Đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 10 Giữa học kì 1 năm 2022 có ma trận (15 đề)

Đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 10 Giữa học kì 1 năm 2022 có ma trận (15 đề)

Tuyển chọn 15 Đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 10 Giữa học kì 1 năm 2022 - 2023 có ma trận chọn lọc được các Giáo viên nhiều năm kinh nghiệm biên soạn và sưu tầm từ đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 10 của các trường THPT. Hi vọng bộ đề thi này sẽ giúp học sinh ôn tập và đạt kết quả cao trong các bài thi Giữa Học kì 1 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 10.

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Đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 10 Giữa học kì 1 năm 2022 có ma trận (15 đề)


Hình thức: Trắc nghiệm 70 % ,  Tự luận : 30 % 

Chủ đề 

Nội dung 

Loại hình 





Tổng điểm 

Số câu 

Tỉlệ % 


Topics in Unit 1,2,3



1, 5 1,0 



The pronunciation of  the words in Unit 1, 2,3 






-Vocabulary related to Family life and Your body and you, music – Tenses , Passive voice, to-infinitive, adjectives of attitude. 




Communicative situations in the textbook 




  • Reading a passage about Family life /  Your body and you  and choose the best word or phrase to fill in the gap 
  • Reading a passage about Family life / Your body and you and choose the best answer 








- Passive voice,  to-infinitive 

Sentence rewriting  



- Write a short paragraph about household chores 

(70-80 words) 




Tổng số câu 







Tỉ lệ phần trăm 






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Đề thi Giữa Học kì 1

Năm học 2022 - 2023

Bài thi môn: Tiếng Anh lớp 10

Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút

(không kể thời gian phát đề)

(Đề số 1)

Đề 8

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest.

1. A. later                 B. teacher                   C. other                  D. term

2. A. put                    B. pull                       C. but                     D. full

3. A. from                 B. normal                 C. reform                 D. uniform

Choose the word that is stressed differently from the rest.

4. A. formation                   B. industry                           C. computer           D. pagoda

5. A. machine                    B. subtract                           C. replace              D. multiply

Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank in each sentence.

6. This is the man _____________you have just talked about.

A. which                                  B. he                                     C. whom                              D. it

7. A new hospital _____________near my house right now.

A. is building                   B. is buil               C. is being built        D. was being built

8.  _____________does your father often drink in the morning? - He drinks tea.

A. When                                  B. Who                                 C. What                               D. Where

9. _____________go to the English centre? - Three times a week.

A. When do you often           B. How often do you        C. Why do you often         D. What time do you

10. We _____________him since last Monday.

A. hadn't seen                         B. haven't seen                  C. didn't see                         D. don't see

11. Do you have your own room? - No, I _____________the room with my sister.

A. share                                  B. leave                                C. sleep                                D. live

12. She is writing a letter to tell her brother a _____________of news.

A. piece                                   B. group                               C. bar                                   D. couple

13. A clock is a machine that tells you the _____________.

A. weather                               B. temperature                    C. time                                 D. size

14. We visit shops, offices and places of scenic _____________with the help of computers.

A. beautiful                             B. beauty                             C. beautifully                      D. beautify

15. Hurry up! The train _____________.

A. will come                           B. came                                C. is coming                       D. has come

16. She supposed the trip would be very _____________.

A. interests                              B. interest                            C. interesting                     D. interested

17. A computer can do calculations with lightning speed and perfect _____________.

A. inaccurate                          B. accurately                       C. accuracy                        D. accurate

18. The computer is the most wonderful _____________in the 20th century.

A. inventor                              B. invent                              C. invented                          D. invention

19. Hanoi, _____________is the capital of Vietnam, is very beautiful.

A. which                                  B. whom                              C. it                                       D. who

20. _____________is used to keep the air cool when it is hot.

A. A fax machine                   B. An air conditioner       C. A cooker                         D. A micro wave

21. They have been friends _____________years.

A. during                                 B. for                                   C. from                                 D. since

22. My family has lived  in the same house in 2002.

23. I have met a lot of friends which are very kind and friendly.

24. I don't like people who always tells lies.

25. My colleague was meet at the airport by the director yesterday.

A                           B       C                         D

Read the passage then choose the best answer to each of the following questions.

Dear Minh,

I'm very pleased to write this letter to you. The first term is coming to an end soon and my school is going to have some days off. On this occasion, my class is visiting some caves near Hanoi as we have recently studied rock formations. Besides, many of us have never been inside a cave, so I suppose the trip will be very interesting. At first, we wanted to travel to Thay Pagoda because it is only over 20 kilometers away, and we could go on a day excursion. However, only today have we learnt that the caves near Thay Pagoda are closed until after Tet. So we are visiting the ones near Huong Pagoda instead. A night camping fire on a two day trip will be a great event in our school days! To make the trip cheap, we are bringing our own food and sharing buses with some other classes. It is much warmer

now. I believe we are going to enjoy good weather with lots of sunshine. The only problem I seem to have is getting my parents' permission. They may not want to let me stay the night away from home. I'll try to persuade them. That's all for now. Give my love to your parents and sister.



26.The students have changed their destination as _______________Thay Pagoday.

A. many of them have been to 

B. they prefer Huong Pagoda to 

C. it is impossible to visit the caves near

D. it costs them a lot to visit

27. The students decided to go on an excursion because they wanted to _______________.

A. relax after work                                                               

B. understand their geography lesson better

C. understand their geography lesson better and relax after work

D. have a campfire

28. This is the letter from _______________.

A. Lan to her classmates 

B. Lan to Minh                       

C. Minh to his classmates D. Minh to Lan

29. Lan will _______________.

A. try to persuade her parents to let her stay the night away from home

B.persuade her parents to let her visit Thay Pagoda

C.try to ask her parents to let her visit the caves            

D. stay at home

30. Lan wrote the letter to _______________.

A. inform Minh of her days off                                          

B. complain about her parents

C. tell Minh about the plan for her class trip

D. talk about what she and her classmates will do at Huong Pagoda

Complete the passage with the words provided.

The computer has proved to be very (31)_________to our lives. In fact it can not only do simple (32)_________- add, subtract, multiply or divide - with lightning speed, but also gather a wide range of information for many purposes. They can (33)_________hand-printed letters, play chess, compose music, write plays or even design other computers. In business and industry, the computer keeps track of sales trends and production needs, mails dividend checks, and makes out company payrolls. (34)_________they are taking over some of the tasks that were once accomplished by our brains, computers are not replacing us. Our brain (35)_________more than 10 billion cells and a computer has only a few hundred thousand parts.


A. helpful

B. hopeful

C. careful

D. dangerous


A. calculated

B. calculator

C. calculations

D. calculating


A. read

B. listen

C. play

D. design


A. Because

B. If

C. But

D. Although


A. has

B. have

C. to have

D. having

36. I bought these books for my sister. ( Passive Voice )


37. We learn foreign languages on the computer. ( Passive Voice )


38. Nancy is cutting the birthday cake. ( Passive Voice )


39. The architect has moved to Ho Chi Minh City. He designed these flats. (Relative clause)


40. These are the photos. We took them when we were in Da Lat. (Relative clause)

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Đề thi Giữa Học kì 1

Năm học 2022 - 2023

Bài thi môn: Tiếng Anh lớp 10

Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút

(không kể thời gian phát đề)

(Đề số 2)

Đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 10 Giữa học kì 1 năm 2022 có ma trận (15 đề)

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest.

1. A. radio               B. play               C. ride               D. newspaper

2. A. now               B. mouse               C. couch               D. snow

3. A. children               B. lunch               C. teacher               D. headache

Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from that of the others.

4.A. effort               B. subtract               C. primary               D. suffer

5.A. important                B. consider               C. holiday               D. semester

Choose the one word or phrase(A,B,C or D) that best completes the sentence.

6. They tried to find a way of bettering their lives.

A. moving                                 B. achieving                     C. improving                      D. changing

7.  Why don't we go somewhere this year? -______________.

A. I like it                                  B. I think so                      C. Not bad                          D. Yes, let's do that

8.The computer's _________is the place where information is kept and calculations are done.

A. memorably                           B. memorial                      C. memorize                       D. memory

9. When I was at secondary school, I _________games with my neighbor.

A. ’m used to playing              B. used to play                 C. use to play                     D. used to playing

10. Ha: "May I have my dictionary back?" Le: " I remember _________you last week".

A. bringing                                B. brought                         C. to be brought                 D. to bring

11. "Where _________tonight?" " I am going on with Peter. He _________for me tonight".

A.will you go - is calling       B. are you going - is calling 

C. are you going - call            D. will you go - will call

12. Marie Curie was born in Warsaw _________November 7th , 1869.

A. in                                           B. up                                  C. out                                   D. on

13. A_________is a film or a play that is intended to be funny, usually with a happy ending.

A. cartoon                                 B. drama                            C. comedy                          D. documentary

14. A new bridge _________over this river for a week .

A. has built                               B. will build                      C. has been built                D. build

15. It isn't safe for children _________on ladders.

A. play                                       B. to play                          C. played                            D. playing

16. I'd like to borrow this book. _________it yet ?

A. Had you read                       B. Do you read.                C. Have you read               D. Did you read

17. Yesterday, when I _________at the station, the train _________for 15 minutes.

A. arrived/ left                          B. arrived / has left          C. arrived/ had left            D. had arrived/ left

18. The people_________were injured in the accident were taken to hospital.

A. whose                                   B. who                               C. which                              D. whom

19. I passed the exams with high grades, _________made everyone in the family pleased.

A. that                                        B. where                            C. who                                 D. which

20. Jack _________me that he was enjoying his new training course.

A. spoke                                    B. told                                C. talked                             D. said

21. _________playing the piano softly, he woke his parents up.

A. because of                            B. although                       C. because                          D. in spite of

Find the mistakes in these sentences:

22. My brother stopped smoking because of it is very harmful to his health.

23. If I had enough money, I will take my family to Vinpearl Land on holiday.

24. He studied English since he was six years old.

25. A computer can do calculations by lightning speed and perfect accuracy.

                          A                             B          C                                    D

Choose the most suitable options to complete teh passage:

My village was a place (26)_______ farmers worked on their land, growing rice,potatoes, and maize. The farmers worked hard on the fields from early morning until late in the afternoon.(27)_______ they tried their best, they couldn't make ends meet.

In the last few years, my village (28)_______ dramatically. With the help of a project to help poor farmers, the farmers in the village can (29)_______ money from the bank to (30)_______ more cows , pigs and chicken. The dull atmosphere has been replaced by the exciting one.


A. when

B. which

C. that

D. where


A. As

B. In spite of

C. Because

D. Although


A. has changed

B. was changed

C. is changed

D. changes


A. take

B. lend

C. borrow

D. hold


A. improve

B. raise

C. develop

D. rise

Read the following passage and choose the best answers to the questions:

Twenty years ago people realized that computers were about to become part of our daily lives. This short period of time has seen enormous changes in business, education and public administration. Jobs which took weeks to complete in the past are now carried out in minutes. Clerks who spent all day copying and checking calculations are now freed from these tedious tasks. In offices,the soft hum and clicking of word processors have replaced the clatters of typewriters. Schoolchildren have become as familiar with hardware and software as their parents used to be with pencils and exercise books. Computerization of public records has enable government departments to analyze the need of citizens in detail. Some of us may wonder, However , whether life has really improved as a result of these changes. Many jobs disappeared, for example, When intelligent machines took over the work. Employers complain that clerical staff has become dependant on calculators and can not do simple arithmetic. There are fears that governments haven’t done enough to ensure that personal information held on computers is really kept secret. Certainly, many people may not be wondering whether the spread of computers has brought us as many problems as it has solved.

31. What has become part of our daily life?

A. computers                             B. typewriters                 C. jobs                                 D. business

32. What are schoolchildren familiar with much more than pencils and exercise books?

A. hardware                              B. sofware                           C. A and B                        D. calculators

33. According to the passage, what can’t officers do without computer?

A. calculation                           B. solve problem              C. keep secret                     D. simple arithmetic

34. What is not sure to be kept secret by computers?

A. clerical staff                         B. personal information  C. changes                          D. problems

35. What is not true about the passage?

A. Computers have brought problems as well                  B. Schoolchildren like computer very much

C. Clerical staff can’t do simple arithmetic                     D. Computers help with most of works

Rewrite the sentences as directed.

36. He said: " They will take you to the hotel"

He said ___________________________________________________________________

37. Get up early or you will miss the bus.

If ___________________________________________________________________________

38. He started working as an engineer 5 years ago.

He has ______________________________________________________________________

39. Although he has a lot of money, He feels unhappy.

Despite _____________________________________________________________________

40. They have just bought an expensive car.

An ____________________________________________________

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Đề thi Giữa Học kì 1

Năm học 2022 - 2023

Bài thi môn: Tiếng Anh lớp 10

Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút

(không kể thời gian phát đề)

(Đề số 3)

Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced is differently from that of the others.

1. A. blood            B. cook                   C. wood          D. book

2. A. brown          B. cow                    C. town           D. snow

3. A. ride              B. wildlife               C. fill              D. time

4. A. send             B. return                  C. let               D. bed

5. A. lovely           B. complain            C. wonderful             D. month

Choose the word or phrase that best completes Each sentence below.

6. The _________were taken to the nearest hospital by an ambulance.

A. injures                                  B. injured                           C. injury                             D. injuring

7. _________car are you driving? – “ My father’s”

A. Who                                      B. Whose                           C. Which                            D. How many

8. My parents prefer tea _________coffee.

A. than                                      B. more                              C. to                                    D. rather

9. This program must be new. I have _________seen it before.

A. ever                                      B. never                             C. since                              D. yet

10. I _________television a lot but now I don’t any more.

A. was watching                      B. are used to watch         C. used to watch               D. am watching

11. _________does it take you to go to school? – “About half an hour”.

A. How many                           B. How far                         C. How much                    D. How long

12. I’m interested _________chess but I’m not very good _________it.

A. in - in                                    B. in - for                           C. about - for                     D. in - at

13. John is _________on climbing mountains.

A. fond                                      B. interested                      C. keen                               D. pleased

14. Everyone likes him, _________?

A. doesn’t he                            B. doesn’t she                   C. don’t they                     D. don’t you

15. _________Christmas, the weather has been quite good.

A. From                                     B. Since                              C. On                                  D. For

16. If you _________answer the questions correctly, you won’t pass the exam.

A. won’t                                    B. shouldn’t                      C. don’t                              D. aren’t

17. “_________ a cup of coffee?” – “Oh, that is very kind of you.”

A. Do you feel like                  B. Why don’t you             C. Would you like            D. Can you

18. Look! The sun_________again.

A. is shining                             B. shining                          C. shines                            D. shine

19. By the time he_________, he had driven six hundreds miles.

A. stops                                     B. had stopped                  C. stopped                         D. has stopped

20. It is too hot_________makes me tired.

A. which                                   B. who                                C. what                               D. that

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

21. Tell me your plan, Lan. What will you do this Saturday evening?

22. I’d rather to stay at home than go out tonight?

23. I’m glad hearing that you are going to have your first picnic with your classmates.

24. This is the boy who sister studied withme in high school.

25. I like to learn English the best because it is an international language.

Read the passage and answer the question.

People are fascinated by robots. Science fiction books and movies feed people’s imagination, making them wonder about the possibilities of robots living and (26)______ with them. Is it possible for robots to look like people, work like people, and (27)______ like people? In the future, anything is possible. Already today, there are tens of thousands of robots doing work all over the world.

Robot is the name (28)______ to any machine that can do a certain job automatically. These machines come in any shapes and sizes. It is possible to build a robot in the shape of a person, but most look like machines built for specific purposes. They can controlled by computers. The computers tell the robot what to do and how to do it. People write the (29)______ for computers that control the robots. Robots can sense the environment around them and respond (30)______ it. They can complete several steps in a process and can try other methods if one does not work. Ordinary machines cannot do these things.


A. work

B. worked

C. works

D. working


A. thinking

B. thought

C. think

D. thinks


A. given

B. gives

C. gave

D. give


A. computer

B. program

C. programs

D. computers


A. at

B. to

C. on

D. for

Read the passage and then answer the questions that follow.

My village was never a big village, nor was it particularly successful or well-known. It was a place where simple people worked on their land, tending citrus groves and running poultry farms. The most exotic plantation grew avocados, and a palm tree nursery was something of an attraction.

The village was established by a group of Greek immigrants in 1937 in what was then known as British-controlled Palestine. When we first moved here, one could still hear some Greek in the street, the local store sold oringinal Greek delicacies and from time to time we were invited to sit on a neighbor’s porch and share some ouzo at the end of a working day.

In the last few years, my village has changed dramatically. Very few people work in agriculture now; they can no longer support their families growing oranges and chickens. As a result, they must find their income outside the village and rent out their land or sell their little family farms altogether. Some of the land is still used for agriculture, but no longer for the family farms. Now it is the agriculture of luxuries.

31. What was true about the writer’s village?

A. It was a big village.  

B. It was successful.

C. It was famous.                                                                 

D. It was established by the Greek.

32. According to the passage, what did the people in the village NOT do?

A. Worked on their land.                                                    B. Tended citrus groves.

C. Raised animals on the farms.                                        D. Grew avocados.

33. The founders of the village were immigrants from _________.

A. Palestine                              B. Greece                           C. Britain                           D. family farms

34. What can best describe the change of the village recently?

A. The change is very fast.                                                 B. The change is very slow.

C. The change is normal.                                                    D. There is not much change.

35. How do the villagers earn their living now?

A. They grow oranges and chicken.                                  B. They run family farms.

C. They work in the outside villages.                                D. They hire out their land and sell their farms.

Rewrite as directed.

36. After John had washed his clothes, he began to study.

Before _____________________________________________________________________

37. It is ages since he last came here.

He hasn’t _____________________________________________________________________

38. We will miss the train if we don’t hurry up.

Unless _______________________________________________________________________

39. Bill didn’t go to school because of his illness.


40. There will be a shortage of water unless it rains.

If __________________________________________________________________

Phòng Giáo dục và Đào tạo .....

Đề thi Giữa Học kì 1

Năm học 2022 - 2023

Bài thi môn: Tiếng Anh lớp 10

Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút

(không kể thời gian phát đề)

(Đề số 4 )

Circle the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.


A. like

B. life

C. rise

D. gift


A. lovely

B. women

C. month

D. wonderful


A. operation

B. occasion

C. machine

D. information


A. upon

B. miraculous

C. computer

D. produce

5. I remember _______ the letter a few days before going on holiday.

A. to receive                             B. receiving                     C. received                      D. to have received

6. The lion tamer and lions _______ you saw at the circus last night are from the China.

7. Are you free this afternoon? –No, I am not. I_______ a lecture given by Professor Jones.

A. am attending                        B. will attend                  C. attended                      D. have attended

8. We _______ each other since we left school.

A. didn’t see                             B. haven’t seen               C. hadn’t seen                 D. don’t see

9. Mary _______ the dream of becoming an actress as she was a child.

A. harboured                            B. liked                            C. fed                                D. received

10. The room smelled terrible. Someone _______ before I came.

A. smoked                                 B. would smoke              C. seemed to smoke        D. had smoked

11. Playing computer games for 12 hours every day _______ him exhausted.

A. makes                                   B. make                            C. made                            D. making

12. The phone rang while I _______ to the radio.

13. She is not _______ because she does not look as beautiful in the picture as she is.

A. photography                        B. photographic              C. photogenic                  D. photographer

14. A_______ is a film or a radio or television program giving facts a bout something.

A. comedy                                 B. drama                          C. documentary              D. cartoon

15. Can you help me find the man _______ saved the girl?

A. whom                                    B. whose                          C. which                           D. who

16. It was a nice day, so we decided _______ for a walk.

A. go                                          B. to go                            C. going                            D. to going

Choose the underlined part among A, B, C, D that needs correcting.

17. Some laws have passed to help protect our environment.

18. Our neighbour threatened calling the police if we didn’t stop the noise.

               A                                B                                             C            D

Rewrite the following sentences as shown.

19. My mother was worried because I was ill.

Because of ___________________________________________________________________

20. We last went to the cinema two months ago.

We haven’t _______________________________________________________________

21. I didn’t buy the motorbike because it was expensive.

Because of   __________________________________________________________________

22. Although he is old, he often plays tennis and goes to the poetry clubs.

In spite of _________________________________________________________________

23. John wishes he had remembered to send Mary a Christmas card

John refers ________________________________________________________________

24. My friend said, “I saw your brother in the park yesterday. ”

My friend said _________________________________________________________

25. Because it rained heavily, they couldn’t go for a picnic last week.

Because of ___________________________________________________________________

26. The workers have just built a new hospital in our city.

A new hospital ______________________________________________________________

Read the passage and then fill in the gaps.

Internet services themselves are, generally speaking, easy (27)_____ and use; however, you will find yourself isolated on the Internet if you are not familiar with English. This means that knowledge or lack of knowledge of English is one of the most severe factors that prevent people (28)_____ using the Internet. Learning to use a new Internet service may take a few hours, a few days, or even weeks, but it takes years to learn a (29)_____ so that you can use it in a fluent and self-confident manner. Of course, when you know some English, you can learn more just by using it on the Internet. The advent of online universities has now made it possible for more people to learn English, people (30)_____ may live in countries where access to standard education facilities is limited. While it may have been impossible for these people to learn English in the past, the Internet has opened up new career (31)_____. These people are now able to learn English, and they can use their English skills to get better paying jobs at home, or they can use them to find jobs overseas. In any event, the Internet has played a (32) __________ role in allowing English to spread across the world, and the number of people learning it is likely to increase in the future. (advent: the coming of/ presence)


A. learn

B. to learn

C. learning

D. learned


A. for

B. about

C. from

D. again


A. language

B. subject

C. job

D. service


A. which

B. who

C. whom

D. whose


A. occasions

B. conditions

C. facilities

D. opportunities


A. power

B. powered

C. powerful

D. powerfully

Read the passage and then choose the best answers for the following questions.

In the early years of television, educational specialists believed that it would be very useful in teaching and learning. Many schools have bought television sets, intending to use them effectively to improve the quality of education; but actually they are not used properly in classrooms. Meanwhile, children spending the majority of their out- of school hours watching TV and their typical school days proceed as if television did not exist. There are some explanations for the failure of television to get the interest of the teachers. Firstly, the schools that purchased television sets have not set aside money for equipment repairs and maintenance so these television sets are sooner and later out of work. Secondly, these schools have not found an effective way to train teachers to integrate television into their ongoing instructional programs. Lastly, most teachers do not regard the quality of television and its usefulness in the classroom. Teachers at the schools work hard for at least twelve years to train their students to become good readers. However, according a recent statistics, teenagers seldom spend their free time reading books and newspapers but watching television instead. (integrate: combine)

33. When TV first appeared, educational specialists _______.

A. did not appreciate it           

B. did not think it would be useful

C. believed it would be useful for schooling                 

D. banned children from watching TV

34. Teenagers seldom spend their free time _______.

A. intergrating television into their ongoing instructional programs

B. watching television

C. training their students to become good readers

D. reading books and newspapers

35. According to the text, TV _______.

A. has not been used properly in classroom 

B. has been used effectively in classrooms 

C. has not existed in classrooms 

D. has not attracted students’ interest

36. Children spend the majority of their free time _______.

A. reading books. 

B. reading newspapers 

C.learning foreign languages 

D. watching TV




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