Bài tập Unit 13 lớp 12 có đáp án, chọn lọc

Unit 13 lớp 12: The 22nd Sea Games

Bài tập Unit 13 lớp 12

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others:

1. a. riva   b. title   c. silver   d. surprise

2. a. golden   b. compete   c. host   d. propose

3. a. clear   b. dear   c. wear   d. sear

4. a. wrestling   b. level   c. medal   d. result

5. a. ranked   b. gained   c. prepared   d. proved

II. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest:

6. a. defend   b. medal   c. scoreboard   d. region

7. a. countryman   b. spectator   c. oustanding   d. precision

8. a. admiration   b. enthusiast   c. overwhelming   d. competition

9. a. organise   b. festival   c. basketball   d. atheletics

10. a. particular   b. facility   c. energetic   d. technology

III. Choose the word or phrase - a, b, c or d - that best completes the sentence or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase:

11. Vietnam was _______ host country of the 22nd SEA Games.

a. a   b. an   c. the   d. Ø

12. To prepare for the 22nd SEA Games, Vietnam carried out _______ intensive program for the athletes.

a. a   b. an   c. the   d. Ø

13. How many _______ took part in the 22nd SEA Games?

a. compete   b. competitors   c. competition   d. competitor

14. The second part of the program in the 22nd SEA Games opening ceremony was named "_______ for Peace".

a. Cooperate   b. Cooperation   c. Cooperative   d. Cooperatively

15. The _______ wanted to reduce the breadth of the games, with many events currently having small fields and weak competition.

a. organize   b. organization   c. organizable   d. organizers

16. In the 22nd SEA Games in 2003, the country _______ the competition with 340 medals, including 156 golds, 91 silvers and 93 bronzes.

a. defended   b. cost   c. topped   d. ranked

17. To improve its athletes’ _______, Viet Nam has regularly exchanged delegation of sport officials, coaches, referees and athletes with other countries.

a. play   b. presence   c. appearance   d. performance

18. _______ is the activity of doing special exercises regularly in order to make your muscles grow bigger.

a. Wrestling   b. Bodybuilding   c. Football   d. Badminton

19. He is a great sports _______. He rarely misses any sport games although he was busy.

a. enthusiast   b. player   c. energy   d. programmer

20. As she did so, her parents became _______.

a. the angriest   b. the most angry

c. the more angry   d. angrier and angrier

21. The number of Vietnamese sport officials and referees of international standard taking part in regional tournaments has increased rapidly.

a. hosting   b. participating   c. achieving   d. succeeding

22. People should eat ____ and do ____ to reduce the risk of heart disease.

a. less fat / more exercise

b. less and less fat / the more exercise

c. the less fat / the more exercise

d. fatter / more exercise

23. He spent a year in India and loves spicy food. _______ the food is, _______ he likes it.

a. The hotter / the more and more   b. The hotter / the more

c. The more and more hot / the more   d. The hottest / the most

24. Of course you can come to the party. ________________.

a. The more the merrier   b. The more and the merrier

c. The more and merrier   d. The more and more merrier

25. I feel _______ I did yesterday.

a. much more tired than   b. many more tired than

c. as many tired as   d. as more tired as

IV. Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank:

The 25th SEA Games is scheduled (26)_________ held in Vientiane, Laos in 2009. This will be the first time the country has ever held a Southeast Asian Games. If Laos failed to (27)___________ qualifications to hold the event in time, the games would be moved to Singapore. It will also commemorate the 50 years of the SEA Games.

(28)__________ the limited sports facilities in Vientiane, only 25 sports will be in competition. Among the sports will be missing from competition are cycling, gymnastics, hockey, rowing and weightlifting. The games will retain events like tenpin bowling, petanque, billiards, 'dragon' boat racing, sepak takraw, wushu, Muay Thai and pencak silat, and will resume the sport of juggling a shuttlecock with feet. The cutback is (29)_________ due to the land-locked country - with no sailing, windsurfing or triathlon and also lack (30)______ facilities in Vientiane.

26. a. being   b. to have been   c. to be   d. of being

27. a. meet   b. require   c. have   d. get

28. a. Although   b. Despite   c. Because of   d. While

29. a. partial   b. partly   c. participant   d. particularly

30. a. in   b. over   c. of   d. on

V. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer:

The 23rd Southeast Asian Games were held in the Philippines from November 27th to December 5th in 2005. The games were participated by the eleven nations of Southeast Asia. This was the first time that the opening and closing ceremonies were held in a large open field, despite the fact that Manila has many stadiums. The organization decided to hold the games at an open space to accommodate the large number of participants and spectators. As a result, the 2005 SEA Games ranked as having the largest audience - 200,000 people - during the opening and closing ceremonies. These games were also noted for having the most number of delegates in the history of the SEA Games. In the end, all participating countries received medals.

Events in men’s football actually started on November 20th, prior to the opening ceremony. Water polo events began on November 21st, women's football on November 23rd, sailing on November 26th, and tennis on November 26th.

The first gold medal of the games was awarded to Singapore on November 25th when their water polo team came out undefeated during the round-robin tournament round. The Philippine team took the silver medal in that event, and Malaysia brought home the bronze.

The Games were also considered a valuable opportunity for athletes to gain competition experience and preparation for the upcoming Asian Games and Olympic Games. It was purposely created to strengthen friendship, solidarity and understanding among neighboring countries in the region.

This was the third SEA Games to be hosted by the Philippines. The last two times the Philippines hosted the games were in 1981, and again in 1991.

There were 1,461 medals awarded, 444 of which were gold, 434 were silver, and 583 were bronze.

(*) Từ mới:

accommodate: chứa được, đựng được;

delegate: người đại biểu, người đại diện;

solidarity: tình đoàn kết;

31. According to the first paragraph, _______.

a. the opening and closing ceremonies were hold in the stadiums of Manila

b. only four of eleven participating countries got medals

c. the 23rd SEA Games had been over by the end of November, 2005

d. the number of audience in the 23rd SEA Games was about 200,000 people

32. Which sport was first competed in the 23rd SEA Games?

a. Water polo   b. Tennis   c. Men’s football   d. Sailing

33. Which was not mentioned in the 23rd SEA Games?

a. Peace   b. Friendship   c. Solidarity   d. Understanding

34. Which country got the first gold medal in the 23rd SEA Games?

a. Vietnam   b. Singapore   c. The Philippines   d. Malaysia

VI. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it is as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentence. Use the word given:

35. My grandfather’s health is improving.

(getting) ______________________________________________.

36. He smokes everyday. Smoking makes him weak.

(more) ________________________________________________.

37. You must keep meat in a refrigerator or it will spoil.

(kept) _________________________________________________.

VII. Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one:

38. There are more sports competed in this SEA Games than in last SEA Games.

a. The sports competed ill this SEA Games are the same as those in last SEA Games.

b. Not as many sports were competed in last SEA Games as in this SEA Games.

c. In the last SEA Games there were some sports which were not competed.

d. In this SEA Games, there are less sports competed than in last SEA Games.

39. No one in our team can play better than James.

a. James plays well but the others play better.

b. James as well as other players of our team plays very well.

c. Everyone in our team, but James, plays very well.

d. James is the best player of our team.

40. He only feels happy whenever he does not have much work to do.

a. The more he works, the happier he feels.

b. The less he works, the happier he feels:

x. His work makes him feel happy.

d. He feels happier and happier with his work.

Đáp án

CâuGhi chúCâuGhi chú
1. c/ɪ/, còn lại: /aɪ/21. b
2. b/ə/, còn lại: /əʊ/22. a
3. c/eə/, còn lại: /ɪə/23. b
4. d/ɪ/, còn lại: /e/24. aThe more the merrier: càng đông càng vui;
5. a/id/, còn lại: /d/25. a
6. a/dɪˈfend/26. c
7. a/ˈkʌntrimən/27. a
8. b/ɪnˈθjuːziæst/ 28. c
9. d/æθˈletɪks/29. b
10. c/ˌenəˈdʒetɪk/30. c
11. c31. dDẫn chứng: “As a result, the 2005 SEA Games ranked as having the largest audience - 200,000 people - during the opening and closing ceremonies.”
12. b32. cDẫn chứng: “Events in men’s football actually started on November 20th, prior to the opening ceremony.”
13. b33. aDẫn chứng: “It was purposely created to strengthen friendship, solidarity and understanding among neighboring countries in the region.”
14. b34. bDẫn chứng: “The first gold medal of the games was awarded to Singapore on November 25th when their water polo team came out undefeated during the round-robin tournament round.”
15. d35. My grandfather’s health is getting better and better.
16. ctop: lên trên đỉnh, ở trên đỉnh;36. The more he smokes, the weaker he becomes/is.
17. dperformance: màn trình diễn, sự thể hiện;37. Meat must be kept in a refrigerator or it will spoil.
18. bbodybuilding: thể hình;38. b
19. a39. d
20. d40. b

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