100 câu trắc nghiệm Từ đồng nghĩa có đáp án cực hay (nâng cao - Phần 3)

100 câu trắc nghiệm Từ đồng nghĩa có đáp án cực hay (nâng cao - Phần 3)

Câu 1: His new yatch is certainly an ostentatious display of his wealth.

Quảng cáo

A. beautiful    B. showy    C. large    D. expensive

Đáp án B

ostentatious = showy: khoe khoang

Câu 2: There were so many members of the political party who had gone against the leader that he resigned.

A. apposed     B. insisted     C. invited     D. opposed

Đáp án D

go against = oppose: phản đối, chống lại

Câu 3: If petrol price go up any more, I shall have to use a bicycle.

A. develope     B. ascend     C. raise     D. increase

Đáp án D

go up = increase: tăng lên

Câu 4: I didn’t go to work this moring. I stayed at home because of the morning rain.

A. thanks to     B. on account of     C. in spite of     D. in addition to

Đáp án B

because of = on account of + N: bởi vì

Câu 5: The new cow boy-film catches the fancy of the children.

A. attracts     B. statisfies     C. surprises     D. amuses

Quảng cáo

Đáp án A

catch the fancy of sb = attract sb: thu hút ai

Câu 6: Now I understand why you moved out of that house.

A. I am surprised     B. it frustrates me

C. I am intrigued     D. it makes sense to me

Đáp án D

sb understand = st make sense: hiểu Intrigue: hấp dẫn

Câu 7: Hypertension is one of the most widespread and potential dangerous diseases.

A. colossal     B. popular    C. common     D. scattered

Đáp án C

widespread = common: thông thường, hay gặp

Câu 8: In the United States, a party can nominate a single candidate for office.

A. refuse     B. keep    C. change     D. appoint

Đáp án D

nominate = appoint: giới thiệu. tiến cử

Câu 9: The sales of drugs is controlled by law in most of countries.

A. permitted     B. restricted    C. illegal     D. binding

Đáp án B

restricted= controled by law: bị hạn chế, kiểm soát

Câu 10: I told you clearly and definitely not to write your answers in pencil, Smith!

A. considerably    B. thoroughly     C. altogether     D. specificially

Đáp án B

thoroughly = clearly and definitely: kĩ lưỡng tỉ mỉ

Quảng cáo

Câu 11: A brief outlined of the course and bibliography were handed out to the students at the first meeting.

A. dispensed    B. dispersed     C. distributed     D. contributed

Đáp án C

hand out = distribute: phân phát

Câu 12: Relaxation therapy teaches one not to fret over small problems.

A. worry about    B. get angry about    C. get involved in    D. look for

Đáp án A

fret over = worry about: lo lắng về

Câu 13: Proximity to the court house makes an office building more valuable.

A. Interest in     B. Similarity to    C. Nearness to    D. Usefulness for

Đáp án C

proximity to = nearness to: gần với

Câu 14: The new amphitheater was based on the ancient Greek design.

A. underwater theater     B. oval theater

C. sound and light theater     D. mini-theater

Đáp án B

amphitheater = oval theater: đấu trường vòng cung

Câu 15: Peter didn’t mean to be disrespectful to his teacher. He just couldn’t control his temper.

A. Showing lack of trust     C. showing impolite behavior

B. Showing nervousness     D. showing lack of attention

Đáp án C

disrespectful = showing impolite behavior: có thái độ không tôn trọng

Câu 16: Primary education in the United States is compulsory

A. free of charge    B. required    C. excellent     D. easy

Đáp án B

compulsoy = required: bắt buộc

Câu 17: The fer-de-lance, a kind of viper, is one of the most poisonous snakes.

A. deadly     B. vicious     C. bad tasting    D. unhealthy

Đáp án B

poisonous = vicious: có độc tính cao, nguy hiểm

Câu 18: The activists were accused of contaminating the minds of our young people.

A. Providing healthy ideas     B. harming

C. Nurturing     D. keeping in the dark

Đáp án B

comtaminate = harm: làm hư hỏng

Câu 19: In the early days of baseball, the game was played by young men of means and social position.

A. with skill     B. with equipment    C. with money    D. with ambition

Đáp án C

of means = with money: giàu có

Câu 20: Mounting evidence indicates that acid rain is damaging historic sites in Boston and Philadelphia.

A. Hanging     B. Tentative     C. Increasing     D. Irrefutable

Đáp án C

moutning = increasing: ngày càng nhiều

Câu 21: The copperhead, a snake that strikes without warning, is considered more dangerous than the rattlesnake.

A. exquisite     B. sporadic     C. treacherous    D. aloof

Đáp án C

dangerous = treacherous: nguy hiểm

Câu 22: Many doctors are still general practitioners, but the tendency is toward specialization in medicine.

A. rumor    B. trend    C. prejudice    D. security

Đáp án B

tendency = trend: xu hướng

Câu 23: In the 1960's the upper level of Pennsylvania Station in New York City was torn down and replaced by Madison Square Garden.

A. detracted     B. demoted     C. distended     D. dismantled

Đáp án D

tear down = dismantle: tháo dỡ, phá hủy

Câu 24: The blank space of the paper must be 1.5 inches at the top and 1 inch at the bottom and on the sides.

A. frames     B. borders     C. shutters     D. margins

Đáp án D

margin = blank space: lề (sách, vở)

Câu 25: I told her I understood what she was feeling as we were both after all in the same boat.

A. in a similar take     B. in a similar find

C. in a similar situation     D. in a similar case

Đáp án C

in the same boat = in a similar situation: trong cùng tình trạng

Câu 26: Though many scientific breakthroughs have resulted from mishaps, it has taken brilliant thinkers to recognize their potential.

A. misunderstandings     B. accidents

C. misfortunes     D. incidentals

Đáp án C

mishap = accident: điều không hay xảy ra, tai nạn

Câu 27: A multitude of people attended the fund-raising presentation in the mall.

A. small number    B. select group    C. huge crowd    D. large herd

Đáp án C

multitude = huge crowd: đám đông

Câu 28: Jan took many snapshots while on vacation in Europe.

A. notes     B. gifts     C. photos     D. clothes

Đáp án C

snapshot = photo: ảnh

Câu 29: John was not promoted because his work did not meet the manager's expectations.

A. anticipations    B. expenditures    C. expertise     D. gaudiness

Đáp án A

expectation = anticipation: trông đợi, sự dự trước

Câu 30: Ralph Nader always speaks out about everything.

A. declares his opinion     B. agrees

C. quarrels     D. has an interest

Đáp án A

speak out = declare one’s opinion: tuyên bố, phát biểu ý kiến

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