Bài tập Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 11: Sources of Energy

Unit 11

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 11: Sources of Energy

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others:

Quảng cáo

1. a. shrivel     b. shrine     c. shrimp     d. shrill

2. a. shrub     b. splutter     c. spruce     d. sprung

3. a. sprout     b. shroud     c. spouse     d. through

4. a. spread     b. spleen     c. speak     d. sheet

5. a. shrank     b. splash     c. sprat     d. shame

II. Choose the word or phrase - a, b, c, or d - that best completes the sentence or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase:

6. The amount of solar energy that reaches the earth depends ______ the atmosphere.

a. to     b. in     c. on     d. with

7. The natural environment consists ______ all natural resources.

a. in     b. of     c. to     d. on

8. Solar energy can be changed ______ electricity.

a. in     b. to     c. into     d. for

9. Oil, coal and natural gas are ______ fuels made from decayed material from animal or plants.

a. unleaded     b. smokeless

c. solid     d. fossil

Quảng cáo

10. A nuclear reactor releases ______ which is dangerous to the environment.

a. radiation     b. heat

c. energy     d. carbon dioxide

11. We could make better ______ of our energy resources.

a. spend     b. use

c. need     d. limit

12. The government has spent £1 million on an advertising ______ to encourage energy conservation.

a. campaign     b. promotion

c. operation     d. enterprise

13. All fossil fuels are ______ resources that cannot be replaced after use.

a. unlimited     b. renewable

c. available     d. non-renewable

14. Solar energy is not only plentiful and infinite but also clean and safe.

a. boundless     b. unlimited

c. uncountable     d. inflexible

15. Many newer cars have a much lower fuel ______.

a. consuming     b. consumer

c. consumation     d. consumption

16. Nellie Ross of Wyoming was the first woman ______ governor in the United States.

a. who elected     b. to be elected

c. was elected     d. her election as

17. Pioneers, ______ in isolated areas of the United States, were almost totally self-sufficient.

a. who living     b. living

c. lived     d. that lived

18. Completed in 1756, Nassau Hall is the oldest building now ______ on the campus of Princeton University.

a. standing     b. it stands

c. has stood     d. stood

19. Jerome Kern's most famous work is Showboat, ______ , most enduring musical comedies.

a. it is one of the finest

b. of the finest one

c. the finest one

d. one of the finest

20.______ in large quantities in the Middle East, oil became known as black gold because of the large profit it brought.

a. Discovering

b. which was discovered

c. Discovered

d. That when discovered

Quảng cáo

III. Give the correct form of the given words to complete the following sentences:

21. Nuclear energy can provide enough __________ for the world’s need for hundreds of years. (electric)

22. _________, if the wind does not blow, there is no wind energy. (fortune)

23. We use solar energy for our _______ life. (day)

24. Grass for animals is a _______ resource. (new)

25. The total energy ________ in 2006 was over 150 million tons. (consume)

IV. Choose word or phrase - A, B, C or D – that needs correcting:

26. Louisa May Alcott, she (A) best known for her books (B) for children, served (C) as a nurse during (D) the Civil War.

27. I went to a reunion (A) for students educating (B) in the physics (C) department during (D) the 1980s.

28. Natural (A) resources provide the raw material are needed (B) to produce (C) finished goods (D) .

29. In an essay (A) writing (B) in 1779, Judith Sargeant Murray promoted the cause of (C) women's education (D).

30. It was suggested that Sandro studies (A) the material more (B) thoroughly before attempting (C) to pass (D) the exam.

V. Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answers:

The search for alternative sources of energy has led in various directions. Many communities are burning garbage and other biological waste products to produce electricity. Converting waste products to gases or oil is also an efficient way to dispose of wastes. Experimental work is being done to derive synthetic fuels from coal, oil shale, and coal tars. But to date, that process has proven expensive. Other experiments are underway to harness power with giant windmills. Geothermal power is also being tested. Some experts expect utility companies to revive hydroelectric power derived from streams and rivers. Fifty years ago hydroelectric power provided one third of the electricity used in the United States, but to day it supplies only 4 percent. The oceans are another potential source of energy. Scientists are studying ways to convert the energy of ocean currents, tides, and waves to electricity. Experiments are also underway to make use of temperature differences in ocean water to produce energy.

(*) Từ mới:

convert: đổi, biến đổi;

dispose: xử lý; giải quyết; vứt bỏ, khử đi;

derive: nhận được từ, lấy được từ, tìm thấy nguồn gốc từ;

synthetic: tổng hợp;

shale: (khoáng chất) đá phiền sét;

tar: nhựa đường, hắc ín;

underway: đang chạy, đang thực hiện;

windmill: cối xay gió; máy xay gió;

31. What is the best title of the passage?

a. The Use of Water Products for Energy

b. The Search for Alternative Sources of Energy

c. Efficient Ways of Disposing of Waste

d. New Discoveries in Geothermal Power

32. What provided one third of the electricity in the United States fifty years ago?

a. wind     b. waste products     c. water     d. oil

33. What could best replace the phrase 'geothermal power' in the passage?

a. heat from the earth

b. gases in the earth's atmosphere

c. steam that shot up out of the earth

d. water in the ocean, lake, or river

34. Which of the following is not mentioned in the passage as an alternative source of energy?

a. Burning of garbage     b. Geothermal power

c. Synthetic fuels     d. Electricity

35. According to the author, what is the impracticability of using coal, oil shale and coal tars as sources of energy due to?

a. They take a lot of time

b. They are expensive

c. They are non-renewable resources

d. They are scarce resources

36. What can be inferred from the paragraph?

a. All alternative production of energy will be derived from water.

b. Hydroelectric power will be the main source of energy.

c. Synthetic fuels will be the principal source of alternative energy.

d. Alternative energy will come from a variety of sources.

VI. Replace the relative clauses by an infinitive or infinitive phrase:

37. He was the first man who left the burning building.


38. The last student who leaves the classroom must turn out the lights.


VII. Change all of the adjective clauses to adjective phrases. Use the participles:

39. Only a few of the movies that are shown at the National Theater are suitable for young people.


40. The couples who live in the house next door are both engineers.


Đáp án

Quảng cáo
Câu Hướng dẫn Câu Hướng dẫn
1. b /aɪ/, còn lại: /ɪ/ 21. electricity
2. c /u:/, còn lại: /ʌ/ 22. Unfortunately
3. d /u:/, còn lại: /aʊ/ 23. daily
4. a /e/, còn lại: /i:/ 24. renewable
5. d /eɪ/, còn lại: /æ/ 25. consumption
6. c depend on: phụ thuộc, tùy vào; 26. A she → Ø
7. b consist of: bao gồm; 27. B educating → educated
8. c change into: biến đổi thành; 28. B are needed → needed
9. d 29. B writing → written
10. a 30. A studies → study
11. b make use of N: tận dụng, khai thác thứ gì đó; 31. b
12. a 32. c Dẫn chứng: “Fifty years ago hydroelectric power provided one third of the electricity used in the United States…”
13. d 33. a
14. b infinite = unlimited: vô tận, không giới hạn; 34. d
15. d consumption: sự tiêu thụ; 35. b Dẫn chứng: “Experimental work is being done to derive synthetic fuels from coal, oil shale, and coal tars. But to date, that process has proven expensive.”
16. b 36. d
17. b 37. He was the first man to leave the burning building.
18. a 38. The last student to leave the classroom must turn out the lights.
19. d 39. Only a few of the movies shown at the National Theater are suitable for young people.
20. c 40. The couples living in the house next door are both engineers.

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