Unit 1 lớp 12: Reading

Unit 1 lớp 12: Reading

1. Discuss the partner (Thảo luận với bạn)

What people needWhat to do
a. These food victims need food and shelledWe can donate money, rice and old clothes
b. These students are studying in a shabby classroom. They need study equipment and a decent place to studyWe can donate books and money
c. These young cancer patients need care and comfontWe can visit them, give them gifts and organise different fun activities.
Quảng cáo

2. Read two people's life stories and complete the table (Đọc 2 câu chuyện về cuộc sống của con người và hoàn thành bảng)

NameLarry StewartLe Thanh Thuy
Health problemcancerbone cancer
Dedicated life tothe needyyoung cancer patients

3. Find the words or expressions in the text that have the following meanings. Write them in the correct spaces (Tìm các từ hoặc các biểu thức trong văn bản có các ý nghĩa sau. Viết chúng vào đúng khoảng trống)

1. the needy2. reveal3. anonymous
4. amputate5. initiate6. memory
Quảng cáo

4. Answer the questions (Trả lời câu hỏi)

1. Every Christmas, Larry handed out thousands of dollars to needy people in public places.

2. Because he gave money to people during the festival season of December while his identify was hidden.

3. People have been insired to continue his mission of kindness and charitable work.

4. Thuy organised charitable activities to relieve young cancer patient's pain

5. She was awarded the title "Ho Chi Minh City Outstanding Young Citizen"

6. The newspaper holds annual events to support her program. One of them is the Sunflower Festival where children and their families get together and have fun. Gifts are given to the young patients and the memory of Thuy is kept alive by her story about love and sharing.

5. Discuss with a partner (Thảo luận với bạn)

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