Giải SBT Tiếng Anh 9 Unit 8: Celebrations

Giải SBT Tiếng Anh 9 Unit 8: Celebrations

1. (trang 76 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): Complete each sentence usi ng Who / Whom / Which / Where.

Quảng cáo
a. wheref. which
b. whog. where
c. whichh. which
d. whichi. which
e. whomj. which

2. (trang 76 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): Complete the sentences. Choose the most appropriate ending from the box and make it into a relative clause.

   a. On our friend’s birthday we will give him a present that he has dreamt of for a long time.

   b. We all like sticky rice cakes which are special Vietnamese food for the New Year.

Quảng cáo

   c. Jill is in a hurry because she does not want to miss the coloríiil parade which is about to take place in the City.

   d. People in Israel are going to celebrate their festival which is called-Passover.

   e. Do you know the name of a festival which is celebrated in Viet Nam on the 15th of August in a lunar year?

   f. I really enjoyed the firework which was displayed on the National Day.

   g. Today is the birthday of my friend who used to live in my neighborhood some years ago.

   h. This is an interesting book about special celebrations of a tribe who live in the Amazon jungle.

   i. Where are the photos which were taken at the Christmas party?

   j. Have you told Jim about the Amny hat that you bought at the New Year Fair last week?

3. (trang 77 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): Read the passage. Fill in the blanks with who, which or where.

Quảng cáo
a. wheref. which
b. whog. who
c. whoh. who
d. whichi. who
e. whichj. which

4. (trang 79 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): Write sentences. Use the words / phrases under each picture to write a sentence with although, though, or even though.

   a. My father has to go to work though it is raining hard.

   b. Although / Though / Even though it is very cold, Mr. Brown is waiting| for the bus.

   c. Although / Though / Even though lion dancing is very popular in Viet Nam, my friend Anny does not enjoy it.

   d. Although / Though / Even though Bao has a car, he always walks to work.

   e. Although / Though / Even though my house is near the beach, I rarely go swimming.

   f. Although / Though / Even though video games are popular today, my brother loves reading.

   g. Although / Though / Even though my brother is working in Ha Noi, he comes home on every public holiday.

   h. Although / Though / Even though Paul is an Australian, he enjoys Vietnamese New Year.

   i. Although / Though / Even though most children went to see the firework show, Linh and Lan stayed home watching TV.

5. (trang 81 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): Complete the sentences with your own words.

Quảng cáo

  Suggested answers:

   a. Although my mom can sing very well, she has never sung a song in public.

   b. Although I am very good cứ English, I can’t sing English songs.

      Although I can speak English well, I can’t sing English songs.

   c. Sue didn’t comẹ to my birthday party last Sunday though she wasn’t busy.

      Sue didn’t come to my birthday party last Sunday though she promise / agreed to go.

   d. Although we do not have a special day to celebrate our father or motlJ in Viet Nam, we often give gifts or flowers on my parents’ birthday to show my gratitude to them.

   e. Although my school is far from the City, many students choose to study herm

   f. We really enjoyed the trip to the museum last week though we had to wait for two hours to visit it.

   g. Although my sister can draw very beautifully, she doesnn’t want to become an artist.

   h. Although my father has promised to give me a special present on my next birthday, my mother doesn’t agree.

   i. Although the children love going to birthday parties, their parents refuse to let them go.

   j. I have to cancel the trip to Ha Long Bay this summer although I can afford it.

6. (trang 82 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): Read the paragraphs about celebrations in different countries.

1. Every country4. Brazil
2. Japan5. Bulgaria
3. Germany6. Korea

7. (trang 83 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): Read the sentences and fill in each gap with the most suitable word. Circle A, B, C or D.

1. B5. C
2. C6. B
3. A7. B
4. A8. D

8. (trang 84 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): Read the passage and answer the multiple-choice questions. Circle A, B, C or D.

1. C4. D
2. C5. A
3. C6. B

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