100 câu trắc nghiệm Từ đồng nghĩa có đáp án cực hay (nâng cao - Phần 1)

100 câu trắc nghiệm Từ đồng nghĩa có đáp án cực hay (nâng cao - Phần 1)

Câu 1: Ralph Nader was the most prominent leader of the U. S consumer protection movement.

Quảng cáo

A. casual     B. significant     C. promiscuous     D. aggressive

Đáp án B

prominent = significant: nổi bật, đáng chú ý

Câu 2: Though many scientific breakthroughs have resulted from mishaps it has taken brilliant thinkers to recognize their potential.

A. accidents     B. misunderstandings     C. incidentals     D. misfortunes

Đáp án A

mishaps = accidents = rủi ro

Câu 3: The shop assistant was totally bewildered by the customer’s behavior.

A. disgusted     B. puzzled     C. angry     D. upset

Đáp án B

bewildered = puzzled hoang mang, lúng túng, bối rối

Câu 4: The most important thing is to keep yourself occupied.

A.relaxed     B. comfortable     C. possessive     D. busy

Đáp án D

occupied = busy: bận rộn

Câu 5: Students are expected to always adhere to school regulations.

Quảng cáo

A. question    B. violate     C. disregard     D. comply

Đáp án D

adhere = comply: tuân theo

Câu 6: He didn’t bat an eyelid when he realized he failed the exam again.

A. wasn’t happy     B. didn’t want to see     C. didn’t show surprise     D. didn’t care

Đáp án C

didn’t bat an eyelid = không ngạc nhiên, không bị shock

Câu 7: Carpets from countries such as Persia and Afghanistan often fetch high prices in the United States.

A. Artifacts     B. Pottery     C. Rugs     D. Textiles

Đáp án C

Carpets = Rugs = thảm

Câu 8: His new yacht is certainly an ostentatious display of his wealth.

A.showy     B. expensive     C. large     D. ossified

Đáp án A

ostentatious = showy: phô trương khoe khoang

Ossified: cứng nhắc

Câu 9: I clearly remember talking to him in a chance meeting last summer.

A. unplanned     B. deliberate     C. accidental     D. unintentional

Đáp án B

a chance = bất ngờ, vô tình

Quảng cáo

Câu 10: Because Jack defaulted on his loan, the bank took him to court.

A. failed to pay     B. paid in full     C. had a bad personality     D. was paid much money

Đáp án B

defaulted = vỡ nợ, phá sản

Câu 11: His career in the illicit drug trade ended with the police raid this morning.

A. elicited     B. irregular     C. secret     D. legal

Đáp án D

illicit = bất hợp pháp

Câu 12: The US troops are using much more sophisticated weapons in the Far East.

A. expensive     B. complicated     C. simple and easy to use     D. difficult to operate

Đáp án C

sophisticated = complicated: tinh vi, phức tạp

Câu 13: She is always diplomatic when she deals with angry students.

A. strict     B. outspoken     C. firm     D. tactful

Đáp án D

diplomatic = tactful: khôn khéo

Câu 14: Around 150 B. C. the Greek astronomer Hipparchus developed a system to classify stars according to brightness.

A. record     B. shine     C. categorize     D. diversify

Đáp án C

classify = categorize: phân loại

Câu 15: I cannot understand why she did that, it really doesn’t add up.

A. doesn’t calculate     B. isn’t mathematics

C. doesn’t make sense     D. makes the wrong addition

Đáp án C

add up = make sense: hợp lý, có thể hiểu được

Câu 16: He has sold his house and has no job and so now he has next to nothing.

A. he is unemployed     B. he has a few things

C. he has almost no money     D. he has nothing at all

Đáp án C

have next to nothing = have almost no money: hầu như không có tiền

Câu 17: The notice should be put in the most conspicuous place so that all the students can be well-informed.

A. easily seen     B. beautiful     C. popular     D. suspicious

Đáp án A

conspicuous - easily seen: rõ ràng dễ thấy

Câu 18: It was very difficult to understand what he was saying about the noise of the traffic.

A. pick up     B. make up     C. turn out     D. make out

Đáp án D

understand = make out: hiểu được

Câu 19: Sometimes when I hear the news, I feel very miserable.

A. confused     B. frightened     C. upset     D. disappointed

Đáp án C

miserable = upset: buồn

Câu 20: I sometimes give my friends a ride in my car.

A. ask my friends drive for me    B. let my friends drive my car

C. hitch-hike my friends    D. give my friends a lift

Đáp án D

give sb a ride/ lift: đón ai

Câu 21: A woman had a narrow escape when the car came round the corner.

A. was hurt     B. was nearly hurt

C. ran away     D. bumped into the car

Đáp án B

have a narrow escape = be nearly hurt: thiếu chút nữa là gặp nguy hiểm, thoát nạn

Câu 22: A frightening number of illiterate students are graduating from college.

A. unable to read and write

B. able to join intramural sport

C. inflexible

D. unable to pass an examination in reading and writing

Đáp án A

illiterate = unable to read and write: mù chữ

Câu 23: I had a glance at the article, but I haven't read it yet.

A. close look     B. quick look     C. direct look     D. furtive look

Đáp án A

glance = quick look: nhìn liếc

Câu 24: He drives me to the edge because he never stops talking.

A. steers me     B. irritates me     C. moves me     D. frightens me

Đáp án D

drive sb to the edge = frighten sb: làm ai khiếp sợ

Câu 25: Although the hours are longer, John earns more in his new joB.

A. gets on    B. brings in     C. makes out     D. takes up

Đáp án B

earn = bring in: kiếm tiền

Câu 26: The abominable custom of women sacrificing themselves with the pyres of their dead husbands was abolished during the right of William Bentinck.

A. social     B. sacred     C. disgusting     D. moral

Đáp án C

abominable = disgusting: đáng ghê tởm

Câu 27: I don't like that man. There is a sneaky look on his face.

A. furious     B. humorous     C. dishonest     D. guilty

Đáp án C

sneaky = dishonest: không thật lòng

Câu 28: Unselfishness is the very essence of friendship.

A. romantic part     B. important part     C. difficult part     D. interesting part

Đáp án B

essence = important part: bản chất, phần quan trọng

Câu 29: We have lived there for years and grown fond of the surroundings. That is why we do not want to leave.

A. planted many trees in the surroundings     B. haunted by the surroundings

C. loved the surroundings     D. possessed by the surroundings

Đáp án C

fond of = love: yêu thích

Câu 30: Such problems as haste and inexperience are a universal feature of youth.

A. marked     B. shared     C. hidden     D. separated

Đáp án B

universal: toàn cầu ~ shared: có điểm chung

Câu 31: In certain types of poisoning, immediately give large quantities of soapy or salty water in order to induce vomiting.

A control     B clean     C. cause     D. stop

Đáp án C

induce = cause: gây ra

Câu 32: He was mystified by the look on the stranger's face.

A. perplexed     B. shocked     C. upset     D. excited

Đáp án A

mystified = perplexed: hoang mang, mơ hồ

Câu 33: Many political radicals advocated that women should not be discriminated on the basic of their sex.

A. openly criticized     B. rightly claimed

C. publicly said     D. publicly supported

Đáp án D

advocate = publicly support: ủng hộ

Câu 34:I was horrified to see the child about to cross the expressway alone.

A. ashamed    B. shocked     C. nervous     D. surprised

Đáp án B

horrified = shocked: bị choáng

Câu 35: The secretary left after weeks of harassment by the manager of her department.

A. teasing

B. irritation

C. absence

D. goading

Đáp án B

harassment = irritation: sự quấy rối

Câu 36: It is very discourteous to intrude during someone's conversation.

A. find fault     B. disagree     C. be in the way     D. leave quickly

Đáp án C

intrude = be in the way: xâm phạm, ngắt lời

Câu 37: The Civil War in 1863 cut the United States into two nations - a southern Confederacy and a northern Union.

A. severed     B. acknowledged     C. integrated     D. alienated

Đáp án A

cut = severe: chia cắt

Câu 38: The abominable custom of women sacrificing themselves with the pyres of their dead husbands was abolished during the right of William Bentinck.

A. social     B. sacred     C. disgusting     D. moral

Đáp án D

abominable = disgusting: đáng ghê tởm

Câu 39: . The suspected couple was taken away from the airport through a side entrance to the Police Station for interrogation.

A. whisked     B. rushed     C. guided     D. no improvement

Đáp án A

whisk = take away: áp giải

Câu 40: In spite of all the provocations, he maintained utmost patience.

A. inflicted     B. sustained     C. restrained     D. exercised

Đáp án B

maintain = sustain: giữ vững, duy trì

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