Bài tập Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 15: Space Conquest

Unit 15

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 15: Space Conquest

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others:

Quảng cáo

1. a. happens     b. reminds     c. wears     d. rents

2. a. tones     b. changes     c. miles     d. heroes

3. a. fifteenth     b. mouth     c. southern     d. author

4. a. raise     b. tense     c. nurse     d. increase

5. a. joined     b. walked     c. stepped     d. launched

II. Choose the word or phrase - a, b, c or d - that best completes the sentence or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase:

6. She is never satisfied ______ what she's got.

a. to     b. with     c. for     d. in .

7. In 1961 Yuri Gagarin lifted ______ into space aboard the Vostok 1.

a. off     b. up     c. on     d. Ø

8. After landing, the team members were greeted like ______ heroes.

a. conquer     b. conquering

c. conqueror     d. conquest

9. No one knew precisely what would happen to a human being in space.

a. exactly     b. clearly

c. carefully     d. vividly

10. The astronauts were able to send the information back to the earth.

a. spaceships     b. space stations

c. spacemen     d. space shots

Quảng cáo

11. No one is better cook than his mother, ______?

a. is she     b. isn't she

c. are they     d. aren’t they

12. Do it right now, ______?

a. will you     b. shall you

c. do you     d. don't you

13. There are no easy ways to learn a foreign language, ______?

a. are they     b. are there

c. aren't they     d. aren't there

14. He seldom goes to the library, ______?

a. doesn’t he     b. is he

c. does he     d. isn’t he

15. Let's go for a long walk, ______?

a. will we     b. shall we

c. don't you     d. do you

III. Give the correct form of the given words to complete the following sentences:

16. People knew little about life in space before Gagarin’s ___________ flight. (history)

17. She got great __________ from helping people study English. (satisfy)

18. ____________, Gagarin died in a plane crash on a routine training flight in March 1968. (fortune)

19. How would the mind deal with the ___________ tension? (psychology)

20. The ___________ flight of Shenzhou 5 marked a milestone in China’s space project. (success)

IV. Complete each of the following tag questions:

21. These sausages are delicious, _________? - They certainly are.

22. You haven’t lived here long, _________? - No, only six months.

23. It’s quite a big garden, __________? - Yes, there’s plenty of room.

24. There aren’t many people here yet, __________? - No, but it’s till quite early.

25. You are Brian’s friend, _________? - Yes, I’m Justin.

V. Complete the sentences with the correct form of could/be able to. Use the negative if necessary:

26. Suddenly all the lights went out. We _________ see anything.

27. The computer went wrong, but luckily Emily _________ put it right again.

28. There was a big party last night. You __________ hear the music half a kilometer away.

29. I learnt English as a child. I __________ speak English when I was seven.

30. The bus was full. I __________ find a seat anywhere.

Quảng cáo

VI. Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answer:

There is one planet that still fascinates and teases scientists mainly because it doesn't have an atmosphere to obscure observation, yet it is not big enough for sufficiently accurate telescopic observation. The fact that it is also very close to the sun also makes it difficult for astronomers.

However, space telescopes have told us a lot more about Mercury. It is rather similar to Earth's moon and to Mars. There are mountainous areas dotted with craters and large valleys which are uncratered. The moon's valleys have fewer cracks and the ridges are smoother. Mercury's valleys are filled with volcanic rocks, similar to on the moon, yet there is no evidence of volcanoes, even extinct ones, on Mercury, as there is on the both Mars and the moon, and of course here on Earth.

So, scientists presume the valleys on Mercury were caused by different things, that is to say not by volcanoes, but by very large meteorites, which also caused the cracks in the terrain and left the ridges rough and uneven. More and better photos of Mercury are needed to prove what are at present at best only hypotheses.

(*) Từ mới:

tease: quấy rầy;

obscure: che khuất, làm tối, làm mờ;

observation: khả năng quan sát, năng lực quan sát, sự quan sát;

telescope: kính thiên văn;

astronomer: nhà thiên văn học;

crater: hố (bom), miệng núi lửa;

crack: đường nứt, đường nẻ;

ridge: chóp, chỏm, ngọn, đỉnh (núi);

presume: cho là, coi như là, cầm bằng là; đoán chừng;

meteorite: đá trời, thiên thạch;

terrain: (quân sự), (địa lý,địa chất) địa thế, địa hình địa vật;

hypotheses: giả thuyết;

31. What is the topic of this passage?

a. The planet, Mercury     b. Observation of planets

c. The Earth's moon     d. Astronomers' difficulties

32. Why does Mercury still tease scientists?

a. Because it has an atmosphere which obscures observation.

b. Because it is too close to the sun.

c. Because it is too small.

d. Because it is difficult for space probes to get close to.

33. What is true about Mercury but not true about the moon or Mars?

a. The valleys are filled with volcanic rocks.

b. There are no volcanoes.

c. The valleys are uncratered.

d. There are hilly regions.

34. What does the author imply space telescopes can do better than land-based telescopes?

a. Show, the volcanoes on Mercury.

b. Show the meteorites which hit Mercury.

c. Show what caused Mercury's valleys.

d. Show more of the planet, Mercury.

35. What can we infer from the passage that astronomers still need to get more detailed observation of Mercury?

a. Better and more space telescopes.

b. More hypotheses.

c. Larger space telescopes.

d. More ways to prove hypotheses.

VII. Choose the phrase that best completes the sentence:

36. __________ by meteorites whose impact formed craters of all size.

a. The surface of the moon was shaped

b. The moon whose surface shaped

c. The surface of the shaped moon

d. The surface was forming the shape of the moon

37. Many craters on the Earth's surface were probably formed by very large meteorites _________________.

a. when smashed into the ground was an explosion

b. which smashed into the ground and an explosion

c. smashing into the ground and exploding

d. they smashed into the ground and exploded

38. Throughout history, the moon has inspired not only song and dance __________________.

a. but poetry and prose as well

b. but poetry also prose

c. together with poetry and prose

d. and also poetry and prose

39. Claudius Ptolemy, __________________ of the first century A.D., left a good description of the geocentric theory.

a. he was an astronomer and a philosopher

b. being an astronomer and a philosopher

c. an astronomer and who was a philosopher

d. who was an astronomer and a philosopher

40. __________ the fifth largest among the nine planets that make up our solar system.

a. The Earth being     b. The Earth is

c. That the Earth is     d. Being the Earth

Đáp án

Câu Hướng dẫn Câu Hướng dẫn
1. d /s/, còn lại: /z/ 21. aren’t they
2. b /iz/, còn lại: /z/ 22. have you
3. c /ð/, còn lại: /θ/ 23. isn’t it
4. a /z/, còn lại: /s/ 24. are there
5. a /d/, còn lại: /t/ 25. aren’t you
6. b be satisfied with; 26. couldn’t
7. a lift off: phóng (tên lửa, tàu vũ trụ); 27. was able to
8. b conquering: chinh phục, chế ngự; 28. could
9. a precisely = exactly: chính xác; 29. could/was able to
10. c astronaut = spaceman: nhà du hành vũ trụ; 30. couldn’t/wasn’t able to
11. c 31. a
12. a 32. c Dẫn chứng: “There is one planet that still fascinates and teases scientists mainly because it doesn't have an atmosphere to obscure observation, yet it is not big enough for sufficiently accurate telescopic observation.”
13. b 33. b Dẫn chứng: “…yet there is no evidence of volcanoes, even extinct ones, on Mercury, as there is on the both Mars and the moon…”
14. c 34. d Dẫn chứng: “More and better photos of Mercury are needed to prove what are at present at best only hypotheses.”
15. b 35. a
16. historic 36. a
17. satisfaction 37. c
18. Unfortunately 38. a
19. psychological 39. d
20. successful 40. b

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