Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 Bài 2: School talks (Phần 2)

Unit 2: School talks

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 Bài 2: School talks (Phần 2)

Đề luyện 2:

I. Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest

1. A. disaster     B. fast     C. satisfy     D. father

2. A. lovely     B. month     C. wonderful     D. classmate

3. A. headmaster     B. harvest     C. harder     D. suffer

4. A. comfort     B. studious    C. cousin     D. worry

5. A. guitarist     B. bathroom    C. guard     D. pattern

II. Choose the best answer for each of the following sentences

6. I was enjoying a book, but I stopped ______________ my homework.

A. reading to do     B. to read to do

C. to read for doing     D. reading for doing

7. Our teacher ______ to give the explanation why he was late.

A. denied     B. ignored

C. refused     D. objected

8. I hope you will concentrate ___________ your grammar.

A. for improving     B. on improving

C. to improve     D. of improving

9. Our parents are very ________ on camping holidays.

A. eager     B. confident

C. keen     D. expecting

10. I don’t blame you for not ___________ outside in this awful weather.

A. wanting to go     B. wanting go

C. want to go     D. to want to go

11. ________ is this hat? - $20, Madam.

A. How many     B. How much

C. Which price     D. How about

12. Choose a sentence which is grammatically correct:

A. Do you know where Lan is. I can’t finder her.

B. Do you know where is Lan? I can’t find her.

C. Do you know where Lan is, I can’t find her?

D. Do you know where Lan is? I can’t find her.

13. Choose a sentence which is grammatically correct:

A. Florenzi, who is the head prefect will be delivering the speech.

B. Florenzi who is the head prefect, will be delivering the speech.

C. Florenzi will be delivering the speech, who is the head prefect.

D. Florenzi, who is the head prefect, will be delivering the speech.

14. Why do you like Tom and Jerry?

A. I like Tom and Jerry because it is very interesting.

B. I like Tom and Jerry most.

C. I don’t like Tom and Jerry anymore.

D. I watched Tom and Jerry 2 years ago.

15. _______ picture do you prefer, this one or that one?

A. What     B. Which

C. How     D. Whose

III. Choose the suitable word:

Dolphins are regarded as the friendliest creatures in the sea and stories of them (16. help/helping) drowning sailors have been common since Roman times.

The more we learn about dolphins, the more we realize that their society is more complex than people previously imagined.

They look after other dolphins when they are ill, (17. care/caring) for pregnant mothers and (18. protect/protecting) the weakest in the community, as we do.

Some scientists have suggested that dolphins have a language but it is much more probable that they communicate with each other without (19. need/needing) words.

Could any of these mammals be more intelligent than man? Certainly the most common argument in favor of man's superiority over them that we can kill them more easily than they can kill us is the least satisfactory.

On the contrary, the more we discover about these remarkable creatures, the less we appear superior when we (20. destroy/are destroying) them.

Đáp án:

Câu Ghi chú Câu Ghi chú
1. C /ˈsætɪsfaɪ/ 11. B How much + to-be + N? => Hỏi giá tiền 1 món đồ nào đó
2. D /a:/còn lại là /ʌ/ 12. D
3. D /ʌ/còn lại là /a:/ 13. D
4. B /ˈstjuːdiəs/ 14. A Câu hỏi về lý do
5. D /ˈpætn/ 15. B
6. A stop V-ing to do something: dừng việc gì để làm một việc khác 16. helping
7. C refuse to-V 17. care
8. B concentrate on N/V-ing 18. protect
9. C be keen on N/V-ing 19. needing
10. A blame somebody for V-ing: trách ai vì làm việc gì đó 20. destroy

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