5 Đề thi Học kì 2 Tiếng Anh 11 Global Success (có đáp án)

Với bộ 5 Đề thi Tiếng Anh 11 Học kì 2 Global Success năm 2024 có đáp án và ma trận được biên soạn và chọn lọc từ đề thi Tiếng Anh 11 của các trường THPT trên cả nước sẽ giúp học Sinh 11 ôn tập và đạt kết quả cao trong các bài thi Học kì 2 Tiếng Anh 11.

5 Đề thi Học kì 2 Tiếng Anh 11 Global Success (có đáp án)

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Đề thi Học kì 2 - Global Success

Năm học 2023 - 2024

Môn: Tiếng Anh 11

Thời gian làm bài: phút

(Đề số 1)


Listen to the conversation between two friends about tourism. Circle the best answer A, B, or C. You will listen TWICE.

Bài nghe:

1. What are Matt and Ava doing?

A. They’re planning their summer holiday.

B. They’re talking about the impacts of tourism.

C. They’re discussing which heritage preservation project to volunteer for.

2. Why doesn’t Ava think Matt should visit Hawaii?

A. Because it’s tourist season.

B. Because Hawaiians don’t want more tourists.

C. Because it’s inconvenient to travel there.

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3. What does Matt usually do when he travels?

A. He buys some stuff from local people.

B. He fulfils his responsibility before departing.

C. He books the cheapest tour.

4. What does Ava think about tourists?   

A. They have a sense of responsibility.

B. They don’t know much about other countries' cultural heritage.

C. They can destroy the place they visit.

5. According to Matt, what is the benefit of tourism?

A. Discouraging tourists from bad behaviour

B. Helping many heritage preservation and protection projects

C. Making local people famous


TASK 1. Read the passage. Circle the best answer A, B or C to each of the questions.

When it comes to preparations for studying abroad, the very first challenge for students is how to live independently. Stepping out of their comfort zone to live and study in a faraway country often ingrains an obscure fear of loneliness and helplessness. Therefore, if you have a plan to earn a degree in a foreign country, you need to equip yourselves with essential skills to start a truly independent life as soon as possible. First and foremost, you do not need to be an excellent cook but should know basic cooking skills to feed yourselves. Suppose that you experienced a pandemic period, you would have to cook at home due to social distancing and most restaurant closures. Second, clean-up and household skills are of equal importance. To lower accommodation costs, many students often choose to share apartments with other mates. Definitely, no one wants to stay with those who are untidy and do not know how to do simple household tasks, so make sure that you can do daily housework well enough. Third, money management is a challenging task for most overseas students. Some students are often flat broke at the end of the month because they cannot handle their budget. It’s advisable to be a smart shopper by making a suitable shopping list and keeping an accurate record of your daily expenses to avoid pointless debt. In short, the pieces of advice will hopefully make your independent life easier when you go to university in another country.       

Quảng cáo

1. What is the passage mainly about?

A. How to face loneliness and helplessness at home

B. Ways to gain independence while studying abroad

C. Overseas students and problems with additional expenses

D. Young students’ adjustment to sharing an apartment

2. What does the word those in line 14 mean?

A. flatmates

B. acquaintances

C. housekeepers

D. instructors

3. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT given in the list of advice to live independently?

A. Cooking skills

B. Clean-up skills

C. Communication skills

D. Budget management skills

Quảng cáo

4. According to the passage, who might be short of money at the end of the month?

A. Students who buy a lot of learning materials and clothes

B. Students who live on foreign scholarships

C. Students who eat out frequently

D. Students who are incapable of managing their budget

5. Which of the following is true about the passage?

A. Students must be excellent cooks when living abroad.

B. Students ought to get used to washing clothes or making the bed.

C. Students don’t need to pay attention to what they buy every day.

D. Keeping an accurate record of daily expenses is more effective than shopping smartly. 

TASK 2. Complete the reading passage. Write ONE suitable word in each blank.         

Due to the growing concerns about cyberbullying in several Vietnamese schools, many nationwide campaigns have been carried (1) ___________ in recent years with a view to combating against this worrying circumstance. Plenty of practical activities, conducted in class discussions or at the flag ceremony on Mondays to heighten students’ knowledge of crucial aspects of cyberbullying, (2) ___________ got this campaign off the ground. For example, a group of students are assigned to create scripts and act out their small plays to help other peers figure out motives and consequences of cyberbullying as (3) ___________ as procedures for stopping cyberbullying and harassment. They also design posters and give a presentation to mention the risks of digital platforms comprising violent and hateful content provoking others to boycott or even gang (4) ___________ an individual. Besides, developing the role and responsibility of bystanders of cyberbullying is considered very important (5) ___________ their timely help can save the victims from unexpected incidents.


TASK 1. For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use the word in brackets and do not change it. Write NO MORE THAN FIVE WORDS.     

1. Because Tom is rude, he doesn’t get along with his classmates.

Because ____________________, he doesn’t get along with his classmates. (OF)

2.  Despite its violence, many children are addicted to this game.

Many children are addicted to this game ____________________. (ALTHOUGH)

3. Nowadays people use private cars too much, so they increase their carbon footprint.

Nowadays people’s overuse of private cars ____________________ their carbon footprint. (LEADS)

TASK 2. Write an opinion essay (120-150 words) presenting your view on whether we should promote tourism at national reserves.



Choose the word with a different way of pronunciation in the underlined part. Circle A, B, C or D.                                                      

1. A. admit                         B. delta                   C. fauna                  D. balance

2. A. pressure                    B. awareness           C. progress              D. accessible

Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from that of the others. Circle A, B, C or D.

3. A. historic                      B. tropical               C. endangered          D. essential

4. A. graduation                 B. apprenticeship     C. independence          D. understanding

TASK 2. Choose the best option to complete each sentence. Circle A, B, C or D.

1. Oil drilling can bring about radical impacts on wildlife habitat because it ____________ the process of breeding and nesting among animal species.

A. alleviates

B. disrupts

C. interfaces

D. embarrasses

2. According to scientists, smoking reduces life ____________ by about 12 years in males on average.

A. expectations

B. expectant

C. expectantly

D. expectancy

3. There was a heavy oil spill off the southern California coast this morning. ____________, many marines were dead.

A. By contrast

B. In addition

C. As a consequence

D. On the other hand

4. Those bullies should be ashamed ____________ themselves for hurting innocent victims. 

A. with

B. to

C. of

D. about

5. Alex ____________ to having made a cruel plan to cyberbully one of his classmates.

A. remembered

B. denied

C. admitted

D. regretted

TASK 3. Fill each blank with the correct form of the verb in brackets.     

1. ____________ (work) on safeguarding don ca tai tu for many years, they have a lot of experience of keeping other similar traditional forms alive.

2. The police accused that young man of ____________ (steal) the valuable painting.

3. I gained a lot of necessary skills while I (train) ____________ as a salesman.

4. Trung ____________ (spend) most of his time exploring a variety of new academic subjects last weekend.

5. Oliver had to cut down on his shopping expenses ____________ (pay) for his laptop in instalments.



1. B              2. B              3. A

4. C              5. B


Ava:   What are you doing, Matt?

Matt:  Hi, Ava. Having planned a summer holiday in Hawaii, I’m learning a few basic Hawaiian phrases.

Ava:   I don't think this is the ideal time to visit Hawaii.

Matt:  Why not?

Ava:   Having suffered from over-tourism, the locals are asking tourists to stop visiting the island. Thousands of new arrivals every day are creating traffic jams, overcrowding and resource depletion; and the local people have to cope with their consequences every day.

Matt:  Actually, I have heard of the problem but I try to be responsible whenever I travel. I'm aware of the impact on the environment and the local community. Therefore, I usually shop locally to help the community's economy. When possible, I always book eco-tours.

Ava:   Not every tourist shares your sense of responsibility. Some use natural heritage sites as a backdrop for their pictures and display disrespectful behaviour towards other countries' cultural heritage. In some cases, tourists even destroyed natural and cultural landmarks.

Matt:  Some tourists can misbehave; however, I think tourism, in general, can be beneficial. It was the financial gain from tourism that contributed to many projects that preserved and protected heritage values. Having received more job opportunities, local people also benefit from the popularity of tourism.



1. B              2. A              3. C

4. D              5. B


1. out

2. have

3. well

4. beating

5. because/ as/ for/ since



1. of Tom’s rudeness

2. although it is violent

3. leads to the increase in


Sample writing

These days, it is argued that the promotion of tourism at national reserves is a menace to wildlife protection. From my point of view, if we take advantage of tourism properly, it will substantially contribute to the preservation of rare flora and fauna.

Firstly, it’s a good way to raise tourists’ awareness of wildlife issues. Through eco-tours, they have a great chance to enjoy the pristine beauty with a diversity of exotic plants and animals. The more concerned about vulnerable ecosystems they get, the more actions they take to prevent poaching and deforestation.

Secondly, the expenditure on maintaining national parks from local governments is limited; therefore, the revenue generated from tourism activities is a valuable supplement to the conservation operations.

Finally, nowadays many eco-tours are designed for field trips. Observing the multitude of plants and animals in person will widen young students’ practical knowledge of biodiversity. They can do some fascinating research on how to protect threatened species after these trips. 

In summary, I firmly believe that tourism at national reserves should be promoted due to its great indicated benefits above. However, we should take control of it precisely to avoid man-made destruction there. 



1. D              2. A

3. B              4. B


1. B              2. D

3. C              4. D

5. C


1. Having worked

2. having stolen

3. was training

4. spent

5. to pay




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