100 câu trắc nghiệm Từ đồng nghĩa có đáp án cực hay (cơ bản - Phần 3)

100 câu trắc nghiệm Từ đồng nghĩa có đáp án cực hay (cơ bản - Phần 3)

Câu 1: Animals on earth fascinate us with their beauty, their grace and their speed.

Quảng cáo

A. improve     B. captivate     C. satisfy     D. amuse

Đáp án B

Giải thích: fascinate = captivate (v) mê hoặc, thôi miên

Câu 2: Those companies were closed due to some seriously financial problems.

A. taken off     B. put away     C. gone over     D. wiped out

Đáp án D

Giải thích: be closed (đóng cửa) = be wiped out (bị xóa sổ)

Câu 3: John stayed at home from work yesterday because he was feeling under the weather.

A. well     B. sick     C. happy     D. fine

Đáp án B

Câu 4: The cultural and historical sites in Kyoto have been given appropriate care and maintenance.

A. preservation    B. revival     C. recovery     D. recognition

Đáp án A

Giải thích: maintenance = preservation (n) sự duy trì, sự bảo tồn

Câu 5: Our parents join hands to give us a nice house and a happy home.

A. make decisions     B. put together

C. take each other’s hands     D. work together

Quảng cáo

Đáp án D

Giải thích: join hands = work together (v) làm cùng nhau

Câu 6: Don't be concerned about your mother's illness; she'll recover soon.

A. surprised at     B. worried about     C. embarrassed at     D. angry with

Đáp án B

Giải thích: be concerned about = be worried about (a) lo kawsng về cái gì

Câu 7: The yearly growth of the gross national product is often used as an indicator of a nation's economy.

A. annual     B. irrefutable     C. tentative     D. routine

Đáp án A

Giải thích: yearly = annual (a) thường niên

Câu 8: Many scientists agree that global warming poses great threats to all species on Earth.

A. irritations     B. annoyances     C. fears     D. risks

Đáp án D

Giải thích: threat = risk (n) sự đe dọa

Câu 9: During the recession, many small companies were eradicated.

A. taken over     B. wiped out    C. run on     D. set up

Đáp án B

Giải thích: be eradicated = be wiped out (a) bị xóa sổ

Câu 10: It is really incredible that he is unaware of such basic facts.

A. difficult    B. unbelievable    C. imaginable     D. disappointed

Đáp án B

Giải thích: incredible = unbelievable (a) không thể tin được

Quảng cáo

Câu 11: The twins look so much alike that no one can tell them apart.

A. distinguish between them     B. point out with them

C. spoil them     D. pick them out

Đáp án A

Giải thích: temm apart = distinguish (v) phân biệt)

Câu 12: With respect to maneuverability, few birds can equal the capabilities of the hummingbird, which hovers for long periods and even flies backward.

A. With regard to    B. With fondness to    C. In appreciation of     D. In favor of

Đáp án A

Giải thích: with respect to = with regard to: đối với, về

- with fondness to: với sự yêu mến dành cho

- in appreciation of: trong niềm cảm kích dành cho

- in favor of: ủng hộ

Câu 13: The Bali Tiger was declared extinct in 1937 due to hunting and habitat loss.

A. reserve     B. generation     C. natural environment    D. diversity

Đáp án C

Giải thích: habitat = natural environment (n) môi trường sống

Câu 14: The shoplifter immediately admitted to her crime to the security guard.

A. Agreed    B. Pleased     C. Denied     D. confessed

Đáp án D

Giải thích: admit = confess (v) thừa nhận, thú nhận

Câu 15: The repeated commercials on TV distract many viewers from watching their favorite programmes.

A. advertisements    B. contests     C. economics     D. businesses

Đáp án A

Giải thích: commercial = advertisement (n) sự quảng cáo

Câu 16: In the twentieth century, drug markedly improved health throughout the world.

A. supposedly     B. noticeably     C. recently     D. consistently

Đáp án B

Giải thích: markedly = noticeably (adv) đáng chú ý

Câu 17: The collapse of the stock market in 1929 signaled the beginning of the Depression.

A. debt     B. rebirth     C. rise     D. failure

Đáp án D

Giải thích: collapse = failure (n) sự thất bại/ sự sụp đổ

Câu 18: All classifications of human societies and cultures are arbitrary.

A. useful     B. haphazard     C. insufficient     D. ambiguous

Đáp án B

Giải thích: arbitrary = haphazard (a) chuyên quyền, độc đoán

Câu 19: When I mentioned the party, he was all ears.

A. using both ears     B. listening neglectfull

C. listening attentively     D. partially deaf

Đáp án C

Giải thích: all ears = listening attentively (chú ý lắng nghe cẩn thận)

Câu 20: Once in a while I visit my grandparents on the farm and stay there for some days.

A. Regularly     B. Sometimes     C. Usually     D. Rarely

Đáp án B

Giải thích: once in a while = sometimes (thỉnh thoảng)

Câu 21: He had never experienced such discourtesy towards the president as it occurred at the annual meeting in May.

A. politeness    B. rudeness     C. measurement     D. encouragement

Đáp án B

Giải thích: discourtesy = rudeness (n) sự bất lịch sự

Câu 22: In daily communication, you should know how to interpret other people’s body language.

A. understand     B. answer     C. respond     D. notice

Đáp án A

Giải thích: interpret = understand (v) hiểu

Câu 23: The purpose of this survey is to determine students’ attitudes toward love and marriage.

A. find out     B. develop     C. concern     D. build

Đáp án A

Giải thích: determine = find out (v) xác định

Câu 24: The ages of the two children put together was equivalent to that of their father

A. different     B. corresponding     C. unequal     D. temporary

Đáp án B

Giải thích: equivalent = corresponding (a) tương đương

Câu 25:I’m becoming increasingly absent-minded. Last week, I locked myself out of my house twice.

A. being considerate of things     B. remembering to do right things C. forgetful of one’s past     D. often forgetting things

Đáp án D

Giải thích: absent- minded = often forgetting things (a) đãng trí

Câu 26: The government is not prepared to tolerate this situation any longer.

A. look down on     B. put up with     C. take away from     D. give onto

Đáp án B

Giải thích: tolerate = put up with (v) chịu đựng

Câu 27:The event, watched by millions of people all over the country, takes place annually.

A. sometimes     B. once every year     C. regularly     D. smoothly

Đáp án B

Giải thích: annually = once every year (adv) hằng năm

Câu 28: The systems caused by ingestion of a harmful chemical must be counteracted within minutes in order to avoid permanent damage to the kidneys and other vital organs.

A. alleviated     B. increased     C. distributed     D. summed up

Đáp án A

Giải thích: counteract = alleviate (v) trung hòa, làm giảm

Câu 29: An Alzheimer patient’s incomprehensible ramblings will frequently upset family members, who may take the statements personally.

A. rude     B. personal     C. loud     D. unintelligible

Đáp án D

Giải thích: incomprehensible = unintelligible (a) khó hiểu, không thể hiểu nổi

Câu 30: I could see the finish line and thought I was home and dry.

A. hopeless     B. hopeful     C. successful     D. unsuccessful

Đáp án C

Giải thích: home and dry = have been successful = thành công

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