Unit 6 lớp 12: Speaking

Unit 6: Future Jobs

B. Speaking (Trang 65-66-67 SGK Tiếng Anh 12)

Task 1. Work in pairs. Match a job in A with at least two description in B. (Làm việc theo cặp. Ghép mỗi nghề ở A với ít nhất hai mô tả ở B.)

Gợi ý:

Quảng cáo
a doctor

- take care of injured and sick people

- help save people's lives

a farmer

- construct irrigation systems

- apply new farming techniques

a tourist guide

- find good and safe hotels for customers

- take people to places of interest

a writer

- tell stories through pictures

- create imaginary characters and events

Task 2. Work in pairs. Discuss which of the jobs in column A you would/would not like to do. Explain why/why not? You can the cues in column B. (Làm việc theo cặp. Thảo luận nghề nào trong những nghề ở cột A em muốn/không muốn làm. Giải thích tại sao/tại sao không. Em có thể dùng những gợi ý ở cột B.)

Gợi ý:

Quảng cáo

- I would like to work as a journalist. Working as a journalist would be a fascinating job because you would have a chance to travel all over the world and meet many interesting people.

- I would like to work as a pilot. Working as a pilot is very interesting as I have a chance to travel to many places in the world, amd meet various interesting people.

- I would not like to work as a electrician. Working as an electrician is very dangerous because it may be at risk of loss of life due to unexpected shocks.

Task 3. Work in groups. Talk about a job you may do after you finish school, using the following cues. (Làm việc nhóm. Nói về một nghề mà em có thể làm sau khi em hoàn tất việc học, dùng những gợi ý sau.)

Gợi ý:

Quảng cáo

A: What job would you like to do after you finish school?

B: I'd like to be a high school teacher.

C: What makes you choose that career?

B: I think teaching is an interesting career for several reasons. First, I can learn many things, specially when I teach in a secondary school. Next, due to my work, I have to read much, so I can acquire more knowledge.

A: What benefits do you think you can get from that job?

B: Well, the first thing I get from my work is the joy and happiness of working with the young. Next, I may be respected as an educated person. Thus, I'm able to live a happy life.

C: Do you assume you can encounter some disadvantages with your career in comparison with other jobs, such as low pay, no privilege and working condition?

B: I see it, but I can live a happy life, it's the matter, for example my students' success in their study, their good behaviour and the key point: their maturity in social life. They can become good children and citizens And I think the best of all, in my opinion, is the joy and peace in mind. Do you think so?

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