100 câu trắc nghiệm Từ đồng nghĩa có đáp án cực hay (nâng cao - Phần 2)

100 câu trắc nghiệm Từ đồng nghĩa có đáp án cực hay (nâng cao - Phần 2)

Câu 1: . We’ll have to use the restrooms on the next floor because the ones on this floor are not in working condition

Quảng cáo

A. out of work     B. run out of     C. turn down     D. out of order

Đáp án A

out of work = not in working condition: thất nghiệp

Câu 2: Perhaps more than anything else, it was onerous taxes that led to 'the Peasants' Revolt in England in 1381.

A multiple    B unjust     C burdensome    D infamous

Đáp án C

onerous = burdensome: nặng nề

Câu 3: It was boiling yesterday. We have a very humid and dry summer this year.

A. very hot    B. cooking     C. dry     D. cooked

Đáp án A

boiling = very hot: nóng như thiêu như đốt

Câu 4: It was inevitable that the smaller company should merge with the larger one.

A. vital     B. unnecessary    C. urgent     D. unavoidable

Đáp án D

inevitable = unavoidable: không thể tránh được

Câu 5: He made one last futile effort to convince her and left home.

Quảng cáo

A. favorable     B. difficult     C. ineffectual    D. firm

Đáp án C

futile = ineffectual: không đáng kể

Câu 6: Most of the school-leavers are sanguine about the idea of going to work and earning money.

A. fearsome     B. expected    C. excited     D. optimistic

Đáp án D

sanguine = optimistic: lạc quan

Câu 7: The situation seems to be changing minute by minute.

A. from time to time    B. time after time    C. again and again    D. very rapidly

Đáp án D

minute by minute = very rapidly: rất nhanh

Câu 8: The whole village was wiped out in the bombing raids.

A. changed completely     B. cleaned well

C. destroyed completely     D. removed quickly

Đáp án C

wipe out = destroy completely: xóa sổ, quét sạch

Câu 9: The real meaning of the poem was obscured by the pretentious language in which it was written.

A. exposed     B. apparent     C . hidden     D. shown

Đáp án C

obscure = hide: che giấu

Quảng cáo

Câu 10: Many political radicals advocated that women should not be discriminated on the basic of their sex.

A. openly criticized     B. rightly claimed

C. publicly said     D. publicly supported

Đáp án D

advocate = publicly support: được sự đồng tình của quần chúng

Câu 11: He was fired because of his misconduct at the office party.

A. mistake     B. impropriety    C. condition     D. singing

Đáp án B

misconduct = impropriety: hành động không đúng với vai trò trách nhiệm

Câu 12: The 1908 Siberian meteorite explosion brought about considerable depletion of the northern hemisphere's ozone layer.

A. was caused by     B. resulted in     C. brought back    D. was initiated by

Đáp án B

bring about = result in: gây ra

Câu 13: He was asked to account for his presence at the scene of crime.

A. complain    B. exchange     C. explain     D. arrange

Đáp án A

account for = explain: giải thích

Câu 14: The teacher gave some suggestions on what could come out for the examination.

A. effects    B. symptoms     C. hints     D. demonstrations

Đáp án C

suggestion = hint: gợi ý

Câu 15: I’ll take the new job whose salary is fantastic.

A. reasonable    B. acceptable    C. pretty high     D. wonderful

Đáp án A

fantastic = reasonable: hợp lý

Câu 16: The famous racehorse Secretariat had to be destroyed because of a painful, incurable hoof disease.

A. disabling     B. vexatious     C. dangerous     D. irreparable

Đáp án D

incurable = irreparable: không thể cứu chữa được

Câu 17: In most countries, compulsory military service does not apply to women.

A. superior     B. mandatory     C. beneficial     D. constructive

Đáp án B

compulsory = mandatory: bắt buộc

Câu 18: Scientists warn of the impending extinction of many species of plants and animals.

A. irrefutable    B. imminent     C. formidable     D. Absolute

Đáp án B

impending = imminent : sắp xảy đến

Irrefutable : không thể từ chối được

Formidable : dữ dội ghê gớm, kinh khủng

Absolute : hoàn toàn

Câu 19: The aircraft carrier is indispensable in naval operations against sea or shore based enemies.

A. unique     B. novel     C. exotic     D. vital

Đáp án D

indispensable = vital: quan trọng, không thể thiếu

Câu 20: Adverse reviews in the New York press may greatly change the prospects of a new Broadway production.

A. subversive    B. additional     C. encouraging    D. unfavorable

Đáp án D

adverse = unfavourable: tiêu cực

Câu 21: Helen Keller, blind and deaf from an early age, developed her sense of smell so finely that she could identify friends by their personal odors.

A. classify     B. recognize    C. describe     D. communicate with

Đáp án B

identify = recognize: phát hiện, nhận ra

Câu 22: The use of lasers in surgery has become relatively commonplace in recent years.

A. absolutely     B. relevantly    C. almost     D. comparatively

Đáp án D

relatively = comparatively: khá, tương đối

Câu 23: The museum dismissed the curator after some of the oldest paintings were damaged.

A. artist    B. cleaner     C. guard     D. director

Đáp án D

curator = director: giám đốc

Câu 24: We watched as the plane disappeared behind the clouds.

A. melted     B. escaped    C. vanished    D. perished

Đáp án C

disapear = vanish: biến mất

Câu 25: In the 1776 pamphlet "Common Sense," Thomas Paine defended the cause of the American Revolution.

A. fought     B. championed    C. exposed     D. believed

Đáp án B

defend = champion:chiến đấu, bảo vệ

Câu 26: In Benjamin Franklin's almanac, he warns against making hasty decisions.

A. expensive     B. unhealthy     C. firm     D. quick

Đáp án D

hasty = quick: vội vàng

Câu 27: Studies of climatology indicate that volcanic dust in the atmosphere may contribute to the onset of ice ages.

A. explain     B. insinuate     C. suggest     D. prove

Đáp án C

indicate = suggest: chỉ ra

Câu 28: Before the earthquake hit the area,many minor tremors were felt.

A. spasms     B. noises     C. vibrations     D. crumblings

Đáp án C

tremor = vibration: sự rung lắc

Câu 29: The raccoon is a nocturnal animal.

A. harmless     B. night     C. marsupial     D. diurnal

Đáp án B

nocturnal = night: (động vật) hoạt động về đêm

Câu 30: Victoria Holtand William Shakespeare are prolific writers.

A productive     B famous     C esteemed     D celebrated

Đáp án A

prolific = productive: năng suất

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