Đề thi Giữa kì 1 Tiếng Anh lớp 10 có đáp án (Đề 4)

    Đề kiểm tra môn Tiếng Anh lớp 10

    Thời gian: 60 phút

Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others in each group

Question 1:

Quảng cáo

A. routine

B. arrive

C. morning

D. prefer

Question 2:

A. dinner

B. harrow

C. neighbor

D. correct

Question 3:

A. dinner

B. during

C. although

D. number

Quảng cáo

Question 4:

A. evening

B. usually

C. afternoon

D. another

Question 5:

A. alarm

B. discuss

C. friendly

D. begin

Choose the word whose underlined part has a different pronunciation from the others in each group

Question 6:

A. minute

B. muddy

C. funny

D. number

Quảng cáo

Question 7:

A. born

B. world

C. fork

D. short

Question 8:

A. house

B. hour

C. how

D. horse

Question 9:

A. sky

B. pretty

C. why

D. by

Question 10:

A. died

B. continued

C. contented

D. followed

Choose the correct words to complete the sentences

Question 11: Are you planning to go _______ Paul's job when he leaves?

A. after     B. ahead    C. on    D. up

Question 12: We've received permission to go _______ with the music festival in spite of opposition from local residents.

A. along

B. ahead

C. over

D. off

Question 13: I don’t go _______ her views on private medicine.

A. together with

B. on with

C. away with

D. along with

Question 14: Public opinion is going _______ the government on this issue.

A. to    B. for    C. against    D. by

Question 15: Their relationship goes _______ when they were at university together.

A. back to

B. into

C. out of

D. far away

Question 16: You can watch the trains going _______ from this window.

A. in    B. off    C. on    D. by

Question 17: He went _______ on his knees and begged for forgiveness.

A. to    B. down    C. by     D. out

Question 18: Their dog had to be put to sleep after it went _______ the post woman.

A. after

B. for

C. ahead

D. along

Question 19: She's decided to go _______ business as a freelance computer programmer.

A. into     B. on    C. for    D. by

Question 20: The lights went _______ in several villages because of the storm.

A. by    B. out    C. up    D. off

Select the antonym of the following bold and underlined word in each sentence in the unit

Question 21: Ask and answer questions about your daily routine, using the cues below.

A. Question

B. Reply

C. Tell

D. Repeat

Question 22: What time do you go to bed?

A. go out

B. sit down

C. leave for

D. get up

Question 23: I drink some cups of tea, have a quick breakfast and then lead the buffalo to the field.

A. weak

B. strict

C. slow

D. thin

Question 24: I leave the house at a quarter past five and arrive in the field at exactly 5.30.

A. quickly

B. weakly

C. wrongly

D. successfully

Question 25: I continue to work from a quarter past eight till 10.30.

A. complete

B. finish

C. come

D. start

Find the one mistake (A, B, C or D) in these sentences and then correct them

Question 26: His mother (A) used to make (B) much him (C) when he went home (D) for holidays.

Question 27: It's (A) terribly smoky (B) in here - I'm just (C) going on for a breath of (D) fresh air.

Question 28: Many pupils have (A) extra classes (B) in the evenings (C) with (D) at weekends.

Question 29: We've been having (A) a little (B) problems (C) with the (D) new computer.

Question 30: Remember (A) going through the pockets (B) before you (C) put those jeans (D) in the washing machine.

Rewrite the following sentences, using the words given in brackets

Question 31: “You’ve broken my glasses, Thanh!” said Sang. (accused)

→ Sang ____________________________________________ his glasses.

Question 32: My bicycle needs to be repaired soon. (must)

→ I really ________________________________________ repaired soon.

Question 33: Minh regrets not buying that watch. (wishes)

→ Minh ____________________________________________ that watch.

Question 34: You couldn’t have been successful without her help. (she)

→ You couldn’t ____________________________________________ her.

Question 35: My mother thought she might run out of cash, so she took her cheque-book with her. (case)

→ My mother took her cheque-book with her ______________ out of cash.

Đáp án

Quenstion 1 Quenstion 2 Quenstion 3 Quenstion 4 Quenstion 5
Quenstion 6 Quenstion 7 Quenstion 8 Quenstion 9 Quenstion 10
Quenstion 11 Quenstion 12 Quenstion 13 Quenstion 14 Quenstion 15
Quenstion 16 Quenstion 17 Quenstion 18 Quenstion 19 Quenstion 20
Quenstion 21 Quenstion 22 Quenstion 23 Quenstion 24 Quenstion 25

Question 26: (B) much → much of

Question 27: (C) going on → going out

Question 28: (C) with → and/ or

Question 29: (A) a little → a few

Question 30: (A) going through → to go through

Question 31: Sang accused Thanh of breaking/ having broken his glasses.

Question 32: I really must have/ get my bicycle repaired soon.

Question 33: Minh wishes he/ she had bought that watch.

Question 34: You couldn’t have been successful if she hadn’t helped/ but for/ without her.

Question 35: My mother took her cheque-book with her in case she ran out of cash.

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