Đề kiểm tra 45 phút Tiếng Anh 12 học kì 2 Số 6

Đề kiểm tra 45 phút Tiếng Anh 12 học kì 2 Số 6

Choose the word whose underlined part is different from the rest:

1. a. host   b. honour   c. hockey   d. horror

2. a. badminton   b. swallow   c. challenge   d. ballet

3. a. teammate   b. reading   c. creating   d. seaside

4. a. athelete   b. author   c. length   d. southern

Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest:

5. a. government   b. agency   c. benefit   d. diversity

6. a. disappearance   b. vulnerable   c. conservation   d. generation

Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence, substitutes the underlined part:

7. These boxes ________ with care.

a. should have handled   b. should be handling

c. should handle   d. should be handled

8. 200,000 spectators ________ to witness the three-hour ceremony.

a. were gathered the park   b. have been gathered the park

c. gathered at the park   d. gathered the park

9. The opening ceremonies of the 23rd Southeast Asian games ________ at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila.

a. held   b. was held   c. was holding   d. had held

10. Thousands of cranes ________.

a. will be returned the spring   b. will return the spring

c. will be returned in the spring   d. will return in the spring

11. Books which describe imaginary events ________ fiction.

a. are called   b. called   c. is calling   d. call

12. Peter ________ when we came into the discotheque.

a. was dancing Mary   b. was dancing with Mary

c. was danced by Mary   d. had danced Mary

13. ________ you read, ________ you get.

a. The books more / the knowledge more

b. The most books / the most knowledge

c. More and more books / more arid more knowledge

d. The more books / the more knowledge

14. Something ________ about global warming or else some types of penguins will perish from the earth.

a. should do b. should be done c. should be doing d. should have done

15. A lot of cows ________ on a productive farm.

a. can raise   b. can be raising   c. can be raised   d. cannot raise

16. Nuclear waste ________ as a liquid in stainless-steel containers which are encased in concrete.

a. must store b. must be storing c. must be stored d. must have stored

17. The contract ________ by Mary, a. new secretary in our company because it had some mistakes.

a. was seemed to typed   b. was seemed to be typed

c. seemed to type   d. seemed to be typed

18. Try this question. It is ________.

a. less difficult   b. less and, less difficult

c. least difficult   d. more and more difficult

19. Minor _______ occur when a player impedes or otherwise prevents the free movement of an opponent including swimming on the opponent's shoulders, back or legs.

a. penalties   b. shots   c. fouls   d. motions

20. In 2006, Viet Nam made a deep impression ______ other countries in the region by successfully hosting the Southeast Asian Student Sport Festival.

a. with   b. for   c. in   d. on

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer:

Did you know that reading can keep your mind active and engaged well into old age? Several years ago when I was working as a newspaper reporter, I interviewed a woman who was a resident at a local nursing home. She was 100 years old. She read at least one book per week. She was bright, intelligent and fun to talk with. "I love to read. It helps me keep up with what is going on in the world," she said. "A friend of mine brings me a new book every week. I look forward to her visits and I look forward to the books. We talk about the books we have read."

Reading has other benefits, as well. For one thing, reading a good story can help you forget some of the problems in your own life. "I can't get around much anymore," said the 100-year-old woman who lived in the nursing home. "When I go somewhere, I have to go in a wheelchair now. But when I read, I can go anywhere, anytime I want. And no one has to help me!"

Reading also sets a good example for younger generations. From my own experience as an English teacher, I have observed that the best readers are those students who have parents that enjoy reading. I am not talking about only reading novels or nonfiction books. Newspapers and magazines are important too. If you do read yourself, your actions will communicate more to your children and grandchildren about how much you value reading than anything you could ever say. If the opportunity presents itself, I urge you to take the time to read to a child, or take the time to let a child see you reading. Everyone will benefit, the child, you, and our society.

21. Reading helps to make readers look younger than their age.

a. True   b. False   c. Not given

22. A friend of the 100-year-old woman living in the local nursing home borrowed books from a public library

a. True   b. False   c. Not given

23. Reading a book means you are travelling to the places which are mentions in the book.

a. True   b. False   c. Not given

24. The writer advises us to read books and consider it as a good example to our future generations.

a. True   b. False   c. Not given

25. Only readers get benefits from reading.

a. True   b. False   c. Not given

Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase:

Scuba diving is a beautiful (26) _____, which allows people to view a whole different world. We enter (27) _____ unknown world in which the danger of scuba diving has been taken into account. The dangers all into two groups: those in the ocean itself and that of the individual.

There are (28) _____ many things that the beginner diver needs to remember and understand. A comprehensive scuba diving course is (29) ___ because there are lessons which you need to know and understand before even going near the ocean.

In all the parts of the training, always diving with a partner is (30) _____ to be very important to reduce danger and the diver and hid friend can observe each other at all times during any dive. It is advisable to have a partner who is a more experienced diver with a new diver, or someone who .is not confident (31) _____.

The reason for learning skills which is prior to getting into the ocean has two effects. The first one is the (32) _____ to know what to do in a situation. The second one is to have the confidence to carry out the actions without panic. Panic is a danger that will take away the taught skills as it is an emotional response.

The other dangers of scuba diving are in the (33) ___ life. Having some knowledge of the underwater life of the area you are diving in, can make you (34) _____ of the risks. This means you can avoid animals which may become aggressive when approached. Also you need to know the poisons or sharp teeth that could be a problem in this world, which is new to you.

The many dangers of scuba diving are real and knowing what to expect and. How to deal with it can (35) _____ you safe.

26. a. way    b. encouragement   c. experience   d. sport

27. a. a   b. an   c. the   d. Ø

28. a. so   b. too   c. far   d. very

29. a. promised   b. told    c. allowed   d. required

30. a. risen   b. appeared   c. seemed   d. considered

31. a. either   b. enough   c. so   d. too

32. a. able   b. unable   c. ability   d. enable

33. a. mountainous   b. human   c. marine   d. wild

34. a. aware   b. interested   c. excited   d. popular

35. a. keep   b. help   c. assist   d. protect

Đáp án


CâuGhi chúCâuGhi chú
1. b“h” câm, còn lại: /h/19. cfoul: lỗi;
2. b/ɒ/, còn lại: /ˈbæleɪ/20. dmake a deep impression on: gây ấn tượng mạnh mẽ, sâu sắc cho ai đó;
3. c/ieɪ/, còn lại: /i:/21. c
4. d/ð/, còn lại: /θ/22. c
5. d/ˈbenɪfɪt/23. aDẫn chứng: “But when I read, I can go anywhere, anytime I want.”
6. b/ˈvʌlnərəbl/24. aDẫn chứng: “Reading also sets a good example for younger generations…”
7. d25. bDẫn chứng: “…If the opportunity presents itself, I urge you to take the time to read to a child, or take the time to let a child see you reading. Everyone will benefit, the child, you, and our society.”
8. c26. c
9. b27. b
10. d28. a
11. a29. d
12. b30. dbe considered to be: được xem, được coi là;
13. d31. b
14. b32. c
15. c33. c
16. c34. a
17. d35. a
18. a

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