Bài tập So sánh gấp nhiều lần cực hay có lời giải


Đó là dạng so sánh về số lần: một nửa(half), gấp đôi (twice), gấp ba (three times)…

Ở dạng so sánh này, chúng ta sẽ sử dụng so sánh bằng và phải xác định được danh từ là đếm được hay không đếm được.

Cấu trúc: S + V + multiple numbers + as + much/many/adj/adv + (N) + as + N/pronoun.

Ví dụ: The bicycle costs three times as much as the other one.

Lưu ý: twice that many/twice that much = gấp đôi ngần ấy... chỉ được dùng trong văn nói, không được dùng trong văn viết.

Ví dụ: We have expected 80 people at that rally, but twice that many showned up. (twice as many as that number).


Task 1. Hoàn thành câu bằng dạng so sánh đúng của động từ trong ngoặc

1. Her daughter is …………….her (beautiful).

2. Summer is………………..season of the year (hot)

3. That dog isn’t ………………..it looks (dangerous)

4. In the past, people were ………………..than today (polite)

5. It is ………..today than it was yesterday (cold)

6. Our hotel was …………..than all the others in the town (cheap)

7. What’s ………………..river in the world (long)

8. It was an awful day. It was ………….day of my life (bad)

9. Everest is……………………mountain in the world. It is ………….than any other mountain (high)

10. I prefer this chair to the other one. It’s ………………(comfortable)

1. Her daughter is as beautiful as her.

2. Summer is the hottest season of the year.

3. That dog isn’t as dangerous as it looks.

4. In the past, people were more polite than today.

5. It is colder today than it was yesterday.

6. Our hotel was cheaper than all the others in the town.

7. What’s the longest river in the world.

8. It was an awful day. It was the worst day of my life.

9. Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It is higher than any other mountain.

10. I prefer this chair to the other one. It’s more comfortable.

Task 2. Chọn đáp án đúng

1. The computer costs ________ the old one, but should continue to be used long enough to make the investment worthwhile.

     a. as many twice as

     b. as much twice as

     c. twice as much as

     d. twice as many as

2. The couple had expected only 20 guests coming to the anniversary, but ________ that number showed up.

     a. three time as many as

     b. three times as much as

     c. three time as much as

     d. three times as many as

3. In many countries, women with the same skills and abilities only get about ______ men.

     a. 60% as much salary as

     b. 60% as many salary as

     c. 60% salary as much as

     d. 60% salary as many as

4. Ms. Laura would not complete editing her new book this week if she could not type______ an average person.

     a. four times as fastly as

     b. four time as fastly as

     c. four time as fast as

     d. four times as fast as

5. Voice Queen Corporation produced ____-_____ Kingsman, lnc. Last year and ranked the first place in the whole industry.

     a. Twice time as many recorders as

     b. Twice as many recorder as

     c. Two times as many recorders as

     d. Two time as many recorder as

1c 2d 3a 4d 5c

Task 3. Chọn đáp án đúng

1. In terms of scale, the branch in Ho Chi Minh City has _______ that of Hanoi.

     a. Half as many employees as

     b. Half as many employees as

     c. Half as many employee as

     d. Half times as many employees as

2. The industry has produced ________ that of the last year.

     a.70% as many fuel as

     b. 70% as much fuel as

     c. 70% as much fuels as

     d.70% as many fuels as

3. Vinamilk Company has lost its market share. In the third quarter, its customers consumed only ____ they produced in the last quarter.

     a. 46% as many milk bottle as

     b. 46% as much milk bottle as

     c. 46% as many milk bottles as

     d. 46% as much milk bottles as

4. _______ the restaurant attracts, _______ it requires in order to retain the service quality.

     a. More customers, more staff

     b. The more customers, the more staff

     c. Many customers, many staff

     d. Many customers, a lot of staff

5. Doctor claims that____ people feel,___they would commit suicide.

     a. The depresseder, the higher possibility

     b. The more depressed, the more high possibility

     c. More depressed, higher

     d. The more depressed, the higher possibility

1a 2b 3c 4b 5d

Task 4. Chọn đáp án đúng

1. The leader pointed out the importance of teamwork because"___ team members can cooperate with each other, ______ they can work".

     a. the easier, the more effective

     b. easily, effectively

     c. easier, more effective

     d. the more easily, the more effectively

2. ___ people drive on the road,____ accidents there would be.

     a. careful,little

     b. more careful, less

     c. the more careful, the less

     d. the most careful, the least

3. The study has drawn a conclusion that ______ children start to learn languages,___ their linguistic ability would become.

     a. earlier, better

     b. the earlier, the better

     c. the early, the well

     d. the earliest, the best

4. It is proved in the latest survey of New York University that _______ technology, _____ people become.

     a. more advanced, more dependent

     b. more advanced, dependent

     c. the more advanced, the more dependent

     d. the most advanced, the most dependent

5. With the technological development in today's world, our living standards have become ________.

     a. good and good

     b. the better and the better

     c. better and better

     d. the best

1d 2c 3b 4c 5c

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