10 Đề thi Học kì 1 Tiếng Anh 11 Smart World (có đáp án)

Với bộ 10 Đề thi Tiếng Anh 11 Học kì 1 Smart World năm 2024 có đáp án và ma trận được biên soạn và chọn lọc từ đề thi Tiếng Anh 11 của các trường THPT trên cả nước sẽ giúp học Sinh 11 ôn tập và đạt kết quả cao trong các bài thi Học kì 1 Tiếng Anh 11.

10 Đề thi Học kì 1 Tiếng Anh 11 Smart World (có đáp án)

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Chỉ từ 100k mua trọn bộ Đề thi Học kì 1 Tiếng Anh 11 Smart World bản word có lời giải chi tiết:

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Đề thi Học kì 1 - Smart World

Năm học 2023 - 2024

Môn: Tiếng Anh 11

Thời gian làm bài: phút

(Đề số 1)


Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. nation B. graduate C. natural           D. challenge 

2. A. rural    B. bully        C. consume D. sugar 

3. A. fitness B. diet          C. benefit     D. hectare 

Choose the word that has a stress pattern different from the others. 

4. A. privacy          B. permission         C. scholarship        D. reservoir 

5. A. expectancy    B. experience         C. sustainable        D. generation 


Choose the best option for each of the questions. 

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6. Eating lunch at school is an option __________ by most state schools. 

A. to be provided

B. provided

C. providing

D. be provided

7. Studying in Singapore is such an incredible _________ both academically and culturally.

A. experiments

B. experiment

C. experiences

D. experience 

8. We can save our forests by limiting the demand________ trees, land for agriculture, materials for  construction. 

A. in

B. of

C. for

D. to 

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9. Social media __________ in teens can expose them to bullying and increase the disconnection from  reality. 

A. addict

B. addiction

C. addicted

D. addicting 

10. Parents should be _____________ child-rearing activities like being a good role model and putting their  children's self-esteem for more effective parenting. 

A. aware to

B. aware in

C. aware about

D. aware of 

11. Younger generation's fashion is _________ trendy __________ their parents find it hard to accept.

A. so/ that

B. too/ to

C. such/ that

D. enough/ to 

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12. Reforestation________ is the process of replanting trees aims to restore forests and recover natural  habitat in destroyed forested areas. 

A. where

B. which

C. whose

D. what 

13. In 2021, global energy-related CO₂ emissions fell _________5.7%, the highest decline in history.

A. in

B. of

C. at

D. by 

14. Obesity is on ___________ in Asian countries with half of children under 5 overweight in 2016,  according to WHO. 

A. the increase

B. increase

C. the increasing

D. the being increased

15. Children should ask their parents for ___________to attend international summer camps.

A. behavior

B. influence

C. permission

D. privacy 

16. Jane: You are in a great score. How could you do it? – Alison: __________ 

A. That was easy for everyone.

B. I started eating a lot healthier. 

C. I am sure you can do it.

D. Yes, I think so. 

17. Son: Dad, my new hair style is really stylish, isn’t it? – Dad: ___________ 

A. Yes, it is.

B. No, it doesn’t.

C. Yes, you are.

D. I would be. 

Write the correct form of the given words. 

18. Being a non-smoker and following a healthy diet will reduce your risk of early __________. (DIE)

19. Generation gap is a _________ in values and attitudes between one generation and another. (DIFFER)

20. The ________ of the cultural heritage should be discussed carefully. (SECURE)


Choose the options that best complete the passage. 


Education is a top priority to the sustainable (21) _________ of ASEAN countries because it has a strong  impact on the lives of ASEAN peoples. This is the core commitment among all governments in ASEAN region  despite their differences in their politics, ideologies, historical backgrounds and cultures. ASEAN supports global and regional commitments in education by (22) _________ lifelong learning based on the principles of  equity, inclusion and quality. ASEAN's work in education highlights the support for leaner transition to the  workforce through internship opportunities, higher education scholarships and responsive skill development.  It also emphasizes the (23) _________ of the latest teaching methods and strategies for teachers and vocational  trainers. In addition, it pays more attention to help out-of-school children and youth and resilient schools  especially after the influence of Covid-19 pandemic. For example, in 2021, ASEAN reported that Covid 

related school closures influenced the (24) _________ quality for more than 150 million children across its  member nations. Therefore, addressing learning loss for younger students, vulnerable students in terms of  their mental health and well-being is prioritized in ASEAN to ensure effective learning. ASEAN hope their  efforts in education will help ASEAN's people become well-prepared and ready to face an ever-changing  future with better work (25) _________

21. A. developed    B. development      C. develop        D. developing

22. A. having promoted   B. promote   C. promoting D. promotion

23. importance       B. importantly        C. import          D. important

24. A. educate        B. educator C. education           D. educational

25. A. agreements B. opportunities     C. schedules D. improvements

Read the passage and decide whether the statements are True, False or Doesn’t say.


A generation gap, an endless social phenomenon, is defined as the different behaviors and worldviews held  by members of two or more than two generations. Specifically, the gaps could include the differences in  thoughts and actions related to education, love, politics and values between younger generations and older  ones. This is happening more seriously between parents and their children because of the rapid social  development with a lot of changes in habits, morality, culture, mannerism and technology. For example, the  world today is getting more and more advanced, most parents do not even know many of the modern gadgets  and equipment their children use in their daily life. As a result, most families now face many kinds of tension  between parents and teenagers like homework, boundaries and trust. Therefore, to bridge the generation gap  between parents and their children, both generations have to change their mindset and develop more  understanding and acceptance to each other. Parents need to spend time communicating with their kids  regularly to listen to their daily life and help them deal with their problems. When parents and kids have calm  and open dialogues, they will understand each other more and get a better relationship. Parents should keep  up with the current trends of technology, music, clothes and social sites so that they can adapt quickly,  understand their children's lifestyles and can help them make wise choices. Finally, parents should learn to  accept what their children's hobbies when possible and make less comparison. This will make children closer  to parents and vice versa and make that generation gap a little smaller. 

26. Generation gap is the differences in thinking and acting between two or more generations.

27. The quick development of the modern society has made the relationships between parents and children  easier. 

28. It is necessary for both young and old generations to change their mindset to reduce the  misunderstanding between each other. 

29. Spending time with children is vital to help parents understand their kids more.

30. Updating the latest technology is very important for the young generation. 


Rearrange the words or phrases to make meaningful sentences. 

31. can/ if/ low-sugar diets./ be controlled/ a person/ Blood sugar levels/ follows 


32. considered/ sometimes/ are/ Teenagers’ clothes/ unsuitable/ viewpoint./ from/ their parents’ ______________________________________ 

33. stir-fried/ comes/ noodle dish./ is/ delicious/ Pad Thai/ a/ which/ from/ Thailand ______________________________________ 

34. of/ old big/ The Plain of Jars/ for/ stone jars./ famous/ in Laos/ is/ thousands 


35. enough sleep/ A person/ can/ that/ has/ getting/ avoid/ effectivel`y./ stressed 



Listen to a tour guide talking about a trip and write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A  NUMBER in each of the blanks in the summary below. 

The length of the trip is (36) ___________ 

Quy Nhơn City is famous for its nature, Chăm (37) ___________ as well as the local culture and history. On Hoàng Hậu Beach, there are lots of smooth and round stones shaped like (38) ___________ In Thi Nai Lagoon, tourists can see more than (39) ___________ of birds. 

Thập Tháp Pagoda was built in (40) ___________ 


1. A 

2. C 

3. D 

4. B 

5. D

6. B 

7. D 

8. B 

9. B 

10. D

11. A 

12. B 

13. A 

14. A 

15. C

16. C 

17. A 

18. death 

19. difference 

20. security

21. B 

22. C 

23. A 

24. D 

25. B

26. T 

27. F 

28. T 

29. T 

30. DS

36. a day 

37. architecture 

38. eggs 

39. 30 species 

40. 1668

31. Blood sugar levels can be controlled if a person follows low-sugar diets. 

32. Teenagers’ clothes are sometimes considered unsuitable from their parents’ viewpoints. 33. Pad Thai is a delicious, stir-fried noodle dish which comes from Thailand. 

34. The Plain of Jars in Laos is famous for thousands of old big stone jars. 

35. A person that has enough sleep can avoid getting stressed effectively. 




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