10 Đề thi Giữa kì 1 Tiếng Anh 10 Explore New Worlds (có đáp án) - Cánh diều

Với bộ 10 Đề thi Giữa kì 1 Tiếng Anh 10 Explore New Worlds năm 2024 có đáp án, chọn lọc được biên soạn bám sát nội dung sách Cánh diều và sưu tầm từ đề thi Tiếng Anh 10 của các trường THCS trên cả nước. Hi vọng bộ đề thi này sẽ giúp học sinh ôn tập và đạt kết quả cao trong các bài thi Giữa học kì 1 Tiếng Anh 10.

10 Đề thi Giữa kì 1 Tiếng Anh 10 Explore New Worlds (có đáp án) - Cánh diều

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Đề thi Giữa kì 1 - Explore New Worlds

Năm học 2023 - 2024

Môn: Tiếng Anh 10

Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút

(không kể thời gian phát đề)

(Đề số 1)


Quảng cáo

Listen to a talk about music and complete the note. Write ONE WORD in each blank. You will listen TWICE.


(1) ___________ anxiety and cheer people up.

Shorten the boring time when people are doing (2) ___________ chores. 

Help to (3) ___________ better on study or work.

Improve children’s (4) ___________ and health.

Note: Some may find music a (5) ___________ when they are trying to study.


Task 1. Circle the correct words. Then listen and check your answers.

1. Edgar goes shopping on Saturday morning, and / but so does Linda

2. My son plays piano, and neither / so does my daughter.

3. I don't do homework on the weekend, and neither / so do you.

4. Elena eats out on Saturday night, and / but Nicole doesn't.

5. Marie doesn't exercise on Sunday morning, and neither / so does Carlos.

6. Oscar watches TV on Sunday evening, and neither / so does his son.

Task 2. Match the questions and answers. Use each answer once only

Quảng cáo

1. Is he a musician?

a. Yes, I am.

2. Are you a travel agent?

b. No, they're not. They're from Australia.

3. Is Ellen from South Africa?

c. No, he's not.

4. Are Hana and Reo journalists?

d. Yes, they are.

5. Is she a teacher?

e. Yes, she is.

6. Are they from Ireland?

f. No, she's a student.

Task 3. Complete the sentences with “should” or “shouldn't”

1. They …. go to the pizza restaurant. It's always crowded.

2. You … walk there alone at night. It's dangerous.

3. … we go early in the morning?

4. We … ask someone for advice. They can help us.

5. You … fly. You should take the train.

6. I … bring sunblock because it will be very hot.

Quảng cáo


Read the text and do the tasks


A good job is not always easy. Many people are happy with a job that is difficult but interesting. Read about three people like this.

Lara Setrakian is a journalist. She is from the United States, but travels to different parts of the world for her job. Sometimes, she is in places that are dangerous. Her job is difficult because she travels a lot. Her job is interesting because she meets many people from around the world. She talks with them about their lives, sometimes in their own language. She speaks five languages! They are English, Arabic, Armenian, French, and Spanish.

Misty Copeland is a dancer from the United States. She is a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre in New York City. Principal dancers are the best dancers--male or female--in the company. Principal dancers earn a good salary. It is a difficult job. Misty practices for long hours and performs in many shows. She also travels to perform in other cities in the US and other countries.

José Andrés is a chef. He is from Spain, but lives in the United States. He cooks Spanish food in good restaurants. He is also a volunteer. His organization is World Central Kitchen. He works with other chefs to give food to people in need all around the world. Sometimes, they help when there is a natural disaster, like in Puerto Rico and Haiti. In other countries, like Nicaragua and Cambodia, World Central Kitchen trains people to be chefs.

Quảng cáo

Task 1. Write True or False

1. A good job is an easy job.

2. People with difficult jobs are always unhappy.

3. Lara, Misty, and Jose are all from the US.

4. Lara Setrakian is a photographer.

5. Misty Copeland is a good dancer.

Task 2. Answer the questions

1. What is Lara Setrakian's job?

2. Is Lara's job safe or dangerous?

3. Where does Misty Copeland work?

4. Does her job pay a good salary?

5. What nationality is José Andrés?

6. Where does he work?


Task 1. Unscramble the words to make sentences.

1. at / eat / you / o'clock / do / one / lunch

2. bed / he / time / go / what / does / to

3. o'clock / up / she / at / gets / seven

4. break / don't / I / in the afternoon / a / take

5. she / in the morning / coffee / does / drink

Task 2. Write an email (120-150 words) to a friend or classmate. Invite him or her to a celebration in your country.



1. Reduce

2. domestic

3. concentrate

4. development

5. problem


Hello everyone, today I’ll talk to you about some important roles of music in our life. You may listen to music on a daily basis, but do you know how it positively affects us? Well, let me tell you. Firstly, there is no doubt that music can make people feel relieved. It is said that when enjoying a favourite song we can reduce stress and lift our spirit up with its soft melody and ear-catching tune. Music can also help us relax when we are doing domestic chores like cleaning the floor, doing dishes, or tidying up the mess, etc. Secondly, music, especially the sound of classic instruments, can help us better concentrate on our work or study. Also, it is often thought that this kind of music can improve children’s development and health. Some mothers even let their children listen to Mozart and Beethoven’s music in their very first months. However, not everybody likes listening to music while doing some work because it can distract them. In this case, music turns out to be a problem …


Task 1.

1. and

2. so

3. neither

4. but

5. neither

6. so

Task 2.

1. c

2. a

3. e

4. d

5. f

6. b

Task 3.

1. shouldn’t

2. shouldn’t

3. Should

4. should

5. shouldn’t

6. should


Task 1.

1. F

2. F

3. F

4. F

5. T

Task 2.

1. She is a journalist.

2. It’s dangerous.

3. She works in New York City.

4. Yes, it does.

5. He is Spanish.

6. He works in good restaurants.


Task 1.

1. Do you eat lunch at one o'clock?

2. What time does he go to bed?

3. She gets up at seven o'clock.

4. I don’t take a break in the afternoon.

5. Does she drink coffee in the morning?

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Đề thi Giữa kì 1 - Explore New Worlds

Năm học 2023 - 2024

Môn: Tiếng Anh 10

Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút

(không kể thời gian phát đề)

(Đề số 2)


Listen to the conversation between Helen and Mai. Circle the best answer A, B, or C. You will listen TWICE.

1. What did Mai do on her weekend?

A. She went to the beach with her family.

B. She went to swim with her classmates at the beach.

C. She carried out a community project at the beach.

2. How long did it take Mai’s class to collect all the litter?

A. A half of day

B. All day

C. Three hour and a half

3. How much rubbish did they pick up?

A. A ton of rubbish

B. 12 kilograms

C. A lot of rubbish

4. What did Mai’s group do after finishing collecting rubbish?

A. They assisted the other groups.

B. They had some free time to relax on the beach.

C. They took photos of their achievement.

5. What is the purpose of the project?

A. To help students relax after studying

B. To improve the marine environment as well as public engagement and awareness

C. To do charity by selling plastic rubbish collected


Task 1. Fill each blank with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. Keep silent kids! Dad ___________ (listen) to some news on the radio.

2. We ___________ (meet) our relatives from the USA tonight. I’m so excited.

3. Alice: Look! Mom is carrying a heavy box! Tom : Oh! I _______ (help) her with it.

4. Some new solutions to the environmental problems ___________ (propose) during last Monday’s meeting.

5. They had better ___________ (choose) more exciting music for the party.

Task 2. Choose the best option to complete each sentence. Circle A, B, C, or D.        

1. People usually consider men the ___________ to support family with finance.

A. character            B. manner               C. breadwinner        D. supporter

2. The benefit from sharing the housework is increasing family ___________.

A. routine               B. bonds                  C. value                  D. chores

3. In order to decrease global warming, humans should reduce the ___________.

A. human resources                                B. natural disasters

C. natural resources                                D. carbon footprint

4. Children should be taught to raise the ___________ of using paper bags instead of plastic bags.

A. energy                B. awareness           C. waste                  D. recycling

5. Tom has a talent for playing the ___________ and other musical instruments.

A. performance       B. trumpet               C. stage                   D. band


Task 1. Read the text and write T for True or F for False

Even on a long trip, you don't need a lot of heavy suitcases. You only need two bags-a carry-on bag and a check-in bag. Here is some advice for packing them.

Carry-on bag

• Your carry-on bag should be small and light.

• The most important things for your trip (passport, boarding pass, airline tickets, money, credit cards, cell phone, keys, etc.) should go in your carry-on bag.

• You should pack valuable things, such as a laptop or jewelry, in your carry-on bag.

You should bring a change of clothes in case your luggage is delayed.

• You should also take any medicine you need in your carry-on bag.

• Bring snacks to eat on the plane. Cookies, nuts. and dried fruit are good. Don't bring chocolate-it's very messy. For long trips, bring a sandwich.

And don't bring water--you can't take it through security. You should buy some at the airport before you board the plane.

• Remember to bring a good book or your tablet.

Check-in bag

• Your check-in bag should be strong.

• Your clothes, shoes, and other everyday things should go in your check-in bag.

• Make a list to help you remember everything.

• Pack your bag early-don't pack on the same day as your trip!

• Think about the weather. Do you need a coat and gloves, or T-shirts and shorts? Choose the right clothes! You should pack your clothes inside plastic bags.

• Put your name and your hotel's address and telephone number on your bag. You should put this information inside the bag, too.

1. You need three bags to go on a trip.

2. Your carry-on bag should be big and strong.

3. Your carry-on bag is for things you need on the airplane.

4. Your check-in bag is for clothes and things you use on your vacation.

5. You should put your home address on your check-in bag.

6. You should pack your laptop in your check-in bag.

Task 2. Complete the description of Brian Skerry with the words in the box.





The man in the photo is Brian Skerry. He is from the United States. He is a photographer (1) a National Geographic Explorer. He takes pictures of sperm whales. His job is (2) but  (3). That's why he loves it. He works with scientists, (4) he isn't a scientist. He takes photos to help scientists research and learn about sperm whales.


Task 1. Unscramble the words to make sentences.

1. boring / Jean / person / is / a

2. a / is / country / rich / Singapore

3. baby / happy / my / a / is / daughter

4. books / he / interesting / reads

5. a / dangerous / the / place / is / city

Task 2. Complete the sentences with your own ideas.

1. There are many beautiful things to see, ………………………………………..

2. The street food in Rio de Janeiro is delicious, ………………………………………..

3. The bus is crowded in the morning ………………………………………..

4. The flight is six hours long, ………………………………………..

5. The tickets are expensive ………………………………………..

6. You should check the website ………………………………………..



1. C   

2. A   

3. C   

4. A   

5. B


Helen: Hello Mai, how was your weekend?

Mai: Fantastic! I spent my lovely weekend in Vung Tau with my schoolmates and classmates.

Helen: Oh, really. You all had a wonderful beach holiday?

Mai: Actually, it was not exactly a beach holiday. Our class had a project to carry out, namely ‘Plastic Waste Free’.

Helen: Sounds interesting. What was it exactly?

Mai: Well, we must collect the waste people left on the beach. Our responsibility was to clean an area of the beach where many people visited during high season. My principal said that the project aimed to reduce plastic waste, and give a better environment for marine creatures. And I think public engagement and awareness are also the main purposes of this type of project. There are often lots of students who are quite irresponsible when they drop litter after events, so the project will help them think about their duty to the environment.

Helen: I totally agree with you. Your class did a very good job picking up litter, didn’t you?

Mai: Of course. We collected dozens of rubbish such as plastic bags, disposable bottles, and other kinds of trash. It took us half a day to do, and we were divided into small groups. Our group finished in about three hours and then we supported the other groups. It was really good teamwork. We didn’t feel exhausted because it was lots of fun.


Task 1.

1. is listening

2. are going to meet/ are meeting

3. will help

4. were proposed

5. choose

Task 2.

1. C   

2. B   

3. D   

4. B   

5. B   


Task 1.

1. F

2. F

3. T

4. T

5. F

6. F

Task 2.

1. and

2. dangerous

3. interesting

4. but


Task 1.

1. Jean is a boring person.

2. Singapore is a rich country.

3. My daughter is a happy baby.

4. He reads interesting books.

5. The city is a dangerous place.

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