Đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 11 Học kì 2 có đáp án (Đề 3)

Đề kiểm tra Tiếng Anh 11 - Học kì 2

Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút

Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest.

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1. A. helped B. grabbed C. trapped D. stopped

2. A. rubs B. books C. stops D. wants

3. A. aged B. bridged C. marched D. enjoyed

4. A. chance B. teaching C. psychological D. children

Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D that best complete each of the following sentences.

5. “___________ send this document to my office by fax? ” “Certainly .”

A. Would you like       B. Would you mind       C. Could you       D. Why not

6. She lives in the house _____________.

A. which has the red door       B. has the red door

C. that with the red door       D. with it red door

7. Jenny, __________ you have never met before, is a famous singer.

A. that       B. whose       C. whom       D. which

8. Happy birthday to you! -_______________.

A. I’m very happy       B. The same to you        C. Many happy returns       D. Thanks

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9. People are destroying the air by adding ____________________ to it.

A. pollutants       B. polluters       C. pollution       D. polluted

10. Lady Astor was the first woman ________________ her seat in Parliament.

A. take       B. to take       C. taking       D. taken

11. In Britain, the most common leisure activities are home-based.

A. special       B. popular       C. standard       D. distinctive

12. I’m very fond _____________ natural spectacular scenery.

A. of       B. in       C. with       D. at

13. The book_________ by Xuan Dieu is a best-seller.

A. wrote       B. written       C. writing       D. write

14. Neil Armstrong was the first human to _________on the moon.

A. set foot       B.set feet        C. put foot        D. put feet

15. Yuri Gagarin lifted off _________space aboard the Vostok 1 on April 12th ,1961.

A. up       B. into       C. for       D. within

16. China ________its first spacecraft into space on October 15th ,2003.

A. steered       B. drove        C. launched        D. sent

17. It was the woman who ________ us English last year.

A. taught       B. teaches C. has taught       D. had taught

18. Both his brother and sister __________ very good at chemistry.

A. is       B. was C. are       D. has been

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19. It was this ring ________was given to Mary at her wedding.

A. it       B. that       C. where       D. in which

20. I left it __________ on the table ________ in the drawer.

A. either – nor       B. neither – or       C. either – or       D. either – and

21. John:” I’ve passed my final exam.”-Tom: “________”

A. Good luck       B. It’s nice of you to say so

C. That’s a good idea       D. Congratulations

22. The guitarist ________________at the concert last night is internationally famous.

A. played       B. playing       C. who play       D. was playing

Choose the correct sentence which has the same meaning as the given one.

23. Jack don’t speak French and neither does Tim

A. Jack speaks French, but Jim does.       B. Jack and Tim speaks a little French.

C. Neither Jack nor Tim speaks French.       D. Neither Jack nor Tim speak French.

24. It’s years since I last went to a basketball match.

A. I hadn’t gone to a basketball match for years.

B. I last went to a basketball match for years ago.

C. I haven’t been to a basketball match for years.

D. I have never played basketball for year.

25. Mary gave John the money.

A. It was Mary who gave John the money.       B. It is Mary who gave John the money.

C. John gave Mary the money.       D. Mary gave money for John.

Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D in each sentence that needs correcting.

26. British people are very interesting in watching and taking part in sports.

       (A)       (B)        (C)        (D)

27. It is almost impossible to find two persons who opinions are the same.

       (A)       (B)        (C)       (D)

28. He comes from Venezuela, that is a Spanish speaking country.

       (A)       (B)        (C)       (D)

29. It is the room that cleans every day by my sister.

      (A)       (B)       (C)        (D)

30. They don’t neither take part in sports nor watch them on TV.

      (A)        (B)        (C)        (D)

Read the passage below and choose the best answer among A, B, C or D for each question :

Once there were lots of pandas in the mountains of Western China. Today they are becoming extinct. The reason is that they cannot find enough food. Pandas eat bamboo leaves. They do not like another food. The bamboo grows very slowly. It can take 10 years for a bamboo to grow from a seed to a big plant. Some types of bamboo have seeds only once every 60 years. Pandas must wait many years for their food to grow. While the bamboo is growing, pandas do not have enough leaves to eat.

Farmers are using more and more of the land on the mountain side to grow food for man. The farmers cut down the bamboo. Bamboo leaves become less plentiful. Pandas can not find enough food to eat. They starve and die.

China and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are trying to save the pandas. In 1979 they began to set up special parks where pandas live. Once such park is the Wolong Reserve in Sichuan. The Wolong Reserve has the highest number of pandas in the world. Scientists come here to study the panda’s eating and mating habits. By learning more about panda’s habits, scientists can save it from extinction.

31. Where could we find a lot of pandas?

A. In the mountains in the West of China       B. In the national parks of the world.

C. On bamboo trees       D. On the coast of Western China.

32. What is the main food of pandas?

A. Bamboo trees       B. Bamboo leaves       C. Bamboo roots       D. Young bamboo trees

33. How long does it take a bamboo to grow into a big plant?

A. 10 months       B. A decade       C. A century       D. 60 years

34. Why do farmers cut down bamboo trees ?

A. To get food for pandas       B. To drive pandas away

C. To make pandas starve and die       D. To get farm land

35. What do scientists do to save pandas from extinction?

A. They plant bamboo trees .

B. They set up parks for them.

C. They study about panda’s habits.

D. They study about panda’s habits and set up parks for them.

Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D which best fits each gap of the passage.

We need energy to live and work. Our major source of…(36)……….is oil. Oil is one kind of fossil fuel. The amount of fossil fuel in the world is……(37)….Therefore, we must save it, and the same time, we must find new sources of energy. Geothermal heat and nuclear power are……(38)….sources of energy. They can give us electricity. Other alternative sources are the sun, waves and water. The sources are not only …(39)……and available but also clean and safe for the…(40)…People should develop and use them more and more in the future.

36. A. energy       B. energetic       C. energize       D. energetically

37. A. limit       B. limitation       C. unlimited       D. limited

38. A. alternative       B. polluted       C. harmful       D. expensive

39. A. unlimited       B. harmful       C. polluted       D. dangerous

40. A. ecologists       B. invention       C. environment       D. atmosphere

Đáp án

1B 2A 3C 4C 5C 6A 7C 8D 9A 10B
11B 12A 13B 14A 15B 16C 17A 18C 19B 20C
21D 22B 23C 24C 25A 26B 27C 28B 29A 30A
31A 32B 33B 34D 35D 36A 37D 38A 39A 40C

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