Đề kiểm tra 45 phút Tiếng Anh 12 học kì 1 Số 3

Đề kiểm tra 45 phút Tiếng Anh 12 học kì 1 Số 3

Choose the word whose underlined part is different from the rest:

1. a. decided   b. stopped   c. washed   d. laughed

2. a. summers   b. exams   c. countries   d. houses

3. a. hopes   b. takes    c. tastes   d. arrives

4. a. worked   b. forced   c. caused   d. matched

5. a. maintained   b. raised   c. developed   d. concerned

Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest:

6. a. conical   b. determine   c. contractual   d. supportive

7. a. physical   b. mischievous   c. suitable   d. romantic

8. a. candidate   b. engineer   c. lecturer   d. favourite

9. a. appointment   b. examine   c. September   d. concentrate

10. a. signal   b. install   c. decent   d. verbal

Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence or substitutes the underlined part:

11. Peter lives with his parents and two sisters. There are __________ generations in his family.

a. two   b. three   c. four   d. five

12. The wedding preparations take weeks but the actual _________ takes less than an hour.

a. ceremony   b. ceremonies   c. celebration   d. anniversary

13. An arranged ________ is the one in which the parents choose a husband or wife for their child.

a. married   b. marriage   c. marrying   d. marry

14. The bride and the groom would pray, asking their ancestors’ _____________ to get married.

a. permission   b. permit   c. permissive   d. permissibility

15. Marriage should be a(n) __________ partnership.

a. equal   b. unique   c. limited   d. successful

16. What could be more ____________ than a wedding on a tropical island?

a. romance   b. romantic   c. romanticizing   d. romanticism

17. Come and see me when you __________ your report.

a. finish   b. finished   c. will finish   d. had finished

18. I ____________ in the hotel twice in the 1980s.

a. was staying   b. have stayed

c. had stayed   d. had been staying

19. Susan _____________as a secretary for 2 years before her marriage.

a. worked   b. has been working

c. has worked   d. was working

20. When I got home I found that water ..... down the kitchen walls.

a. ran   b. was running

c. has run   d. had been running

Choose the words or phrases that are not correct in standard English:

21. What would happen because I pressed that red button ?

   A   B   C  D

22. She had left the office when she saw how angry he was.

   A   B  C   D

23. The doctor strongly advised her take a few days’ rest.

  A   B   C   D

24. She has disappeared three days ago, and they are still looking for her

   A   B  C   D


25. Mary has so many things do that she has no time to go out.

   A   B   C   D

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer:

If you invite an American friend to join you to have dinner in a restaurant, phone the restaurant first to find out if you need a reservation to avoid a long wait for table. To make a reservation, just give your name, the number of people in your group, and the time you plan to arrive. When you invite someone to dinner, you should be prepared to pay the bill and reach for it when it arrives. However, if your companion insists on playing his or her share, do not get into argument about it. Some people prefer to pay their own way so that they do not feel indebted, and those feelings should be respected. In most American restaurants, the waiter or waitress's tip is not added to the bill. If the service was adequate, it is customary to leave a tip equal to about 15% of the bill. In expensive restaurants, leave a bit more.

26. To make a reservation, you ________________________.

a. just give your name, the time you arrive and how many persons there are in your group

b. have to give your address, the time you arrive and how many persons there are in your group

c. just give your name, the time you arrive and your address

d. just give your name, the time you arrive and your telephone number

27. When you invite an American friend to have dinner in a restaurant _____________________.

a. a reservation is not necessary

b. you should make a reservation

c. there are always many tables available for you

d. you always have to wait for a long time

28. When you invite someone to dinner, you _____________________

a. let him to pay himself

b. should prepare to pay the bill

c. give the bill to him

d. share the bill with him

29. If your companion insists on paying his share, _________________.

a. do not agree

b. it will be impolite

c. you should let him pay as he expects

d. you shouldn’t get into argument with him

30. In most American restaurants, ______________________________.

a. the tip is added to the bill

b. the tip is about 15% of the bill

c. you should not give the tip to waiters or waitresses

d. waiters and waitresses never get the tip

Fill in numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase:

In many modern countries, people think (31)_______ a family as a mother , a father and their children . But this is not (32)________ only kind of the family group . In some parts of the world, a family group has many (33)__________ members. This kind of large family is called an “(34)______ family” or a “joint family”.

Early people probably lived in joint families. They had to be part of a large group in order to survive. The members of the group help each other hunt. They work together to protect themselves from dangerous animals and other enemies. In China, people lived in joint families. When a son married, he and his wife lived at his parents’ house. (35)_________ daughters remained at home until they married. Chinese children felt very loyal (36)_________ their parents. Younger members of the joint family always took care of the old ones.

31. a. on   b. off   c. about   d. at

32. a. a   b. the   c. no article   d. an

33. a. another   b. others   c. other   d. the other

34. a. open   b. extended   c. intensive   d. big

35. a. unmarried   b. married   c. marrying   d. being married

36. a. on   b. of   c. with   d. to

Đáp án

1. a2. d3. d4. c5. c6. a7. d8. b9. d10. b
11. a12. c13. b14. a15. a16. b17. a18. c19. b20. b
21. B22. A23. C24. A25. B26. a27. b28. b29. d30. b
31. c32. b33. c34. b36. d

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