Unit 13 lớp 8: Language Focus

Unit 13: Festivals

Language Focus (Trang 128-130 SGK Tiếng Anh 8)

1. Complete the sentences. Use the passive forms of the verbs in the box. Decide whether the time is past, present or future.

(Hoàn thành những câu sau dùng dạng bị động của động từ trong khung, lưu ý thời gian ở quá khứ, hiện tại hay tương lai.)

put     make     perform     write     hold     award     decorate

a) Christmas songs were performed for people in towns and villages eight hundred years ago.

b) On Christmas Eve in the early 1500s, a tree was decorated and put in the market place in the Latvian city of Riga.

c) In the rice-cooking festival, a fire was made in the traditional way.

d) An English-speaking contest will be held at Nguyen Hue School next month.

e) The first prize was awarded to the Mekhong Team just after the final match yesterday.

f) The Christmas carol "Silent Night, Holy Night" was written in Austria by Franz Gruber in the 19th century.

2. Complete the conversation. Use the verbs in the box.

(Hoàn thành hội thoại sau, dùng động từ trong khung.)

break(2)     jumble     scatter     pull

Hanh and her mother have just got home from the market.

Hạnh và mẹ cô ấy vừa đi chợ về.

Tiếng Anh 8 và giải bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 8

Hanh: Mom! Something has happened to our kitchen.

Mrs. Thanh: What's wrong?

Hanh: Mom! Look. The cupboard is open and everything has been (1) jumbled.

Mrs. Thanh: Oh, no. The jar I like has been (2) broken.

Hanh: Many bowls and dishes have been (3) broken, too. And look at this, Mom. The dried mushrooms have been (4) scattered all over the floor.

Mrs. Thanh: And where is the pan of fish I left on the stove?

Hanh: Here it is. It has been (5) pulled under the sink. The fish has gone.

Mrs. Thanh: Who has done all this?

Hanh: Mom, it must have been the cat!

3. Rewrite the sentences in your exercise book. Use a compound word in your sentences.

(Viết những câu này vào vở bài tập, dùng từ ghép trong câu của em.)


It is a contest in which participants have to cook rice.

=> It's a rice-cooking contest.

Gợi ý:

a) It is a contest in which participants have to make a fire.

=> It's a fire-making contest.

b) It is a festival in which people have their bulls fight against each other.

=> It's a bull-fighting contest.

c) The United States has a big industry that makes cars.

=> The United States has a car-making industry.

d) Last week tran Hung Dao School held a contest in which students arranged flowers as attractively as they could.

=> Last week Tran Hung Dao School held a flower-arranging contest.

e) Viet Nam is a country which exports a lot of rice.

=> Viet Nam is a rice-exporting country.

f) This is a machine which is used to wash clothes.

=> This is a washing machine.

4. Yesterday Lan's grandmother, Mrs. Thu, needed a plumber. A man came to her door. Report what the man told Thu.

(Hôm qua bà Thu, bà của Lan, cần một thợ sửa ống nước. Có một người đến nhà bà. Hãy thuật lại lời người ấy nói với bà Thu.)

Tiếng Anh 8 và giải bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 8


a) "I'm a plumber."

=> He said he was a plumber.

b) "I can fix the faucets."

=> He said he could fix the faucets.

c) "The pipes are broken."

=> He said the pipes were broken.

d) "New pipes are very expensive."

=> He said new pipes were very expensive.

e) "You must pay me now."

=> He said we had to pay him then.

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