Unit 10 lớp 8: Project

Unit 10: Communication

Project (trang 47 SGK Tiếng Anh 8 mới)

'Action. Take one! Action. Take two!'

Dịch yêu cầu đề bài:

Trong các nhóm, chuẩn bị 2 kịch bản ngắn phác họa đến sự gián đoạn giao tiếp để thực hiện trong lớp học.

- Thực hiện kịch bản 1 nơi mà sự phá vỡ giao tiếp diễn ra.

- Sau đó hỏi thính giả giải thích cái gì sai và cách để tránh.

- Kế đến, thực hiện kịch bản 2, nơi mà không có sự phá vỡ giao tiếp diễn ra.

Bạn có thể hỏi giáo viên của bạn để giúp ý tưởng phác họa.

Gợi ý:

Sketch 1:

The confused teacher

Susan is a teacher from London who comes to a small town in Viet Nam to teach English. She has her first lesson today and is very impressed by one of her students - Lien. Lien speaks English very well and is very active in the class. Later that day Susan runs into Lien in the corridor. Susan wants to compliment Lien and she says, "Lien, your English is excellent!". And Lien answers, "No, it's very bad." Susan wants to assure Lien so she confirms, "Yes, your english is very good!" To Susan's surprise, Lien repeats quietly, "No, its very bad." Susan fells rather confused and she doesn't know why Lien responds to her this way.

=> Communication breakdown = cultural differences

In Viet Nam it is typical to deny the complimetns you receive. This is a way to show your modesty. However, in western cultures, people who give compliments often expect you to take them, and denial of compliments, especially if it is repeated, may be rude and make the other person fell uncomfortable. In this situation, Lien may just politely thank her teacher.

Sketch 2:

The best restaurant Jerry and Diana are from the USA and they are now on holiday in France. They eat out in a restaurant and they find the food and the wine excellent. At the end of the meal the chef asks how they have enjoyed the evening and Jerry holds up his thumb and index finger to make a circle. Seeing that, the chef's face suddenly falls and he leaves immediately without word. Jerry and Diana are left wondering what they have done wrong.

=> Communication breakdown = cultural differences

In the USA, holding up one thumb and index finger to make a cricle means OK, good, excellent, while in France, this gesture means something not so good, even worthless.

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