Unit 5 lớp 12: Writing

Unit 5 lớp 12: Writing

1. Work in pairs. Give the reasons why language is often considered the most important cultural identifier. (Làm việc theo cặp. Đưa ra những lý do tại sao ngôn ngữ thường được coi là cách nhận dạng văn hóa quan trọng nhất.)


Language is the most important cultural identifier because it allows me to communicate with my family and community.

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2. Read the following essay on language as defining a person's cultural identity. Complete the essay, using the correct form of the words in the box. (Đọc bài tiểu luận sau đây về ngôn ngữ như là cách xác định bản sắc văn hóa của một người. Hoàn thành bài tiểu luận, sử dụng hình thức đúng của các từ trong hộp.)

1. expressing2. demonstrated3. features4. unite
5. share6. invaded7. unifying8. unique

3. Which is the most important cultural identifier or the feature that defines your cultural identity? First, discuss your ideas in groups of four. Then decide on the most important feature and write an essay of 180-250 words. (Đâu là cách nhận dạng văn hóa quan trọng nhất hoặc tính năng xác định bản sắc văn hóa của bạn? Đầu tiên, thảo luận về ý tưởng của bạn trong nhóm bốn người. Sau đó quyết định những tính năng quan trọng nhất và viết một bài luận trong 180-250 từ.)

Some people believe cultural identity is how we identify ourselves as part of a culture.This can simply be done through the language we use, the food we often have, or the clothing we often wear on special occasions. In my opinion, festivals and cultural practices celebrated and preserved years after years are the most important cultural identifiers.

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Through festivals, we want to express our unity as well as cultural identifier. Originally, festivals are special occasions when people at a particular place stop working in order to celebrate parties or events. They are often connected with religious beliefs of a specificgroupofpeopletothankGodsand ancestors for good harvests, fortune, and happiness.

Along with festivals, cultural practices are unique ways of expressing who we are and what country or culture we belong to. These are traditionally considered the right things to do in a community. For example, Vietnamese people usually go to pagodas on first days of New Year to pray for good health and happiness. Although we are now in modern time, these traditions are well preserved respectably as a cultural stereotype.

As people all over the world become closer and closer, we share our festivals and cultural practices - the most important features. We organise international festivals and take part in various kinds of cultural events in other countries. This is always the meaningful way of identifying, sharing and preserving cultures.

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