kim: No, I need you to build it. When can you start?

Hai: Let's begin tomorrow.

3. Complete the dialogues. Use the words in the box.

(Hoàn thành các cuộc hội thoại. Sử dụng các từ trong khung.)

Tiếng Anh 8 và giải bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 8

a) Ba: Turn right, then left, and the left again.

Nam: It's (0) difficult to follow your directions. Can you start again, please?

b) Mr. Dao: Can you do the exercise, Hoa?

Hoa: Yes, Mr. Dao. It's (1) easy to understand.

c) Lan: In the future, mankind might live on the moon.

Nga: Really? It's (2) hard to believe.

d) Mrs. Thoa: Stop, Tuan! It's (3) dangerous to go near the stove.

Tuan: Sorry, Mom.

e) Hoa: Should I stir the mixture, aunt Thanh?

Aunt Thanh: No. It's (4) important to wait for five minutes.

4. Complete the letter. Use the correct forms of the verb be and the adjectives in the box.

(Em hãy hoàn thành bức thư này, dùng dạng đúng của động từ be và tính từ cho trong khung.)

happy     delighted     certain     relieved     sure     afraid

Dear Nam,

Your grandfather and I (0) are delighted that you passed your English exam.


Aunt Mai (1) was happy that you remembered her birthday last week. She told me you gave her a beautiful scarf.

I (2) am relieved that your mother is feeling better. Please give her my love.

We're looking forward to seeing you in June. However, grandfather (3) is afraid that the day is wrong. (4) Are you sure that you're arriving on Saturday 20th? I (5) am certain that there are no trains from Ha Noi on Saturday.

Write soon and confirm your arrival date and time.



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