Đề kiểm tra 15 phút Tiếng Anh 11 Học kì 2 có đáp án (Đề 1)

Đề kiểm tra Tiếng Anh 11 - Học kì 2

Thời gian làm bài: 15 phút

Circle the word whose bold part is pronounced differently from those of the other three.

Quảng cáo
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1. A. comprise       B. compulsory       C. collection       D. comment

2. A. coop       B. foot       C. school       D. moon

3. A. repair       B. entertainment       C. plain       D. mail

4. A. terrible       B. delicious       C. delightful       D. behind

5. A. loud       B. sound       C. scout       D. bought

Choose the best answer that is suitable for each blank or the underlined word or phrase.

1. “Were you chosen for the team?”

“No, I’m too small – the _______ height required is six foot two.”

A. maximum       B. tallest       C. minimum       D. smallest

2. “How was the first night of the play?”

“Oh, pretty good – there were a ________ number of people there.”

A. full       B. large       C. big       D. least

Quảng cáo

3. My younger sister read the whole book without the ________ difficulty.

A. most       B. large       C. minimum       D. least

4. I’ve borrowed some money from the bank, but I have to pay it ______ by the end of the year.

A. out       B. up       C. back       D. down

5. My parents had always planned to open a restaurant, but it ______ to nothing.

A. got       B. resulted       C. went       D. came

Read the passage and check () whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).

First Class Mail


One of the most frequently used of out postal services, First Class mail aims to deliver your letter of packet the next working day, including Saturday. It costs just 32p for letters and small item weighing up to 100g.

Key features

Quick and easy to use. If your mail weighs 100g or less, simply stick a First Class stamp on it. You can buy First Class stamps in sheets of 100, rolls of up to 10,000, or book format from our online shop.

No maximum weight limit for First Class.

Free First Class delivery of services for the blind, including talking newspapers and guide dog harnesses (call our customer services team on 0845 7740 740 for more details).

Compensation of up to £32 for loss or damage, with your free certificate of posting (available from your local Post OfficeTM when you post your mail).

Quảng cáo

1. First Class mail aims to deliver your letter or packet the next working day, except weekends.

2. It costs just 32p for letters and small items weighing up to 1000g.

3. First Class delivery of services are free for the blind.

4. First Class mail offers up to £32 in compensation for lose or damage.

5. Customers cannot buy First Class stamps in sheets of 100.

Đáp án

1D 2B 3A 4A 5D
6C 7B 8D 9C 10D
11F 12F 13T 14T 15F

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