Đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 7 mới Học kì 1 có đáp án (Đề 1)

    Đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 7 - Học kì 1

    Thời gian: 90 phút

I. Choose the best answer

Quảng cáo

1. - ________ do you find making pottery? – I finding making pottery interesting.

A. What     B. How     C. Why     D. When

2. Jenny ________ two eggshells and he will continue the third one.

A. carves     B. has carved     C. carved     D. will carved

3. My father hates ________ coffee. He prefers tea.

A. to drink     B. drink     C. drinks     D. drinking

4. I have a temperature, ________.

A. but I go to bed early

B. so I feel tired

C. or I am putting on weight

D. and I eat more vegetables

5. Which word has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others?

A. away     B. answer     C. sunburn     D. picture

6. Which word has main stress differently from the others?

A. volunteer     B. charity     C. melody     D. calorie

7. Beethoven ________ a lot of songs.

A. composes     B. composed     C. has composed     D. compose

8. Liz: I am so nervous that I am putting on weight. - Tony: ________

A. Wash your hand more     B. Eat less junk food     C. Sleep more    D. Sunbathe less

9. Jack spends almost his time staring at his smartphone, ________ is very short-sighted.

A. and     B. or     C. but     D. so

10. My father loved ________ horse-riding when he was young.

Quảng cáo

A. doing     B. going     C. playing     D. taking

11. She feels itchy and her nose is running. She says she has ________.

A. headache     B. toothache     C. allergy     D. flu

12. Jenifer says that she ________ collecting dolls, but she ________ in the future.

A. will like / won’t continue     C. likes / continues

B. likes / won’t continue     D. will like / continues

13. It is interesting _____________ tree leaves from different countries.

A. collecting     B. to collect     C. collect     D. collects

14. My dad enjoys ________ his bike to work.

A. to ride     B. ride     C. rides     D. riding

15. I love cooking, ______ my sister doesn’t.

A. because     B. so     C. but     D. and

16. Laughing is good _______ your health.

A. for     B. to     C. with     D. of

17. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced Đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 7 mới Học kì 1 có đáp án (Đề 1)

A. dear     B. pear     C. earn     D. heart

18. Choose one mistake and correct it.

I find carve eggshells boring because it takes a lot of time to complete one shell.

   A     B     C     D

II. Put the verbs in the correct form.

Quảng cáo
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1. I enjoy (fish) __________________ because it (be) _______ relaxing.

2. Jane will play chess after she (finish) ____________ school.

3. What ________ your mother often (do) _______ at weekends?

4. I think in the future, people (not play) ___________________ individual games.

5. We find (arrange) ______________ flowers interesting because it (help) ________ us relax.

6. I (not collect) ____________________ dolls when I grow up.

III. Complete the passage with the words given

bought     competition     singing     there     on     English

Mary’s hobby is singing. She enjoys (1) ______________ very much. When her brother (2) ______________ a karaoke set last month, Mary was so glad that she sang every day after dinner. She likes to sing only (3) ______________ songs. In fact, she has already sung all the songs found (4) ______________ the karaoke discs. Minh is singing in the karaoke (5) ______________ organized by the RC Center this Saturday. Her family is going (6) ______________ to support her.

IV. Choose the correct answer to complete the passage by circling A, B, C or D

Camping is an activity in which people live (1) ______ temporarily. Campers participate in fishing, hunting, swimming, wildlife watching, plant study, and nature photography. It provides bodily benefits when it involves hiking to, from and around a campsite, and many people believe that camping makes youngsters (2) ______ more confident. Camping is suitable (3) ______ those who are in wholesome physical condition because it may require walking several times. The key to an enjoyable camping is planning because planning the trip before leaving helps (4) ______ avoid preventable accidents such as bad weather, injury, or simply a crowded campsite.

1. A. upstairs     B. downstairs     C. inside     D. open-air

2. A. help     B. handle     C. feel     D. thumb

3. A. in     B. for     C. at     D. on

4. A. campers     B. groups     C. parties     D. cliques

V. Arrange these words/ phrases into the meaning sentences

1. sunburn / yesterday / was / because / outside / has / Alice / she / all / day.


2. and / difficult / boring / that / eggshells / people / carving / Some / say / is.


3. girl / have / is/ the / kind-hearted / She / most / ever/ I / met.


4. organization / the / to / encouraged / people / Big Heart / has / protect / environment.


5. playing / Tuan /play / table tennis / with/ interesting /finds / he /best friends/ because / it/can.


6 have/ They / visited/ before/ Ho Chi Minh City / never/.


VI. Complete the sentences with comparative or superlative form

1. Mount Everest is (high) ______________________ mountain in the world.

2. Winter is (cold) __________________ season in the year.

3. Going by car is (convenient) _________________________ going by bicycle in this area.

4. The Sahara is (hot) _________________ desert in the world.

5. This building is (modern) ______________________ that one.

6. The boat trip is (good) _________________ experience of my life.

7. Are your streets (narrow) __________________________ our streets?

8. It’s (beautiful) _________________________ mountain in Australia.

9. This park is (beautiful) ____________________________________ that park.

10. The weather in Cua Lo Beach is (hot) ________________________ that in Ha Noi.

Đáp án & Thang điểm


1. B

2. B

3. D

4. B

5. C

6. A

7. B

8. B

9. D

10. B

11. D

12. B

13. B

14. C

15. C

16. A

17. C

18. A → carving


1. fishing / is

2. finishes

3. Does … do

4. won’t play

5. arranging/ helps

6. won’t collect


2. bought

5. competition

1. singing

6. there

4. on

3. English


1. D

2. C

3. B

4. A


1. Alice has sunburn because she was outside all day yesterday.

2. Some people say that carving eggshells is boring and difficult.

3. She is the most kind-hearted girl I have ever met.

4. Big Heart organization has encouraged people to protect the environment

5. Tuan finds playing table tennis interesting because he can play it with his best friends.

6. They have never visited Ho Chi Minh City before.


1. the highest

6. the best

2. the coldest

7. narrower than

3. more convenient than

8. the most beautiful

4. the hottest

9. more beautiful than

5. more modern than

10. hotter than

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