Bài tập Phân biệt Used to, Be used to, Get used to, Become used to trong tiếng Anh

Bài tập luyện thi Part 5 TOEIC: Bài tập Phân biệt Used to, Be used to, Get used to, Become used to trong tiếng Anh

Phần dưới đây là các bài tập giúp bạn luyện thi TOEIC phần bạn vừa mới được hướng dẫn trong bài trước. Với các từ mới mình sẽ không dịch sẵn mà bạn nên tự tìm hiểu vì điều đó sẽ giúp bạn nhớ lâu hơn.

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Dưới đây là bài tập áp dụng cho bí kíp luyện thi TOEIC: Phân biệt Used to/Be used to/Get used to/Become used to:

1. Astronauts___ in their spaceship, but they frequently work outside now.

a. were used to stay

b. used to stay

c. were staying

d. had used to stay

2. People___ that the earth is round before.

a. were not used to believe

b. used to believing

c. would not use to believe

d. did not use to believe

3. Tuberculosis____ incurable before.

a. use to be thought

b. used to be thought

c. use to think

d. use to think

4. Newton ___ scientific books when he was a boy.

a. used to read

b. has read

c. had read

d. had been reading

5. It's taking me a long time to ___ speaking Norwegian

a. get used to

b. be used to

c. used to

d. use to

6. I couldn't ___ used to the weather.

a. be

b. không dùng

c. get

d. both a & c

7. After a while he didn't mind the noise in the office, he ___ it.

a. used to

b. get used to

c. didn't get used to

d. is used to

8. When I started to work here I needed a lot of help, but now I ___ all the work on my own.

a. am used to doing

b. used to do

c. get used to doing

d. am used to do

9. When Frank Smith was the head of our office, everything ___ well organize

d. Now it's total chaos here.

a. used to be

b. get used to be

c. is used to being

d. used to being

10. At first the employees didn't like the new open-space office but in the end they ___ it.

a. used to

b. get used to

c. got used to

d. are used to

11. Mr.Lazy was shocked when he joined our busy company because he ___ doing much work everyday.

a. didn't used to

b. didn't used to

c. wasn't used to

d. wasn't use to

12. European drivers find it difficult to___ on the left when they visit Britain

a. got used to driving

b. get used to driving

c. be used to driving

d. used to drive

13. They___ bags several years ago,but now they sell shoes and clothes as well.

a. used to selling

b. used to sell

c. get used to sell

d. get used to selling

14. She___ a lot of coffee,so she doesn't have a problem with going to sleep afterwards.

a. used to drink

b. is used to drinking

c. s used to drink

d. get used to drinking

15. Bill__ a lot in his job but now,since his promotion, he doesn't.

a. is used to travelling

b. gets used to travelling

c. used to travel

d. was used to travelling

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4 a 9 a 14 b
5 a 10 c 15 c
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