Bài tập Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 7: World Population

Unit 7

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 7: World Population

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others:

Quảng cáo

1. a. crude     b. crust     c. club     d. clumsy

2. a. grave     b. grade     c. glaze     d. glance

3. a. clown     b. cloud     c. crowd     d. growing

4. a. quick     b. quit     c. quite     d. quiz

5. a. clean     b. gleam     c. create     d. greasy

II. Choose the word or phrase - a, b, c, or d - that best completes the sentence:

6. Like many other baby birds, ducklings are blind _______ birth.

a. of     b. at     c. on     d. from

7. Lack _______ food had stunted his growth.

a. of     b. in     c. for     d. on

8. Nigeria has a population _______ nearly 100 million.

a. about     b. in     c. of     d. with

9. The rapid growth of population led to an acute _______ of housing.

a. shortfall     b. shortcut

c. shortcoming     d. shortage

10. The population of the world is growing at a dangerous _______.

a. amount     b. rate

c. figure     d. way

11. One third of the world's population _______ two thirds of the world's resources.

a. drains     b. absorbs

c. consumes     d. supports

Quảng cáo

12. Better health care and agriculture have led to rapid population _______.

a. grow     b. growing

c. grown     d. growth

13. Pressure on natural resourses will _______ as we face a population explosion.

a. increase     b. decrease

c. decline     d. raise

14. Her first novel has been _______ acclaimed as a masterpiece.

a. nation     b. national

c. international     d. internationally

15. Our school has managed to collect a lot of books to _______ to the children in a village school.

a. publish     b. distribute

c. employ     d. utilize

16. ______ more information, please telephone our main office.

a. If you will need     b. Should you need

c. You should need     d. If you needed

17. It's time governments ______ something to limit population growth.

a. do     b. did

c. have done     d. will do

18. I'd really like to do accounting. If only I ______ so poor at Chemistry.

a. am not     b. weren't

c. hadn't been     d. wouldn't be

19. She wouldn't have gone to university _______________.

a. if her parents had insisted

b. were her parents not insisted

c. unless her parents had insisted

d. only if her parents hadn't insisted

20. If it ______ more humid in the desert of the Southwest, the hot temperature would be unbearable.

a. is     b. would be

c. were     d. had been

III. Put the verb into the correct form:

21. If the earth suddenly (stop)_______ spinning we all (fly)_________ off it.

22. If you (smoke)_______ in a non-smoking compartment, the other passengers (object)__________.

23. (your parents/ not/ be)_____________ proud if they could see you now?

24. If she (not/fail)__________ one of her final exams she wouldn't have had to spend part of the summer in college.

25. I’ll lend you Harry Potter if I (finish)__________ it before you go on holiday.

IV. Give the correct form of the given words to complete the following sentences:

26. We must limit population _________ because our resources are limited. (grow)

27. Many people are not aware of population _________. (explode)

28. There is a _________ of hospital in our area. (short)

29. They still ________ that having many children means happiness. (belief)

30. We must raise an _________ of the problems of overpopulation. (aware)

Quảng cáo

V. Read the passage below and choose the one correct answer for each question:

The human population has grown dramatically this century. In 1900 there were 1.6 billion people on earth. By 1950 this figure had grown to 2.7 billion. By the end of the 20th century, the earth’s population was about 6.6 billion.

For thousand of years, man lived in a very primitive way. Before the recent developments in agriculture, medicine and industry, life was difficult. It was hard to make a living from the soil without modern farming methods, and a few years of bad crops could mean famine and therefore death – as it still does today in some parts of the world. Illnesses as mild and as common as influenza could kill a Stone-Age man weakened by hunger; appendicitis was always fatal before the days of surgery. Even childbirth was a hazardous process. Under these conditions, the human race needed to reproduce at a high rate just to keep in existence. But the size of the population did not change very rapidly, for without modern medicine, many babies and young children died. So for a long time, the population grew very slowly. And this is still the case today in some parts of the world where the people live without the aids of modern technology.

It was only about two centuries ago – which is less than one-thousandth of man’s existence – that the population growth pattern changed. New discoveries in medical science had a dramatic effect on the death-rate. Fewer children died in infancy, and adults lived longer. Consequently, the population began to expand rapidly. And in the 20th century, this acceleration of population growth has begun to cause serve social economic problems in many developing countries.

(*) Từ mới:

influenza: (y học) bệnh cúm;

mild: nhẹ, êm dịu;

appendicitis: (y học) bệnh viêm ruột thừa;

hazardous: liều, mạo hiểm; nguy hiểm; may rủi;

pattern: mẫu, mô hình, kiểu mẫu;

infancy: tuổi còn ãm ngửa, tuổi thơ ấu; lúc còn trứng nước;

31. By 1950, the world population was ___________.

A. 1.6 billion     B. 1.9 billion

C. 2.7 billion     D. 6.6 billion

32. The word “primitive” in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to ____________.

A. ancient     B.modern

C. negative     D. difficult

33. Some years of bad crops could lead to ___________.

A. agriculture     B. modern farming methods

C. famine     D. illnesses

34. In the Stone-Age, the population grew very slowly because ______.

A. the human race needed to reproduce at a high rate.

B. many children died in infancy.

C. people live without the aids of modern technology.

D. both B and C.

35. Which of the following sentences is not TRUE?

A. People also suffer from famine in some parts of the world today.

B. Surgery is the best way to treat people who suffer from appendicitis.

C. People in primitive societies developed new method of farming.

D. People in the 20th century lived longer than before.

VI. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first:

36. Jones was late to the meeting because his watch was slow.

If _________________________.

37. Hendrik regret not having gone to art school when he was younger.

Hendrik wishes _____________.

38. We don't live in a big city, so we can't easily get access to the Internet.

If _________________________.

39. 'If your job is so bad, why don't you leave?' she said.

She ________________________.

40. I used my calculator; otherwise I'd have taken longer.

Had ________________________.

Đáp án

Quảng cáo
Câu Hướng dẫn Câu Hướng dẫn
1. a /u:/, còn lại: /ʌ/ 21. stopped - would fly
2. d /a:/, còn lại: /eɪ/ 22. smoke - will/may object
3. d /əʊ/, còn lại: /aʊ/ 23. Wouldn’t your parents be
4. c /aɪ/, còn lại: /ɪ/ 24. hadn’t failed
5. c /ieɪ/, còn lại: /i:/ 25. have finished
6. b 26. growth
7. a lack of N: sự thiếu cái gì đó 27. explosion: sự bùng nổ
8. c 28. shortage
9. d shortage of N = lack of N 29. believe
10. b rate: tỉ lệ, tốc độ, mức 30. awareness: ý thức
11. c consume: dùng, tiêu thụ 31. C “By 1950 this figure had grown to 2.7 billion.”
12. d 32. A primitive: nguyên thuỷ, ban sơ; thô sơ, cổ xưa;
13. a 33. C “...a few years of bad crops could mean famine…”
14. d internationally: quốc tế 34. D
15. b distribute: phân bổ, chia 35. C “It was hard to make a living from the soil without modern farming methods…”
16. b (Đảo ngữ câu ĐK loại 1) 36. If Jones watch hadn't been slow, he wouldn't have been late to the meeting.
17. b (cấu trúc It’s time …) 37. Hendrik wishes he had gone to art school when he was younger.
18. b 38. If we lived in a big city, we could easily get access to the Internet.
19. c unless = if … not 39. She advised me to leave my job (if it was so bad).
20. c 40. Had I not used my calculator, I would have taken longer.

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