Unit 3 lớp 12: Listening

Unit 3: Ways of socialising

C. Listening (Trang 34-35-36 SGK Tiếng Anh 12)

Before you listen (Trước khi bạn nghe)

- Work with a partner. Study the pictures and answer the following questions. (Làm việc với bạn học. Nghiên cứu bức tranh và trả lời các câu hỏi sau.)

1. What are they doing? (Họ đang làm gì?)

=> They're talking on the phone.

2. What do you think each of them would say to greet each other? (Bạn nghĩ họ sẽ nói gì với nhau để chào nhau?)

=> They would say "Hello" or "Hi" to greet each other.

3. What do you think they would talk about? (Bạn nghĩ họ sẽ nói chuyện gì với nhau?)

=> I think they would talk aboul their usual jobs and things happening to them.

4. How Ion? do you think it would take them to finish their call and why? (Bạn nghĩ họ sẽ chuyện trò trong bao lâu và tại sao?)

=> It would take them about few minutes to finish their call because they are on the move in the street.

- Listen and repeat.

marvellous: tuyệt vờiabsolute: tuyệt đốiinstalled: cài đặt
arguments: sự tranh luậnmaximum: tối đaadult: người lớn
regulations: qui địnhobject: đối tượngstartling: đáng ngạc nhiên
Quảng cáo

While you listen (Trong khi bạn nghe)

Task 1. Linda Cupple, a social worker, advises young people on how to use the telephone in their family. Listen to her talk and decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F). (Linda Cupple, một cán bộ xã hội, tư vấn cho thanh niên về cách dùng điện thoại ở gia đình. Lắng nghe bài nói chuyện của cô và xác định câu nói nào là đúng (T) hay sai (F).)

Bài nghe:

Đáp án gợi ý:

1. T2. F3. T4. F5. F6. T

Task 2. Listen to part of Ms Linda Cupple's talk again and write the missing words. (Nghe lại một phần của bài nói của bà Linda Cupple và viết những từ thiếu.)

Bài nghe:

1. agreed2. to avoid3. weekend4. adults
5. waking6. heart7. kindness8. to stick
Quảng cáo

After you listen (Sau khi bạn nghe)

Listen again. Summarize Ms Linda Cupple's talk, beginning with: (Nghe lại. Tóm tắt bài nói chuyện của Bà Linda Cupple, bắt đầu với:)

Bài nghe:

In this talk Ms Linda Cupple gives us some pieces of advice on how to use the telephone in the family. The first is to work out a reasonable length of time for a call after a discussion with our parents, usually ten minuies at most. And it's the duration of time for receiving or making a call at the usual time. Next, it's a great problem to make a call very late at night or early in the morning, particularly on weekends, because it's the time your parents can sleep late. So even you have a separate phone, try to stick to the family's regulations.

Quảng cáo

Tapescript - Nội dung bài nghe

The Telephone - Potential Family Battleground

Hello everyone. In today's talk I'm going to give you some pieces of advice on how to use the telephone in the most decent way so as to avoid unnecessary disagreements between you and members of your family.

The telephone, as you know, is a marvellous instrument, but it may cause arguments between you and your parents - arguments that could be easily avoided if you would sit down, talk it over, and agree to a few simple regulations.

The most obvious problem, of course, is what everyone considers a reasonable length of time for a call. The exact duration must be worked out with your parents, but ten minutes should be an absolute maximum. That's certainly long enough to say almost anything in five different ways, and yet it isn't so long that other members of the family will become apoplectic. Even when your parents are out, the length of your call should be limited, because they, or someone else, may be trying to reach your home for a very important reason.

Calling hours should be agreed upon. If your parents object to your leaving the dinner table to take calls, tell your friends to avoid calling at that hour; if someone does phone, ask him to call back, or offer to call him when dinner's over.

A serious calling problem is calling very late at night, or very early on weekend mornings. This particular mistake is made mostly by young people who consider 10 or 11 p.m, when a lot of tired adults are happily sleeping, the shank of the evening. So please tell your friends not to call after ten o'clock. The shock of waking out of a sound sleep and the fright of that instant thought - "There's an accident." - are enough to give your parents a heart attack. Weekend morning calls aren't so startling, but it's the one time your parents can sleep late.

If your mother and father, out of kindness, have installed a separate phone for you, remember that you're still a member of a family. So try to stick to your family's regulations.

That's all for my talk today. Thank you for listening.

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