Đề thi Giữa kì 2 Tiếng Anh lớp 10 có đáp án (Đề 2)

    Đề kiểm tra môn Tiếng Anh lớp 10

    Thời gian: 60 phút

Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others in each group

Question 1:

Quảng cáo

A. vegetation

B. eliminate

C. disappearance

D. intonation

Question 2:

A. photo

B. rapid

C. pattern

D. about

Question 3:

A. environment

B. understanding

C. population

D. conservation

Quảng cáo

Question 4:

A. impossibly

B. especially

C. naturally

D. importantly

Question 5:

A. medical

B. pollutant

C. imprison

D. protective

Choose the word whose underlined part has a different pronunciation from the others in each group

Question 6:

A. must

B. natural

C. hunt

D. fun

Quảng cáo

Question 7:

A. scientist

B. million

C. police

D. medical

Question 8:

A. sorry

B. monthly

C. sky

D. usually

Question 9:

A. cups

B. photos

C. failures

D. always

Question 10:

A. teach

B. much

C. school

D. choice

Choose the correct words to complete the sentences

Question 11: The plot was surrounded by a stone wall and _______ with flowering trees.

A. planted

B. destroyed

C. eliminated

D. worried

Question 12: For them, the house's main _______ lay in its quiet country location.

A. interest

B. value

C. conserve

D. cost

Question 13: Farmers were dumping or burying the _______ animals.

A. ill

B. sick

C. endangered

D. diseased

Question 14: The baby was born with a surprising _______ of black hair.

A. grass

B. plant

C. tree

D. bush

Question 15: There were so many different _______ of bread that I didn't know which to buy.

A. varieties

B. differences

C. changes

D. types

Question 16: The bay _______ by the enemy many years ago.

A. was used to be attacked

B. used to be attacked

C. was used for being attacked

D. used to attack

Question 17: The report will be read _______.

A. at the conference by Dr. Blake at 3 p.m.

B. at the conference at 3 p.m. by Dr. Blake

C. by Dr. Blake at the conference at 3 p.m.

D. at 3 p.m. by Dr. Blake at the conference

Question 18: That man has never been known _______ before.

A. lie

B. to lie

C. lying

D. has lied

Question 19: Tom is having someone _______ the newspaper to her.

A. bring

B. to bring

C. bringing

D. who brings

Question 20: We don’t get anyone _______ the kitchen everyday.

A. clean

B. to clean

C. cleaning

D. who cleans

Read the following passage carefully, and then select the best option A, B, C or D to complete it

Conservation, sustainable use and protection of (1) _______ resources including plants, animals, mineral deposits, soils, clean (2) _______, clean air, and fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. Natural (3) _______ are grouped into two categories, renewable and nonrenewable. A (4) _______ resource is one that may be replaced over time by natural processes, (5) _______ fish populations or natural vegetation, or is inexhaustible, such as (6) _______ energy. The goal of renewable resource conservation is to ensure (7) _______ such resources are not consumed faster than they are (8) _______. Nonrenewable resources are those in limited supply that cannot be replaced (9) ______ can be replaced only over extremely long (10) _______ of time. Nonrenewable resources include fossil fuels and mineral deposits, such as (11) _______ ore and gold ore. Conservation activities for nonrenewable resources focus (12) _______ maintaining an adequate supply of these resources well into the future.

Natural resources are conserved for their biological, economic, and recreational values, (13) _______ their natural beauty and importance to local cultures. (14) _______, tropical rain forests are protected for their important role in both global ecology and the economic livelihood of the local culture; a coral reef may be (15) _______ for its recreational value for scuba divers; and a scenic river may be protected for its natural beauty....

Question 21:

A. national

B. international

C. natural

D. lively

Question 22:

A. lakes    B. stones    C. sand    D. water

Question 23:

A. resources

B. gases

C. fuels

D. plants

Question 24:

A. renewable

B. nonrenewable

C. new

D. modern

Question 25:

A. such    B. such as    C. as    D. like

Question 26:

A. solar

B. earthly

C. lunar

D. polar

Question 27:

A. it    B. which    C. that    D. what

Question 28:

A. installed

B. put

C. placed

D. replaced

Question 29:

A. and    B. but    C. or    D. so

Question 30:

A. ways

B. periods

C. spaces

D. steps

Question 31:

A. iron    B. water    C. metal    D. gold

Question 32:

A. in    B. on    C. at    D. by

Question 33:

A. like    B. also    C. and    D. as well as

Question 34:

A. However

B. Nevertheless

C. For example

D. In fact

Question 35:

A. killed

B. protected

C. fed

D. left

Find the one mistake (A, B, C or D) in these sentences and then correct them

Question 36: (A) Because of her father (B) has been (C) seriously ill, she (D) can’t go to the meeting.

Question 37: (A) Though Linh was (B) not good at (C) playing badminton, she managed (D) to win her opponents.

Question 38: He (A) is known that (B) these questions are (C) so difficult that he (D) can’t answer them.

Question 39: (A) This water isn’t (B) warm enough for the (C) young boys (D) to swim.

Question 40: Last week (A) unless my mother (B) had had (C) enough money, she (D) would have bought that toy for me.

Đáp án

Quenstion 1 Quenstion 2 Quenstion 3 Quenstion 4 Quenstion 5
Quenstion 6 Quenstion 7 Quenstion 8 Quenstion 9 Quenstion 10
Quenstion 11 Quenstion 12 Quenstion 13 Quenstion 14 Quenstion 15
Quenstion 16 Quenstion 17 Quenstion 18 Quenstion 19 Quenstion 20
Quenstion 21 Quenstion 22 Quenstion 23 Quenstion 24 Quenstion 25
Quenstion 26 Quenstion 27 Quenstion 28 Quenstion 29 Quenstion 30
Quenstion 31 Quenstion 32 Quenstion 33 Quenstion 34 Quenstion 35

Question 36: (A) Because of → Because

Question 37: (D) to win → to beat

Question 38: (A) is known → knows

Question 39: (D) to swim → to swim in

Question 40: (A) unless → if

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