Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 Bài 1: A day in the life of ... (Phần 1)

Unit 1: A day in the life of ...

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 Bài 1: A day in the life of ...

Đề luyện 1:

I. Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest

1. A. bicycle     B. typical     C. family     D. cyclist

2. A. appeal     B. teapor     C. reason     D. peasant

3. A. ready     B. people     C. three     D. field

4. A. become     B. list     C. immediately     D. pretty

5. A. bit     B. literature    C. decisive     D. fifty

II. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best suits the meaning of the italicised word(s)

6. David isn’t contented with his present position.

A. disappointed with     B. satisfied with

C. interested in     D. excited about

7. I went to school late yesterday because my alarm didn’t go off as I set.

A. go away     B. come off

C. ring     D. go wrong

8. It is frightening even to think of the horrors of nuclear war.

A. exciting     B. frightened

C. horrible     D. afraid

9. The government announced that there would be a cut in taxes.

A. notified     B. advertised

C. introduced     D. warned

10. You should tie your seat belt when driving.

A. close     B. pin

C. install     D. fasten

III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D for each of the following sentences

11. How ________ to shool as a rule?

A. are you going     B. did you go

C. do you go     D. will you go

12. John got ___ as soon as the alarm clock went ___ .

A. up/down     B. up/off

C. up/over     D. up/on

13. This time is difficult but we will never _______ hope.

A. give up     B. have

C. offer     D. continue

14. “__________ do you play soccer?” - “Once a week.”

A. When     B. How often

C. What time     D. How long

15. We ________ meet each other anymore.

A. frequently     B. usually

C. all the time     D. rarely

16. Are you _________ with your mid-term exam’s result?

A. proud     B. satisfied

C. surprised     D. keen

17. My younger sister often _______ her bicycle to school.

A. ride     B. go

C. catch     D. drive

18. Last night I arrived at the bus-stop just in time to _______ the last bus.

A. see     B. meet

C. catch     D. call

19. Choose a correct sentence:

A. Nam always is on top in my class.

B. Nam is on top in my class always.

C. Nam is always on top in my class.

D. Always Nam is on top in my class.

20. Mr. Jordan does the transplanting _______ his son pumps water.

A. while     B. as a result

C. if     D. although

Đáp án

Câu Ghi chú Câu Ghi chú
1. D cyclist /ˈsaɪklɪst/ 11. C as a rule: thường lệ
2. D peasant /ˈpeznt/ 12. B get up: thức dậy   go off: đổ chuông
3. A ready /ˈredi/ 13. A give up: từ bỏ
4. C immediately /ɪˈmiːdiətli/ 14. B Câu hỏi “How often …” hỏi về tần suất
5. C decisive /dɪˈsaɪsɪv/ 15. D rarely: hiếm khi (câu có dấu hiệu phủ định “anymore”)
6. B be contented with: hài lòng với 16. B be satisfied with: hài lòng với
7. C go off: đổ chuông 17. A ride: đạp (xe)
8. C frightening: khủng khiếp 18. C catch (the bus): bắt chuyến xe bus
9. A announce = notify (thông báo) 19. C Trạng từ “always” phải đứng sau động từ to-be
10. D tie = fasten (buộc, thắt) 20. A while: trong khi đó as a result: vì vậy

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