Đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 11 Học kì 2 có đáp án (Đề 5)

Đề kiểm tra Tiếng Anh 11 - Học kì 2

Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from others: (1 – 2)

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1. A. capture       B. gather       C. fascinating       D. alternative

2. A. tomb       B. throne       C. co-exist       D. notify

Choose one word whose stress pattern is different from others: (3 – 4)

3. A. advance       B. appoint        C. nation       D. enlist

4. A. collect        B. hobby       C. enjoy       D. improve

Choose A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences: (5 – 20)

5. Many kinds of rare animals are in danger of …………

A. extinction       B. survival       C. death       D. destruction

6. At the Asian Games, friendship and …….. are built and deepened.

A. competition       B. cooperation       C. solidarity       D. entertainment

7. Your help was greatly .......................

A. appreciation       B. appreciated       C. appreciative       D. appreciating

8. Peter was the last applicant ………… by that interviewer.

A. to interview       B. interviewing       C. to be interviewing       D. to be interviewed

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9. The brown hat was the one ………. Mrs. Jenny left in the class today.

A. which       B. what       C. who       D. whose

10. Jim and Paul were the two men ………… on Mr. Smith’s roof.

A. worked       B. to work       C. work       D. who were working

11. I believe there is someone ............... at the door.

A. knock       B. knocking       C. knocks       D. knocked

12. My sister has ……… toothache ……… headache.

A. not only - but also       B. either - or

C. neither - or       D. both - but

13. He is said ...................108 years old.

A. is       B. be       C. was       D. to be

14. You can see the sea in the distance, ...................?

A. can you       B. don’t you       C. can’t you       D. do you

15. Sports that people often watch are …………

A. watching sports       B. favorite sports       C. spectator sports        D. popular sports

16. Have you read any novels ..............by Shakespeare?

A. wrote       B. writes       C. writing       D. written

17. The woman .................son is studying in my college class is a famous doctor in this city.

A. whose       B. who       C. whom       D. that

18. They gave you this book on your birthday, .....................?

A. didn’t they       B. did they       C. did them       D. didn’t them

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19. It was at the shop ................... she bought him a present.

A. which       B. who       C. that       D. whose

20. The activities are home based. They are organized.......................

A. outdoors       B. indoors       C. far away from home       D. at home

Find out a mistake in the following sentences: (21 – 25)

21. On Sunday mornings, I either go shopping or staying at home and read books and newspapers.

       A        B        C       D

22. Neither my sister nor my brother were at Mary’s wedding party two days ago.

       A       B        C       D

23. Do you know the man in red comes towards your sister? - I certainly do.

       A       B        C       D

24. The boy about whom you were angry is my son.

      A        B       C        D

25. Have you met my father, that you called yesterday?

      A        B       C        D

Choose a sentence that has the meaning as the one given: (26 – 30)

26. Tom doesn’t speak French. Paul doesn’t, either.

A. Either Tom or Paul speaks French.

B. Neither Tom nor Paul speaks French.

C. Both Tom and Paul doesn’t speak French.

D. Paul speaks French but Tom doesn’t.

27. I myself saw the ghost last night.

A. It am I that saw the ghost last night

B. It is I that saw the ghost last night

C. It was me that saw the ghost last night

D. It was I who saw the ghost last night

28. People say that he lives abroad.

A. It is said that he lives abroad.

B. He is said to living abroad.

C. He is said to lives abroad.

D. It is said that he is lived abroad.

29. Do you know the man working in the laboratory over there?

A. Do you know the man that working in the laboratory over there?

B. Do you know the man who is working in the laboratory over there?

C. Do you know the man works in the laboratory over there?

D. Do you know the man whom working in the laboratory over there?

30. They found the bag they left there, didn’t they?

A. The bag was found they left there, didn’t they?

C. The bag wasn’t found they left there, was it?

B. The bag they left there was found, didn’t they?

D. The bag they left there was found, wasn’t it?

Read the following passage and choose a word to fill in each gap: (31 – 35)

Before the telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, it was hard for people (31)……over long distances. They wrote letters to each other. It could take days or even weeks for letters to be (32)……Then people learned how (33)……telegraph messages. The messages traveled as electric signals that represented a code of dots and dashes. An operator on the other end converted the dots and dashes into a regular message. Bell’s first telephone call went over the same wires used for telegraph messages. As the telephone became (34)……and more popular, it largely replaced the telegraph. Today, our huge telephone network does many things besides carrying telephone calls. It sends copies of letters and pictures from one machine to another, called a (35)…………machine…

31. A. to communicate       B. communicate       C. communicating       D. communicated

32. A. seen       B. arrived       C. delivered       D. coming

33. A. to call       B. to send       C. to see       D. to leave

34. A. more       B. less       C. better       D. much

35. A. phone       B. telegraph       C. printing       D. fax

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answers: (36 – 40)

Traveling is one of the most popular forms of recreation in the USA. Most American employees receive an annual vacation with pay, and it is a good time off for traveling. Traveling within the country is popular because foreign travel generally takes more time and money. However, Americans who wish to vacation outside the USA are free to go almost anywhere. Obtaining a passport is a routine matter. Every year about 13 million Americans travel abroad. The most popular vacation periods are during the summer and during the two-week school break on the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. These periods are also the most crowded and generally the most expensive time to travel, so people who can adjust their schedules sometimes choose vacation in the autumn. American vacationers often travel by car. Most families have a car, and those who do not have a car can rent one. Cars are usually the economical way to travel, especially for the families. It is also fairly fast and convenient. Excellent highways connect the major cities. They enable vacationers to travel at an almost steady speed of 55 to 65 miles an hour. Tourists that want to travel faster often fly to their destination and then rent a car to go around when they get there.

36. The reading text is about ………………..

A. Christmas and New Year       B going abroad

C. traveling in USA       D. renting a car for traveling

37. Traveling in the ……………. is the least expensive.

A. spring       B. summer       C. winter       D. autumn

38. Which sentence is NOT correct?

A. Most Americans like traveling.

B. Most American people travel abroad every year.

C. There is a two-week break on the Christmas and the New Year’s holidays.

D. It is difficult to obtain a passport in the USA.

39. The word one in line 7 of the text refers to ……………….

A. a vacationer       B. a family       C. a car       D. a holiday

40. Traveling by car is ……………..

A. cheap       B. very expensive

C. not appreciated       D. not suitable for familie

Đáp án

1D 2A 3C 4B 5A 6C 7B 8D 9A 10D
11B 12A 13D 14C 15C 16D 17A 18A 19C 20D
21C 22B 23B 24B 25C 26B 27D 28A 29B 30D
31A 32C 33B 34A 35D 36C 37D 38B 39C 40A

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