Giải SBT Tiếng Anh 9 Unit 5: The media

Giải SBT Tiếng Anh 9 Unit 5: The media

1. (trang 47 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): Read the following passage. Fill in each blank with a suitale word from the box.

Quảng cáo
a) newspapersf) information
b) newsg) emails
c) TVh) chats
d) magazinesi) radio
e) websitesj) program

2. (trang 47 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): What do you and your relatives like dislike doing? Use the following words in the box and the expressions under each picture to write true sentences.

   a) My mom enjoys reading newspapers.

   b) My younger borther is not interested in writing emails.

   c) I like using the Internet.

Quảng cáo

   d) My brother loves playing Computer games.

   e) My friend and I enjoy reading magazines.

   f) I love listening to music.

   g) My brother and I hate watching video.

   h) My cousins enjoy watching soccer matches on TV.

   i) My father is interested in watching the news.

3. (trang 50 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): Complete each sentence with one of these verbs in the correct form.

a) buyingf) chatting
b) searchingg) reading
c) listeningh) telling
d) talkingi) watching
e) watchingj) using
Quảng cáo
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4. (trang 50 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): Complete the dialogues with the correct tag.

a) do you?f) didn't they?
b) isn’t he?g) can’t you?
c) have you?h) did we?
d) will she?i) won't he?
e) aren’t there?j) aren't you?

5. (trang 51 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): Read the situation and write a sentence with a tag question.

   a) The program is exciting, isn 't it?

   b) The design (of the Walkman) is beautiful, isn't it?

   c) The speed is so slow, isn't it?

   d) The software doesn't work with the camera, does it?

   e) You can't fix the computer, can you?

   f) YouVe bought a new CD, haven't you?

6. (trang 52 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): Read the foilowing passage. Complete the sentences with the information from the passage.

   a) The purpose of newspapers is to inform the public or political, social, economic and entertainment happenings, among other things.

   b) There are three types of newspapers. They are daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, and special-interest newspapers.

   c) Daily newspapers often have sections for news, sports, arts and entertainment, business, and classified advertising.

   d) Weekly newspapers focus on news of interest to readers in a smaller area than that of a daily paper.

   e) Special-interest newspapers cover news of interest to a particular group of readers.

   f) Electronic newspapers are cheap, up-to-date, and convenient for most readers in the world.

7. (trang 53 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): Read the sentences and fill in each gap with the correct preposition of time.

1. B3. A5. B7. A
2. C4. B6. D8. D

8. (trang 54 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): Match the two half sentence in Column A and Column B to make complete sentences.

1. e2. j3. c4. i5. a
3. g7. d8. f9. h10. b

9. (trang 54 sbt Tiếng Anh 9): Read the passage and answer the multiple-choice questions. Circle A, B or C.

1. C2. A3. A
4. B5. B6. C

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