Đề thi Học kì 1 Tiếng Anh 7 Global Success (2 đề) - Kết nối tri thức

Với bộ 2 Đề thi Học kì 1 Tiếng Anh lớp 7 Global Success năm học 2022 - 2023 có đáp án, chọn lọc được biên soạn bám sát nội dung sách Kết nối tri thức và sưu tầm từ đề thi Tiếng Anh 7 của các trường THCS trên cả nước. Hi vọng bộ đề thi này sẽ giúp học sinh ôn tập và đạt kết quả cao trong các bài thi Học kì 1 Tiếng Anh 7.

Đề thi Học kì 1 Tiếng Anh 7 Global Success (2 đề) - Kết nối tri thức

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Đề thi Học kì 1 - Global Success

Năm học 2022 - 2023

Môn: Tiếng Anh lớp 7

Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút

(không kể thời gian phát đề)

(Đề số 1)


TASK 1. Listen to the conversation between Liam and Chau. Circle the best answer A, B, or C. You will listen TWICE.

1.  What time will Liam be free on Sunday?

A. Before 10 a.m.                       B. After 4 p.m.                           C. At 3.30 p.m.

2. What does Liam hope to see in the water puppet show?

A. The puppeteers’ control of the puppets on the water.

B. The smooth movements of the puppeteers.

C. The rural scenes of old Vietnamese villages.

3. What will the water puppet show be about?

A. A Vietnamese palace.           

B. A Vietnamese festival.

C. A Vietnamese folk tale.

4. How will Chau and Liam go to Thang Long theatre?

A. By bus.                                  B. By car.                                   C. By bike.

5. What food will Chau and Liam have before the show?

A. Beef noodle soup.                  B. Hot dogs.                               C. Hamburgers.

Quảng cáo

TASK 2. Listen and complete the student’s note. Write ONE WORD in each blank. You will listen TWICE.


• Develop (1) ___________ and language ability

• Help newborn babies in developing (2) ___________ intelligence

• Feel relaxed and (3) ___________ during pregnancy

• Help mothers relieve stress and (4) ___________ anxiety

• Help babies become intelligent by listening to Mozart’s and Beethoven’s (5) _____


TASK 1. Read the passage. Circle the best answer A, B, or C to each of the questions.

Josh is one of the gifted seventh graders at an international lower secondary school with over 800 students aged from 11 to 15. It also has modern facilities and well-qualified teachers, which can provide Josh and his friends with the best learning conditions. Josh has a great passion for science. He likes doing interesting experiments in the science laboratory under the guidance of his teacher. He finds these experiments about electricity or light quite useful and practical. The computer room is also a place where he often goes after class to search for necessary information about safe, funny and simple experiments on the Internet. He also does many science projects with his partners there. With great efforts, he hopes he will become a scientist in the future.

1. What is the passage mainly about?

A. An international school with hundreds of students.

B. A gifted student’s dream.

C. A good learning environment for a gifted student.

2. Who helps Josh to conduct the science experiments in the school lab?

A. Josh’s teacher.                       B. Josh’s partner.             C. Josh’s classmate.

3. What does Josh think about the science experiments?

A. They are safe and practical.

B. They are useful and practical.

C. They are funny and practical.

4. What does the word there in line 11 mean?

A. On the Internet.          

B. In the science laboratory.

C. In the computer room.

Quảng cáo

5. How can he achieve his dream of becoming a scientist?

A. Try his best.

B. Read many physics books.

C. Watch science programmes on TV.

TASK 2. Complete the reading passage. Write ONE suitable word in each blank.

Last Sunday Nam and many of his friends (1) ___________ a book fair in his neighbourhood. The book fair is an annual charitable activity with a view to collecting money and used books, and donating them (2) ___________ poor students in his community. Like other friends, Nam donated some used student’s books and bought some English short stories, comics and Vietnamese novels. He hoped he could make a small contribution to his community by doing so. There (3) ___________ also some interesting competitions in the book fair, such as answering quizzes about famous books, composing poems, solving secret coded messages, etc. The (4) ___________ received various gifts like handmade cards, cute teddy bears or school things. Unluckily, Nam didn’t win any games, (5) ___________ he still felt very happy.


TASK 1. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

1. to / to / brother / make / learn / how / My / always / wants / pizza/.

2. get / you / Take / or / might / your / sunburn / umbrella /.

3. help / food / We / homeless / clothes / kids / with / and / often /.

4. are / hall / music / some / school / They / the / playing / pop / in /.

5. cakes / of / flour / make / 500 / grams / to / Tina / needs / some / .

TASK 2. Write an email of 80 words to your friend Helen to invite her to an event for students. You can use the following questions as cues.

- When is the event?

- Where is the event?

- What are the activities at the event?

- When and where will you meet Helen to go to the event?

Quảng cáo


TASK 1. Choose the word with a different way of pronunciation in the underlined part. Circle A, B or C.

1. A.  popular                  B. control                          C. drops

2. A.  opportunity            B. originate                       C. volunteer

3. A.  donated                  B. passed                          C. cooked

4. A.  midterm                 B. pepper                          C. prefer

TASK 2. Fill each blank with the present simple, present continuous or past simple form of the verb in brackets.

1. After school times, Lan usually ___________ (tutor) lower grade students.

2. In order to be healthy, Tom always ___________ (ride) a bike on weekends.

3. Last summer, we ___________ (volunteer) to give food to homeless people.

4. The lesson usually _________ (start) at 8 a.m., but today it is late for 15 minutes.

5. Alex: What are you doing?

Anna: I ___________ (collect) paper to exchange for plants.

6. Peter: How many eggs do you need for this cake?

Lia: We ___________ (need) a lot. Let’s go and get some more.

7. Sam: ___________ you ___________ (swim) yesterday afternoon?

Luke: Yes. It was great.

8. The children ___________ (run) around the garden. They look so happy.

9. My father ___________ (grow) an apple tree there two months ago.

10. Mai ___________ (not have) any French book. She thinks she will buy some.

TASK 3. Choose the best option to complete each sentence. Circle A, B, or C.

1. Alice decided to take ___________ yoga class five years ago.

A. in                                           B. up                                          C. out

2. To protect our skin from bad condition, we need to use ___________.

A. eye drops                                B. lip balm                                  C. sun cream

3. At the end of this month, students will give a hand in cooking food for young children at ___________.

A. an orphanage                          B. a nursing home                      C. rural area

4. The last performance was a successful cooperation between the ___________ and the musicians.

A. composer                                B. viewers                                  C. poets

5. European usually consumes ___________ bread and omelette for breakfast.

A. fried                                       B. toasted                                    C. roasted

6. Alex will participate ___________ a singing contest next month.

A. on                                          B. in                                           C. of




1. B              2. A              3. C              4. B              5. A


Chau: Hey, Liam. Are you busy this Sunday?

Liam: Let me see, Chau. Well, I’m going to have a meeting at the drama club from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. After that time, I will be pretty open.

Tom:  Great! Luckily, I have two tickets for the Vietnamese water puppet show at Thang Long Theatre at 6 p.m. Would you like to join me?

Liam: Why not? I’m really keen on watching the puppeteers make the puppets move smoothly on the water. Will the show be about a Vietnamese festival?

Chau: No. Actually, it will be about a Vietnamese folk tale called Thang Bom.

Liam: Sounds cool. When will we meet before the show, Chau?

Chau: Let’s meet at about 5.15 p.m. If you don’t know where the theatre is, my father can drive us there.

Liam: Oh, couldn't be better! I’m not used to streets in Ha Noi.

Chau: And do you want to eat something like hamburgers or hot dogs?

Liam: Yes, of course. But I’d love to enjoy beef noodle soup. It’s healthier. Is it OK?

Chau: Sure. There’s a small restaurant near the theatre selling the best beef noodle soup.

Liam: That’s good. Anyway, thanks for your invitation.


1. creativity         

2. emotional         

3. comfortable

4. reduce

5. works


Classical music has a wonderful effect on babies, even before they are born. According to several studies, this kind of music can help babies develop creativity as well as language ability. Plus, it can assist newborn babies in recognising moods through various melodies, which is the key to the development of emotional intelligence. Besides, classical music also helps mothers feel relaxed and comfortable, so it’s definitely a good way for them to relieve stress and reduce anxiety. Many mothers who want their future babies to become intelligent usually listen to classical music, such as the amazing works of Mozart and Beethoven, during their weeks of pregnancy.



1. C              2. A              3. B              4. C              5. A


1. joined / visited             2. to             3. were                   4. winners                  5. but



1. My brother always wants to learn how to make pizza.

2. Take your umbrella or you might get sunburn.

3. We often help homeless kids with food and clothes.

4. They are playing some pop music in the school hall.

5. Tina needs 500 grams of flour to make some cakes.


Sample writing:

Hi Helen,

Christmas is coming and how about taking part in a pop music show for students? It will be at the Cultural House for Youth this weekend, just two days before Christmas. There will be our two favourite bands playing their recent hits! It will definitely bring us lots of fun. If you can go, is it OK to meet at our school gate at 6.45 p.m. this Saturday and catch a bus there? I’ll bring some lemon juice for both of us.

Write me soon.




1. B                                  2. B              3. A              4. B   


1. tutors

6. need

2. rides

7. Did you swim

3. volunteered

8. are running

4. starts

9. grew

5. am collecting

10. doesn’t have


1. B            2. C                3. A              4. A              5. B                   6. B     

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Đề thi Học kì 1 - Global Success

Năm học 2022 - 2023

Môn: Tiếng Anh lớp 7

Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút

(không kể thời gian phát đề)

(Đề số 2)


TASK 1. Listen to the conversation between Naomi and Tuan. Circle the best answer A, B, or C. You will listen TWICE.

1. How did Naomi go to Da Nang?

A. By plane.                               B. By taxi.                                                               C. By ship.

2. Why does Tuan suggest a glass of orange juice?

A. Because it’s a yummy drink for summer.

B. Because she wants to drink something first.

C. Because it can help Naomi get over her tiredness.

3. According to Tuan, what ingredient does banh xeo NOT have?

A. Shrimp.                                  B. Pork.                                                                   C. Bean sprouts.

4. What food do they agree to choose for their breakfast?

A. Banh xeo.

B. Mi quang.

C. Banh xeo and mi quang.

5. Where is Tuan’s favourite restaurant?

A. In a busy street.                     B. In a small town.                                                  C. In a narrow lane.

TASK 2. Listen and complete the student’s note. Write ONE WORD in each blank. You will listen TWICE.


● Take (1) ___________ of used things for your hobbies

● Reuse glass bottles if your hobby is (2) ___________

● Use (3) ___________ and ice cream sticks to make house (4) ___________

● (5) ___________ seashells in the sand while you’re cleaning the beach


TASK 1. Read the passage. Circle the best answer A, B, or C to each of the questions.

Jenny and Sarah are practising singing a Vietnamese folk song to take part in a singing contest only for foreign students who are studying in schools in Ho Chi Minh City. Their song is Hoa thom buom luon. It has a beautiful melody, but they find it challenging because the lyrics are difficult for them to pronounce. With the help of Miss Thanh, their Vietnamese tutor, their performance is improving significantly. Besides singing, they also have to practise a traditional dance in order to impress the judges and the audience. Although the dance is not as difficult as the song, they still rehearse very hard. With a lot of efforts, both girls hope they will have a great performance and win the contest.

1. Who can compete in the singing contest?

A. Vietnamese students.

B. International students.

C. Vietnamese tutors.

2. What do Jenny and Sarah think about the song they chose?

A. The melody is challenging but the lyrics are easy.

B. The melody is hard but the lyrics are lovely.

C. The melody is beautiful but the lyrics are difficult.

3. What does the word their in line 6 mean?

A. Foreign students’.                  B. Miss Thanh’s.              C. Jenny and Sarah’s.

4. Why do they practise a traditional dance?

A. To show off their dancing talent.

B. To make an impression on the judges and the audience.

C. To make their performance more beautifully.

5. How is the traditional dance when compared to the song?

A. It’s easier than the song.

B. It is not as easy as the song.

C. It’s more difficult than the song.

TASK 2. Complete the reading passage. Write ONE suitable word in each blank.

Nancy’s uncle works at a big art gallery in France. His main duty is to look (1) ___________ many valuable paintings of famous artists, so he needs to be patient and careful all the time. Every day he checks the maintenance of those (2) ___________ of art and writes a report to the manager. (3) ___________ he has a wide knowledge of both modern art and folk art, he can explain everything about the paintings in the gallery to Nancy impressively. Each time Nancy visits the gallery, her uncle always enthusiastically (4) ___________ her the new paintings that the owner of the gallery has bought. She admires her uncle greatly, and those visits help develop her passion for art (5) ___________ by day.


TASK 1. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

1. music / school, / compulsory / English / and / In / are / subjects / Lan’s /.

2. mineral / drinks / Fruit / and / water / are / juice / healthy /.

3. one / to / traditional / My / food / prefers / foreign / sister /.                                    

4. a / is / regularly / way / housework / good / to / exercise / Doing / also / .

5. modern / our / There / science / in / a / is / school / laboratory / .

TASK 2. Write a short paragraph of 80 words to describe an English speaking club and its activities.


TASK 1. Choose the word with a different way of pronunciation in the underlined part. Circle A, B, or C.

1. A. spring roll                B. originate                       C. composer

2. A. folk                          B. compose                       C. lemonade

3. A. homeless                 B. responsibility              C. pop

4. A. fried                         B. talented                        C. gifted

5. A. cherry                      B. teacher                          C. chemistry

TASK 2. Fill each blank with the present simple, present continuous or past simple form of the verb in brackets.                                      

1. Instead of going to the gym, I often ___________ (do) yoga in the morning.

2. I prefer ___________ (play) the piano to drawing and painting in my spare time.

3. Eden: What are you doing?

Anna: I ___________ (collect) all my old clothes to donate to homeless people.

4. Yesterday, I___________ (watch) a show on TV. It was so amazing.

5. When I was younger, I ___________ (study) at this lower secondary school.

6. In order to pass the exams, Lia ___________ (study) very hard these days.

7. I’m sad I ___________ (not go) on our field trip last Sunday.

8. Patrick ___ (see) a lot of old photos of his school in the exhibition three days ago.

9. ___________ Ron often ___________ (listen) to music after school?

10. Our school ___________ (have) a big library and a swimming pool.




1. A

2. C

3. B

4. B

5. C


Naomi: Hello, Tuan. Long time no see. 

Tuan: Welcome to Da Nang, Naomi. When did you arrive?

Naomi: Just yesterday evening. I felt quite tired after such a long flight.

Tuan: Oh, I see. Let me get you a glass of orange juice. It can help you feel better.

Naomi: Thanks a lot. But I just want something to eat first. Can you recommend any popular specialties here?

Tuan: Would you like to try mi quang or banh xeo? They’re so yummy.

Naomi: Both sound strange to me. What are they?

Tuan: Mi quang is a kind of pork noodle soup served with different green vegetables while banh xeo is a type of crepe made of rice flour, turmeric, shrimp and bean sprouts.

Naomi: Sounds delicious. I think I’d like to eat mi quang first. Soup is always a good choice for a healthy breakfast.

Tuan: I couldn’t agree more. I’ll take you to my favourite restaurant. It’s in a narrow lane over there.


1. advantage

2. gardening

3. straws   

4. models

5. collect


Taking advantage of things around you to make useful ones for your hobbies is a good way to protect the environment. First, if you like gardening, don’t throw away used glass bottles. You can reuse them to grow herbs and flowers in. They can help you know how much water your plants need easily. Second, ice cream sticks and coloured straws are useful things to make house models. Straws are used to make the roof, and ice cream sticks are used to make the rest of the house. With a little creativity and handiness, you can have cute house models that surprise your friends. Finally, it’s fun to collect some seashells in the sand while you’re cleaning the beach. You can use them to make wind chimes and hang on the window of your bedroom.



1. B

2. C

3. C

4. B

5. A


1. after

2. works

3. Because

4. shows

5. day



1. In Lan’s school, English and music are compulsory subjects.

2. Fruit juice and mineral water are healthy drinks.

3. My sister prefers traditional food to foreign one. / My sister prefers foreign food to traditional one.

4. Doing housework is also a good way to exercise regularly.

5. There is a modern science laboratory in our school.


Sample writing:

“WE” is an interesting English Speaking Club for teenage students. It is a new club and has about 30 members. They meet at the art studio of a high school at 5.00 p.m. every Friday and they practise speaking English with five native teachers by joining exciting activities like role-playing, presenting, discussing, etc. I like role-playing best because I can act the roles of my favourite characters in popular stories or comics such as Sherlock Holmes and Nobita. I always have a great time there.



1. B

2. C

3. A

4. A

5. C


1. do                              

6. is studying

2. playing                      

7. didn’t / did not go

3. am collecting               

8. saw

4. watched                     

9. Does Ron often listen

5. studied                      

10. has

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