50 Bài tập Đại từ cực hay có lời giải

Bài viết 50 Bài tập Đại từ cực hay có lời giải gồm đầy đủ lý thuyết trọng tâm về Đại từ và trên 50 bài tập về Đại từ chọn lọc, có đáp án chi tiết giúp bạn nắm vững cách sử dụng của Đại từ.

50 Bài tập Đại từ cực hay có lời giải


1. Định nghĩa

Đại từ trong tiếng anh là từ dùng để xưng hô, để chỉ vào sự vật hay sự việc, thay thế cho danh từ, động từ và tính từ trong câu, để tránh khỏi lặp những từ ngữ ấy, tránh để câu bị lủng củng khi lặp từ nhiều lần

2. Các loại đại từ

*Đại từ nhân xưng - Personal pronouns

Vai trò là chủ ngữ Vai trò là tân ngữ Nghĩa
Số ít Ngôi thứ 1 I Me Tôi
Ngôi thứ 2 You You Bạn
Ngôi thứ 3 He/ she/ it Him/ her/ it Anh ấy/ cô ấy/ nó
Số nhiều Ngôi thứ 1 We Us Chúng tôi
Ngôi thứ 2 You You Các bạn
Ngôi thứ 3 They Them Họ

Ví dụ:

- Đại từ nhân xưng làm chủ ngữ:

He doesn’t know why he pass the exam. (Anh ấy không biết tại sao anh ấy vượt qua bài kiểm tra)

- Đại từ nhân xưng làm tân ngữ:

Rose talks to me about her roommate. (Rose nói cho tôi về bạn cùng phòng của cô ấy)

*Đại từ sở hữu - Possessive pronouns

Đại từ nhân xưng Đại từ sở hữu tương đương
I Mine
You Yours
He His
We Ours
They Theirs
She Hers
It Its

Ví dụ: I sent her a gift but she doesn’t know mine.

(Tôi gửi cô ấy một món quà nhưng cô ấy không biết là của tôi)

⇒ Ở câu này, “mine” = “my gift”

Lưu ý: Không sử dụng các đại từ sở hữu trước danh từ

*Đại từ phản thân - Reflexive pronouns

Đại từ nhân xưng Đại từ phản thân tương ứng Nghĩa
I Myself Chính tôi
You Yourself Chính bạn/ các bạn
We Ourselves Chính chúng tôi
They Themselves Chính họ
He Himself Chính anh ấy
She Herself Chính cô ấy
It Itself Chính nó
Oneself Chính ai đó

Vai trò của các đại từ phản thân trong câu:

- Tân ngữ trực tiếp/gián tiếp: Ví dụ: Jame bought himself a new car.

(Jame mua cho chính anh ấy một chiếc xe mới)

- Bổ nghĩa cho giới từ: Ví dụ: John washed the dishes by himself.

(Chính John đã rửa những chiếc đĩa).

*Đại từ chỉ định - Demonstrative pronouns

Đại từ chỉ định Đại diện cho danh từ Khoảng cách/ thời gian
This Số ít/ không đếm được Gần
That Số ít/ không đếm được Xa
These Số nhiều Gần
Those Số nhiều Xa

Ví dụ: Those are beautiful! (Những cái kia thật đẹp)

*Đại từ bất định - Indefinite pronouns

Số ít Số nhiều Cả hai
Another Both All
Each Few Any
Either Many More
MuchOthers Most
Neither Several None
One Some
Anybody/ anyone/ anything
Everybody/ everyone/ everything
Nobody/ no one/ nothing
Somebody/ someone/ something


Task 1. Chọn đáp án đúng

1. You and Nam ate all of the ice cream by _______.

A. yourselves     B. himself

C. themselves     D. yourself

2. What is _______your phone number?

A. you     B. your

C. yours     D. all are right

3. Where are _______ friends now?

A. your     B. you

C. yours     D. A and B are right

4. Here is a postcard from _______ friend Peggy.

A. me     B. mine

C. my     D. all are right

5. She lives in Australia now with _______ family.

A. she     B. her

C. hers     D. A and b are right

6. _______ company builds ships.

A. He     B. His

C. Him     D. All are right

7. _______ children go to school in Newcastle.

A. They     B. Their

C. Them     D. Theirs

8. Nam and Ba painted the house by _______.

A. yourself     B. himself

C. themselves     D. itself

9. The exam _______ wasn't difficult, but exam room was horrible.

A. himself     B. herself

C. myself     D. itself

10. Never mind. I and Nam will do it _______.

A. herself     B. myself

C. themselves     D. ourselves

1. A. yourselves

2. B. your

3. A. your

4. C. my

5. B. her

6. B. His

7. B. Their

8. C. themselves

9. D. itself

10. D. ourselves

Câu hỏi 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Đáp ánA B A C B B B C D D

Task 2. Điền các đại từ phản thân vào chỗ trống

1. I shall do the job _____

2. The teacher _____ will take this particular lesson.

3. She stood looking at _____ in front of the mirror.

4. Why don’t you go _____?

5. They think _____ clever.

1. Myself

2. Himself (herself)

3. Herself

4. Yourself

5. Themselves

Task 3. Điền đại từ nhân xưng phù hợp vào chỗ trống

1. ……asked Mr. Simon, my science teacher, what glass was and……said that …………is a liquid.

2. Hi Dana! Are……still coming shopping with us tomorrow?

3. My mum studied history at university. …… says……was a really interesting course.

4. Scientists are working hard to find cures for lots of diseases, but…… haven't found a cure for the common cold yet.

5. Adam, do…… think…… should all bring some food with us to your party?

6. Dad, do…… know if…… sell computer games in the market?

1. I – he – it

2. you

3. she – it

4. they

5. you – we

6. you – they

Task 4. Điền đại từ nhân xưng phù hợp vào chỗ trống

1. Alice asked me about that book. Did you give……to…….

2. I met Bill today, he went out with……girlfriend.

3. Why does the teacher always give our class many tests? She hates……or something?

4. They paid Michael Bay a lot of money to make this film. They must like……very much.

5. I haven't seen Adam and Ally for ages. Have you met……recently?

6. I have two brothers and one sister; ……sister is a student.

7. This is where we live. Here is…… house.

8. Those aren't my brothers' dogs. …… dogs are big, not small.

9. What's……name? - I'm Alan.

10. My son told……that I need to stop smoking.

1. it – her

2. his

3. us

4. him

5. them

6. my

7. our

8. their

9. your

10. me

Task 5. Complete the sentences with the words in the word list below.

her     hers     his     His     my     our    ours    their

Last week, we had a party at ______1________ house. Many people came, and there were lots of cars parked outside. At the end of the party, only three people were left: myself, Eric, and Cathy. However, there were four cars. One of them was a Volkswagen. I didn't remember seeing it before, so I asked whose it was.

Eric said it wasn't ______2______ car. ______3_______ is a Chevrolet pickup. When I asked Cathy if it was _____4______, she said no - ____5___ car is a Ford Explorer. I knew it wasn't _______6______ car, of course. Finally, I called the police, and they came and examined it. They said it belonged to a family on the next street. Someone stole it from ______7______ street and left it on ______8______.

1. our

2. his

3. His

4. hers

5. her

6. my

7. their

8. ours

Task 6. Write the correct possessive pronoun for each sentence

Eg: That car belongs to me. That car is mine.

1. That pen belongs to those students. That pen is ……….

2. This car belongs to my neighbor John. This car is ……….

3. This ring belongs to my aunt Helen. This ring is ……….

4. This pencil belongs to you. This pencil is ……….

5. This motorbike belongs to me and my cousin. This motorbike is ……….

6. These shoes belong to my mother. These shoes are ……….

7. Those books belong to my sister’s friends. Those books are ……….

8. These hats belong to you and your wife. These hats are ……….

9. That bag belongs to me. That bag is ……….

10. That car belongs to my aunt and uncle. That car is ………

1. theirs

2. his

3. hers

4. yours

5. ours

6. hers

7. theirs

8. yours

9. mine

10. theirs

Task 7. Complete the sentences using myself/yourself … + the following verbs

blame    burn     enjoy     express     hurt     introduce     put

1. Steve introduced himself to the other guests at the party.

2. Bill fell down some steps but fortunately he didn’t …..

3. It isn’t Sue’s fault.She really shouldn’t …..

4. Please try and understand how I feel ….. in my position

5. The children had a great time at the beach. They really …..

6. Be careful! That pan is very hot. Don’t …..

7. Sometimes I can’t say exactly what I mean. I wish I could ….. better.

2. hurt himself

3. blame herself

4. put yourself

5. enjoyed themselves

6. burn yourself

7. express myself

Task 8. Complete the answers to the questions using myself/yourself/itself …

1. Who repaired the bike for you?

Nobody. I repaired it myself.

2. Who cuts Brian’s hair for him?

Nobody. He cuts ………………………………

3. Do you want me to post that letter for you?

No, I’ll ………………………………………..

4. Who told you that Linda was going away?

Linda …………………………………………

5. Can you phone John for me?

Why can’t you ……………………………….

2. He cuts it himself

3. No, I’ll post/do it myself

4. Linda told me herself/ Linda herself told me/ Linda did herself

5. Why can’t you phone him yourself?/ …. do it yourself?

Task 9. Chọn đáp án đúng

1. Would you like ….. to eat?

A. nothing     B. something

2. It was really dark and I couldn’t see ……

A. something     B. anything

3. Can’t you hear that …… is knocking on the door?

A. someone     B. anyone

4. There is an exam tomorrow. Needless to say, …… has to study for it.

A. anyone     B. everyone

5. Don’t blame yourself for the mistake, ….. is perfect

A. somebody     B. nobody

6. There is ….. in your hair. I think it is a bug.

A. onething     B. something

7. My sister is the ….. wearing the red shirt.

A. one     B. few

8. Which of the following indefinite pronouns is singular?

A. few     B. none

C. nothing     D. many

9. Which verb agrees with the indefinite pronoun “many?”

A. walks     B. are

C. is     D. participates

10. Which verb would correctly follow the indefinite pronoun “nobody” in a sentence?

A. walk     B. is

C. are     D. participate

1. B. something

2. B. anything

3. A. someone

4. B. everyone

5. B. nobody

6. B. something

7. A. one

8. C. nothing

9. B. are

10. B. is

Câu hỏi 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Đáp ánB B A B B B A CB B

Task 10. Chọn đáp án đúng

1. He knows London better than ….. does.

A. everyone     B. anyone

2. What a greedy child : he has eaten up …..

A. anything     B. everything

3. I can’t find my mobile phone ….. .

A. anywhere     B. somewhere

4. I didn’t do ….. wrong.

A. anything     B. something

5. I have two children. ….. play tennis.

A. Both     B. Two

6. Is there ….. in that bag?

A. anything     B. anywhere

7. I’m sad because ….. remembered my birthday.

A. nobody     B. somebody

8. As it’s your birthday you can order ….. you like from the menu.

A. nothing     B. anything

9. Let’s go ….. different tonight.

A. anywhere     B. somewhere

10. The trouble is that there is ….. for young people in this town.

A. nothing     B. anything

1. B. anyone

2. B. everything

3. A. anywhere

4. A. anything

5. A. Both

6. A. anything

7. A. nobody

8. B. anything

9. B. somewhere

10. A. nothing

Câu hỏi 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Đáp ánB B A A A A A BB A

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