Đề thi Học kì 2 Tiếng Anh 10 Explore New Worlds (2 đề) - Cánh diều

Với bộ 2 Đề thi Học kì 2 Tiếng Anh lớp 10 Explore New Worlds năm học 2022 - 2023 có đáp án, chọn lọc được biên soạn bám sát nội dung sách Cánh diều và sưu tầm từ đề thi Tiếng Anh 10 của các trường THCS trên cả nước. Hi vọng bộ đề thi này sẽ giúp học sinh ôn tập và đạt kết quả cao trong các bài thi Học kì 2 Tiếng Anh 10.

Đề thi Học kì 2 Tiếng Anh 10 Explore New Worlds (2 đề) - Cánh diều

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Đề thi Học kì 2 - Explore New Worlds

Năm học 2022 - 2023

Môn: Tiếng Anh lớp 10

Thời gian làm bài: phút

(không kể thời gian phát đề)

(Đề số 1)


Listen to the conversation between An and a travel agent. Circle the best answer A, B, or C. You will listen TWICE.

1. What is An planning to do?

            A. He would like to go on holiday with his friends.

            B. He is planning to go on business this summer.

            C. He is planning to go on a trip with his family.

2. What is the promotion this summer?

            A. A discount voucher of 25% for new clients’ second vacation

            B. A discount voucher of 25% for new clients’ first vacation

            C. A discount of 25% for all of the present tours

Quảng cáo

3. Which of the following places does the travel agent NOT recommend to An?

            A. A town

            B. A river

            C. A volcano

4. How many destinations valid for this promotion does the travel agent offer?

            A. 3

            B. 2

            C. 4

5. What further information does An ask for?

            A. The hotel or place to stay during the tour

            B. The accommodation and cost

            C. The transportation and the cost of the tour


I. Choose the best option to complete each sentence. Circle A, B, or C.

1. ___________ of domestic violence mostly will lack confidence in the future.

A. Surgeons              

B. Victims                 

C. Secretaries           

D. Parachutists

Quảng cáo

2. In order to join international trades, we need to ___________ our products widely.

A. donate                  

B. promote                

C. welcome               

D. control

3. Some students admit that face-to-face learning is better because they can focus more on lessons without ___________.

A. efforts                  

B. distractions          

C. consequences      

D. operations

4. The practical evidence of global warming is ice melting that leads to ___________ species.

A. expensive

B. endangered          

C. polluted                

D. remote

5. Ecotourism will help people to become more ___________ of environmental protection.

A. original                

B. aware                    

C. real-world

D. essential

Quảng cáo

6. The tourists are visiting a cave renowned for its beauty with ___________.

A. souvenirs             

B. stalactites             

C. hosts                     

D. brochures

7. Poaching is a severe problem that can lead to ___________ the natural balance of the ecosystem.

A. creating               

B. sustaining

C. striking                 

D. upsetting

8. I don’t know the girl to ___________ Max is talking.

A. which                   

B. that            

C. whom                    

D. who

9. ___________ learning is the advantageous combination of in-person learning and online learning tools.

A. Face-to-face        

B. Blended                

C. Remote                 

D. Distance

10. In modern schools, teachers play the key role ___________ a guide for students to prepare themselves for lifelong learning.

A. in                           

B. of                           

C. with                       

D. from

II. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. In a few countries, girls ___________ (force) to get married at a very young age.

2. I think I ___________ (study) to become a doctor because I’m quite good at math and biology.

3. During the pandemic, online learning seems ___________ (have) more advantages than face-to-face learning.

4. Ann: What are you doing?

John: I ___________ (prepare) my presentation for tomorrow’s meeting.

5. While I was packing clothes for the trip, Minh ___________ (search) information about ecotourism.


I. Read the passage. Circle the best answer A, B, or C to each of the questions.

There are many reasons for reducing the forest areas, and this causes many complicated problems for any nation without any exception. Due to the population explosion, many governments need more land for residents to live and develop the economy. They also clear forests to build dams for generating electricity or to develop resorts and recreational complexes. Besides, a huge number of trees are logged illegally to trade wood. All of these lead to serious issues as forests always have an important role in the ecosystem balance. It is undoubted that when a forest area is destroyed, the following results affect the other neighbor regions. The first negative effect of the loss of forest lands is flooding. Forests help to prevent erosion and flooding and without them, the downstream areas tend to be inundated frequently in rainy and hurricane seasons. Another problem is global warming. Forests are often considered as the lungs of the earth because they absorb the carbon dioxide and release the oxygen. This helps to refresh the atmosphere and lower the rate of the carbon dioxide in the air. If not, the average temperature will be higher and higher since the emission of the gas into the atmosphere increases every day. Consequently, the price we would pay for the flooding or for the increase of greenhouse gases is not only the damaged and polluted environment but also our deteriorated health and lives. To save ourselves, it is advisable to join hands in protecting and growing more and more forests. 

1. What is the passage mainly about?

            A. Some reasons of deforestation and its impacts on people’s lives

            B. Why floods happen frequently

            C. Human’s responsibility for protecting forests

            D. The rate of carbon dioxide has been rising

2. What does the word ‘this’ in line 18 refer to?

            A. The fact that forests are considered the lungs of the Earth

            B. The release of the oxygen

            C. The circulation of exchanging carbon dioxide and oxygen of trees

            D. The absorption of carbon dioxide from forests

3. According to the reading, which of the following is NOT the reason for cutting down trees?

            A. Lack of shelters for local people

            B. Developing the local or national production and trade

            C. Illegal logging

            D. Lack of land for agriculture

4. What is one of the negative impacts of clearing forests?

            A. The increase of heat

            B. Severe environmental disasters

            C. Poor economic development

            D. The loss of animals’ habitats

5. According to the reading, what is the solution to deal with this environmental problem?

            A. Raising people’s awareness

            B. Fining illegal loggers heavily

            C. Boosting reforestation

            D. Planting more coffee and rubber trees

II. Complete the reading passage. Write ONE suitable word in each blank.

Nowadays, organic food is considered as one of the best foods consumers choose for their meal. They believe that it is good (1) ___________ their health because the organic products consist of no preservatives and poisonous chemicals frequently used in agriculture. Moreover, it is reported that organic farming is very environmentally (2) ___________. With the chemical technology developed in modern life, pesticides have been used in farmland to get high yields. Pesticides are artificial poisons for killing insects, but they might also eliminate some other useful insects and disorder the balance of the (3) ___________. This hurts the surrounding environment and community’s health. It’s time to do our best to save the Earth by encouraging farmers to priorities the organic farming and the government should (4) ___________ hands to support them in (5) ___________ of technological knowledge, finance, and the consumption market.


Put the words or phrases in the correct order to make sentences. Write each sentence in the blank.

1. and/ Lan/ attend/ me/ Earth Hour/ how many people/ began/ asked/ might/ that event/ what time/ .

2. products/ We/ made from/ buy/ wild animal parts/ shouldn’t/ to/ poaching/ prevent/ .

3. negative/ on/ local/ natural/ effects/ landscapes/ has/ Mass tourism/ a lot of/ .

4. rent/ goes/ tomorrow,/ a surfboard/ my brother/ he/ surfing/ will/ the beach shop/ If/ at/ . 

5. most/ of/ the/ serious/ Ice polar melting/ is/ of/ climate change/ one/ problems/. 



1. C   

2. A   

3. A   

4. B   

5. B

Travel agent (T.A): Hello, it’s Green Leaves travel agency. How can I help you?

An: Oh, hello. My name’s An. I call to ask for some information about your tours. I’m having some days off and I’m planning for my family holiday this summer. Can you give me some recommendations?

T.A: Yes, of course! Would you like domestic tours or international ones?

An: Domestic tours please!

T.A: Great choice! This summer our travel agency is launching a bunch of promotions to customers, particularly for the new ones. If you buy a package of ecotours, you will get a discount voucher of 25% for the next tour. The program will close soon so don’t miss the opportunity.

An: It sounds interesting, but sorry, I don’t know much about what an ecotour is and where these trips are to?

T.A: Well, ecotourism is more and more popular towards the enthusiastic travelers these days. It’s very environmentally friendly tourism. You can discover the natural landscapes and find out many things about the tourist attractions without hurting the environment. At the present, we have the tour to Ba Be Lake and one of the most beautiful volcanoes in ASEAN Countries – “Chư B’Luck” volcanic mountain. We also have tours to Hoi An ancient town, but unfortunately, it just ended its promotion last week. Both trips take 3 nights and 2 days for each.

An: Amazing! My brothers and cousins will be excited about this kind of tourism. So, could you give me more information about the accommodation and price that I can choose…..?



1. B                 2. B                 3. B                 4. B                 5. B

6. B                 7. D                 8. C                 9. B                 10. B


1. are forced 

2. will study 

3. to have

4. am preparing        

5. was searching      



1. A             

2. C             

3. D             

4. B             

5. C


1. for

2. friendly

3. ecosystem

4. join

5. terms


1. Lan asked me what time Earth Hour began and how many people might attend that event.

2. We shouldn’t buy products made from wild animal parts to prevent poaching.

3. Mass tourism has a lot of negative effects on local natural landscapes.

4. If my brother goes surfing tomorrow, he will rent a surfboard at the beach shop.

5. Ice polar melting is one of the most serious problems of climate change.

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Đề thi Học kì 2 - Explore New Worlds

Năm học 2022 - 2023

Môn: Tiếng Anh lớp 10

Thời gian làm bài: phút

(không kể thời gian phát đề)

(Đề số 2)


There are five questions in this part. For each question, decide whether the statement is TRUE or FALSE. Tick (V) the correct boxes. You will listen to the recording twice.

1. The next speaker has been the symbol of the city for over the past forty years.

2. She has worked for the city council for more than two terms.

3. She was introduced to be the Governor of a state in the US.

4. She did her PhD course in the State University.

5. She used to study at the Harvard University.


I. Match the word with its definition. Write your answers (A, B, C, D or E) in the provided spaces. There is an extra definition you DO NOT USE.



1. charity

2. invention

3. benefit

4. contest

A. an advantage for profit gained from something

B. an event in which people compete for first prize in a sport or an activity

C. the act of giving money, food, or other kinds of help to people who are poor, sick, etc

D. a disadvantage or problem that makes something less acceptable

E. a unique or novel device, method, composition or process

II. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. This essay should ___________ (do) carefully to help students prepare well for the final exam.

2. Some female workers might ___________ (pay) wages this Saturday.

3. This is the most competitive contest Tony ___________ (ever join).

4. UNICEF has helped millions of children over the world since it __________ (establish).

5. Elena and Kai should spend more time __________ (improve) their parts of presentation.

III. Identify the part that needs correction in each of the following questions.

1. I haven’t seen Hoa again since we have graduated from high school.

2. I was lieing in the bath when the phone rang.

3. You looked so sick yesterday. Have you not visited the doctor yet?

4. We didn’t have new windows be installed on our house because it was too expensive.


Read the text and circle the best answer A, B, C, or D for each of the following questions.

Doing some forms of voluntary work has never been more popular with British people. Over 20 million people were engaged in voluntary activities in 2013. Volunteering means giving up time to do work of benefit to the community. It can take many forms, from working with children with learning difficulties, or in an animal hospital, or planting trees. When London won its bid to host the 2012 Olympics, up to 70,000 volunteers were needed to help ensure that the games were a success.

Volunteers can be anyone of any age. Students and full-time workers often manage to involve in some voluntary work. But what motivates volunteers? Some do it for a sense of selflessness while others find they have free time available. Many mention the opportunity to get to know people they would not normally meet.

A relatively new phenomenon is the hope of meeting new friends or even a life partner through volunteering. In a recent British survey, 20% of 18-24 year-olds and 8% of over-65s said their love lives had improved since they began volunteering. The same poll found that nearly half of volunteers enjoyed improved health and fitness, a quarter lost weight - especially those working with children or doing conservation projects - and two-thirds felt less stressed. So, it seems volunteering may improve your life, and you may even find the person of your dreams.

1. What does the text say about doing voluntary work in the UK?

A. It has never been popular with the British.

B. The number of volunteers reached its highest level in 2012.

C. Volunteers gain no benefit from the work.

D. Volunteers were needed for the success of the 2012 Olympics.

2. What does the word “It” in paragraph 1 refer to?

A. The community.

B. Volunteering.

C. Voluntary activity.

D. Voluntary work.

3. Which is NOT a reason for people to do voluntary work?

A. They care for others.

B. They have spare time.

C. They usually meet people.

D. They want new friends.

4. What does the third paragraph mainly discuss?

A. The survey on the volunteers’ life in Britain.

B. The hope of volunteers when doing voluntary work.

C. The better situation of doing voluntary work in Britain.

D. The benefits of volunteering to voluntary workers.


Complete the new sentence so that it means the same as the given one, using NO MORE THAN FIVE words. Write the missing words in the given spaces.

1. We use the correction pen to cover writing mistakes.

The correction pen ________________________________ writing mistakes.

2. The Internet has changed people’s lives in different ways.

People's lives ________________________________ in different ways by the Internet.

3. I have never eaten Indian food before.

It's the first time I ________________________________________.

4. I haven't seen him for five years.

The last time I saw him ___________________________________.



1. T

2. F

3. F

4. T

5. F

Our next speaker really needs no introduction. She has been involved in local politics for longer than I've been alive, and over the past four decades has become an icon of our city and community. She started by serving eight years on the city council, and then eight years as mayor. After that, she was elected for two terms as our state governor, then two more terms as state representative. As if that weren't enough, she has been president of her children's Parent-Teacher Association three separate times, and now is the volunteer president of our local chapter of Citizens for a Greener America. She has a PhD in public policy from State University, where she serves on the advisory board, and last month received an honorary degree from Harvard. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in giving a warm welcome/ to a very special guest: Ms. Lindsey Larson!



1. C

2. E

3. A

4. B


1. be done

2. be paid

3. has ever joined

4. was established

5. improving



1. have graduated

2. lieing

3. not visited

4. be installed


1. D

2. B

3. C

4. D


1. is used for covering/is used to cover

2. have been changed

3. have ever eaten Indian food

4. was five years ago

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