Ngữ pháp, bài tập Giới từ chỉ vị trí lớp 6 có đáp án

Ngữ pháp, bài tập Giới từ chỉ vị trí lớp 6 có đáp án

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Tài liệu Ngữ pháp, bài tập Giới từ chỉ vị trí lớp 6 có đáp án trình bày khái quát lại ngữ pháp, cấu trúc, cách dùng cũng như các dấu hiệu nhận biết nhằm mục đích giúp học sinh ôn luyện ngữ pháp và đạt kết quả cao trong các bài thi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 6.



Preposition of place





  • I watch TV in the living-room
  • I live in New York
  • Look at the picture in the book
  • She looks at herself in the mirror.
  • She is in the car.
  • Look at the girl in the picture
  • This is the best team in the world


used to show an exact position or particular place

  • I met her at the entrance, at the bus stop
  • She sat at the table
  • at a concert, at the party
  • at the movies, at university, at work


+ next to or along the side of (river)

+ used to show that something is in a position above something else and touching it.

+ left, right

+ a floor in a house

+ used for showing some methods of traveling

+ television, radio

  • Look at the picture on the wall
  • Cambridge is on the River Cam.
  • The book is on the desk
  • A smile on his face
  • The shop is on the left
  • My apartment is on the first floor
  • I love traveling on trains /on the bus / on a plane
  • My favorite program on TV, on the radio

by, next to, beside, near

+ not far away in distance

  • The girl who is by / next to / besidethe house.


+ in or into the space which separates two places, people or objects

  • The town lies halfway between Rome and Florence.


+ at the back (of)

  • I hung my coat behind the door.

in front of

+ further forward than someone or something else

  • She started talking to the man in front of her


+ lower than (or covered by) something else

  • the cat is under the chair.


+ lower than something else.

  • the plane is just below the the cloud


+ above or higher than something else, sometimes so that one thing covers the other.

+ across from one side to the other.

+ overcoming an obstacle

  • She held the umbrella over both of us.
  • Most of the carpets are over $100.
  • I walked over the bridge
  • She jumped over the gate


+ higher than something else, but not directly over it

  • a path above the lake


+ from one side to the other of something with clear limits / getting to the other side

  • She walked across the field/road.
  • He sailed across the Atlantic


+ from one end or side of something to the other

  • They walked slowly through the woods.


+ in the direction of

+ bed

  • We went to Prague last year.
  • I go to bed at ten.


+ towards the inside or middle of something and about to be contained, surrounded or enclosed by it

  • Shall we go into the garden?


+ in the direction of, or closer to someone or something

  • She stood up and walked towardshim.


+ used to show movement into or on a particular place

  • I slipped as I stepped onto the platform.


+ used to show the place where smb or sth starts

  • What time does the flight from Amsterdam arrive? 

B.Bài tập ứng dụng

Bài 1: Chọn đáp án đúng

1) I eat…….home with my family

A. at         

B. in          

C. on           

D. beside

2) May comes……..April.

A. before          

B. after           

C. from                

D. against

3) There is a clock………the wall in class.

A. near              

B. across                

C. on                  

D. at

4) Wher is Susan? She is sitting………Jim.

A. on             

B. under               

C. between             

D. next to

5) We’re studying………Sai Gon University.

A. at               


D. from

6) There are 40 students…….the class.

A. inside           

B. in           

C. at               

D. over

7) My pen is…….the books and the computer.

A. among            

B. down           

C. up            

D. between

8) I saw a mouse……the chair.

A. among           

B. between            

C. in              

D. behind

9) My house is……to the hospital.

A. close            

B. near               

C. opposite                

D. across

10) We come……Viet Nam.

A. in            

B. above            

C. from               

D. below

Đáp án:

1) A          

2) B           

3) C             

4) D               

5) A

6) B          

7) D            

8) D             

9) A               

10) C

Bài 2: Chọn giới từ đúng

1. Laura: I felt really afraid when I was walking home from/off the club. All the time I could hear someone behind/in front of me, but I didn’t dare turn round.

Sophie: I expect you were imagining it.

Laura: No, I wasn’t. I saw him after I’d come in across/through the gate. He was wearing a long black coat that came down well below/under his knees.

2. David: You know Adam, don’t you? He’s very strange. He walked right along/past me yesterday as I was coming among/down the stairs, but he didn’t say hello.

Tom: The other day he was sitting beside/opposite me at lunch, so I couldn’t help looking at him, I said hello, but he didn’t speak

Đáp án:

  1. from/behind
  2. across/ under
  3. along/ down
  4. opposite

C.Bài tập rèn luyện

Bài 1. Điền giới từ đúng.

► Sophie was lying on the grass reading a book.

1. It’s my holiday next week. I’m going …………………….Spain.

2. There was a big crowd ……………………… the shop waiting for it to open.

3. That man is an idiot. He pushed me ……………………the swimming-pool.

4. I went ……………………..the chemists just now, but I didn’t notice if it was open.

5. David hurt himself. He fell ……………………… his bike.

6. There’s a café .……………top of the mountain. You can have a coffee there before you go down.

7. The sheep got out …………………… a hole in the fence.

8. Pompeii is quite……………………….. Sorrento. It’s only a short train ride.

9. There’s such a crowd. You won’t find your friend ………………… all these people.

Bài 2:  Sửa lỗi sai:
1. My shoes is under the chair.
2. This is you pen.
3. The book is in the table.
4. Mary and Tom are on the room.
5. His fathers is there.
6. Her desk is between the windows.
7. The clock is next the glass.
8. Their mother is upstair.
9. The dog is bihind the shelf.
 10. Our teacher is in front off the blackboard.

Bài 3: Điền giớ từ thích hợp

1) He’s swimming the river. .

2) Where’s Julie? She’s school.

3) The plant is the table.

4) There is a spider the bath.

5) Please put those apples the bowl.

6) Frank is holiday for three weeks.

7) There are two pockets this bag.

8) I read the story the newspaper. .

9) The cat is sitting the chair

10) Lucy was standing the bus stop. .

11) I’ll meet you the cinema. .

12) She hung a picture the wall. .

13) John is the garden.

14) There’s nothing TV tonight.

15) I stayed home all weekend. .

16) When I called Lucy, she was the bus

17) There was a spider the ceiling.

18) Unfortunately, Mr Brown is hospital.

19) Don’t sit the table! Sit a chair.

20) There are four cushions the sofa.

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