Đề kiểm tra 45 phút tiếng anh 10 học kì 1 (Unit 4,5,6) - Đề 1

Đề kiểm tra 45 phút tiếng anh 10 học kì 1(Unit 4,5,6)

Đề 1

Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest (2 points):

1. A. soup    B. route     C. group    D. could

2. A. tooth    B. foot     C. school     D. food

Quảng cáo

3. A. put    B. pull     C. burn    D. push

4. A. good    B. cool     C. look     D. wool

5. A. school    B. choose     C. tool    D. cook

Choose the one word or phrase - A, B, C or D - that best completes the sentence:

6. The aim of the LIVE project is to train students from developing _____________ .

A. nations        C. nationals

B. nationalities        D. nationalism

7. ___________ he was not a musician himself, Lawrence Hammond developed an electronic keyboard instrument called the Hammond organ.

A. Although        C. Despite

B. That        D. For

8. Rick left the party early because he ____________ a headache.

A. had        C. has

B. used to have        D. was having

9. Claude didn’t ________________ in Canada.

A. lived        C. use to live

C. used to live        D. used to living

Quảng cáo

10. One day last March, I __________ a very strange letter.

A. get        C. got

B. used to get        D. was getting

11. In large classes, children feel that they cannot ____________ with the teacher.

A. contact        C. interact

B. transmit        D. relax

12. They sometimes come ______ their neighbours in the evening.

A see        C. sees

C. seeing        D. to see

13. I ______ to school late because the clock didn't go off.

A. go        C. went

B. had gone        D. woke up

14. The government is discussing the problem of housing for the _________ .

A. unemploy        C. employed

B. employ        D. unemployed

15. The computer was the most wonderful __________ in the 20th century.

A. invention        C. invented

B. inventing        D. invent

16. A _________ person is one who cannot hear anything.

A. dump        C. deaf

B. limp        D. blind

17. __________ is your book? - It is blue one.

A. Whose        C. Which

B. Who        D. Whom

18. Now Nam has got a car. He ____________a motor-cycle.

A. uses to drive        C. used to driving

B. used to drive        D. uses to driving

19. He became _______ after a car accident.

A. able        C. disabling

B. disable        D. disabled

20. A fridge is a machine ________ is used for keeping food fresh.

A. which     B. who     C. whom     D. what

Read the passage below and choose the best answer for each question:

You may use the telephone every day but how much do you know about it? The telephone was invented by Alexander Bell in 1876. Bell was born in Scotland in 1847. Later he went to live in the US. Alexander Bell was always interested in sound. He wanted to be able to send sound through a wire. He had a workshop in his house in America and did many experiments there.

One day, while he was doing an experiment in his workshop, he was careless and spilt some burning liquid onto his clothes. Talking into his telephone, Bell said: “Mr. Watson, I want you to come over here immediately, please.” His assistant, Watson, was in another room far away from the workshop. However, he heard Bell clearly on his own telephone. Quickly, he ran to Bell’s workshop. “Mr. Bell, I heard every word you said!” Watson shouted excitedly. Bell finally succeeded. He had invented the first telephone. Later other inventors made better ones.

Quảng cáo

21. Which of these following is true?

A. Bell did only one experiment and he succeeded.

B. Bell discovered the telephone in 1847.

C. Bell was the owner of a workshop in his house in America.

D. Bell invented the telephone in Scotland.

22. Where did Bell settle down?

A. In New Zealand        C. In Scotland

B. In the UK        D. In the US

23. What did he have an interest in?

A. philosophy     B. music     C. physics     D. sound

24. What did he do many experiments for?

A. to express feelings through musical instruments

B. to send sound through a wire

C. to give a request to his assistant

D. to hear his assistant’s voice

25. What did other inventors do later?

A. made telephones useless

B. made telephones disused

C. made telephones better

D. made telephones unpopular

Choose the correct option a, b, c or d to complete this passage:

For the last few months I (26) __________ every Saturday in my flat and have done (27) __________ more exciting than work at home, read the newspapers and watch television. I had begun feeling (28) ________ with this and so, last weekend I thought I would do something (29) ________. I rang up several of my friends and we decided (30) ________ to London for the day. I was really excited (31) ________ I hadn’t been to London since I was ten. We decided to go by coach because this was by far the cheapest means of transport that was (32) __________ even though it meant that we needed to get up very early. Once in London we decided to (33) ______ a sightseeing tour as we wanted to see some of the famous buildings. After the tour we bought some sandwiches and ate them in a small park. In the afternoon two of us went shopping and the others went to the theater. We met up again at 6:30 p.m, and went to a small restaurant in Soho. The meal was really good but, (34) __________ , it took much longer than we had expected. We had to get a taxi back to the coach station. Luckily, we got there just two minutes (35) _______ our coach left.

26. a. spent     b. have spent     c. spend     d. had spent

27. a. nothing     b. everything     c. something     d. things

28. a. boring     b. bordom     c. boringly     d. bored

29. a. differ     b. difference     c. differently     d. different

30. a. go     b. going     c. to go     d. gone

31. a. as     b. although     c. that     d. despite

32. a. possible     b. accessible     c. available     d. present

33. a. make    b. take    c. go    d. get

34. a. unfortunately    b. fortunately    c. accidentally    d. surprisingly

35. a. after     b. before     c. when     d. while

Đáp án

CâuGhi chúCâuGhi chúCâuGhi chú
1. d/ʊ/ còn lại là /u:/13. B25. C
2. b/ʊ/ còn lại là /u:/14. Dthe unemployed: những người thất nghiệp26. b
3. c/ɜ:/ còn lại là /ʊ/15. Ainvention: sự phát minh, sáng chế27. a
4. b/u:/ còn lại là /ʊ/16. Cdeaf: điếc28. d
5. d/ʊ/ còn lại là /u:/17. C29. d
6. A18. B30. c
7. A19. Ddisabled: tàn tật31. aas = because = in that
8. A20. A32. cavailable: có thể dùng được, có sẵn
9. C21. C33. btake a tour = go for a tour
10. C22. Dsettle down: định cư34. aunfortunately = unluckily: không may
11. C23. D35. b
12. Dcome to see: đến thăm24. B

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